148 Lebanese Baby Names With Meanings


Having a baby isn’t just about changing diapers, decorating nurseries, and waking up several times at night. It’s also about finding a good name for your wee one. Most parents today look for a classic and traditional name, just to be on the safe side. But if you don’t want your baby’s name to drown in the crowd, you have to step out of your comfort zone and pick a name from a different culture or country.

The naming customs and conventions of Lebanon is similar to Arabic naming conventions. Names derived from the Holy Quran are a favorite, followed by Biblical and names inspired by locations. But that doesn’t mean Western names are not used in Lebanon. Anthony was the top name for baby boys in Lebanon last year.

A typical Lebanon name consists of a personal name, followed by the father’s personal name and grandfather’s personal name or family name. Traditionally, a Lebanese woman does not change her name upon marriage, but she may adopt her husband’s family name. It’s totally upon her. Take a dip in the Lebanon culture with MomJunction's list of Lebanon baby names with meaning below. We’re pretty sure you’ll find the ‘perfect’ name on this list.

RaafeA good companionBoy
RaheeqA smart, handsome and elegant man.Boy
SaadeeThe lord or the masterBoy
SahiqaLebanese term for rain.Girl
SaibA man who is sound in judgement.Boy
SairA passionate and enthusiastic human being.Boy
SalibLebanese term for pointing out someone's error.Boy
SameedA leader, king or lord. One who is beneficence.Boy
SamehThe one who is forgiving.Boy
SareenaPrincess, beautiful as a princess.Girl
SarikhThe one who redresses grievances.Boy
SatwatMajesty or royal majestyBoy
SehrishA woman with a fascinating and enchanting personality.Girl
ShafeekOne who is compassionate and mercifulBoy
ShahoodOne who is always ready at the service of othersBoy
ShanifaOne who is loyal, faithful and true to herself and others.Girl
SoadA lucky boyBoy
SobiaA well-dressed woman.Girl
TajamalAdornment, magnificence or decoration.Boy
TaniziaTanizia is the name of a flower in Lebanon.Boy
TanzeelTanzeel is an Arabic term for revelation of holy Quran.Boy
TazeenDecoration, adornment or makeupGirl
TijasarOne who is brave, daring and fearlessBoy
ToufieA successful, elegant and royal beingGirl
UdaysahUdaysah was the name of the narrator of Hadith and also Ahban al-Ghifariyah's daughter.Girl
VardahAn Arabic word for rose.Girl
WaaliThe one who directs or the governorBoy
WadihAlone, one who likes solitudeBoy
WaelRescue, seeking shelterBoy
WaficLebanese - Arbitrator; Successful; Triumphant; Possible variant of WafiqBoy
WaleedA newborn baby or of tender age.Boy
WarisArabic term for successor.Boy
WasiAdvice, testament, counselBoy
WisamBadge of honorBoy
YadA Lebanese word for jade.Boy
YahyaThe almighty is graciousBoy
Yaqinul IslamOne who believes in IslamBoy
ZabianA worshiper of heavenly bodies.Girl
ZaeemA prominent personality, most probably a chief or leader.Boy
ZaibA graceful and beautiful woman.Girl
ZaighamA man brave as a lion.Boy
ZiadEnlarging or abundanceBoy
ZikraRecollection, memory, remembrance, thoughts of the pastGirl
ZoobiaOne who has the blessings of the almighty.Girl
ZoonaA sensible, wise and intelligent woman.Girl
ZoraizThe one who spreads lightBoy
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