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Origin, Meaning, And History of Leila

Leila, a feminine given name, has originated from the Persian, Hebrew, and Arabic languages. In Hebrew and Arabic, Laila or Leila means ‘dark’ or ‘night.’ It symbolizes daughters born during the night or ones belonging to the night. Parents may prefer naming their princesses Leila due to the calmness and serenity the night brings into one’s life.

In Denmark and Finnish cultures, Leila is speculated to have originated from Lajla or Laila, further derived from Sami (Northern Europe language) Láilá, which may mean ‘holy’ or a ‘little sister.’

Qais Ibn Al-Mulawwah, a seventh-century Bedouin poet, wrote numerous poems titled Qays and Layla that initiated the popularity of Laila. He wrote poems for his cousin Layla Al-Amiriah proclaiming his innocent love. This story is viral among the masses for the selfless love that one may have for their lover.

The poem’s popularity helped spread the name Leila across Iran, Persia, Turkey, and even India. The English poet Lord Byron wrote The Giaour, further popularizing Leila in Britain in the 19th century.

One needs to adhere to no distinct culture-based variations while naming their princess Leila. However, spelling variations like Laela, Laila, Laelah, Layla, Leilah, Layla, Leela, Lejla, Leighla, Leylah, and Leyla are among the most used forms of Leila.

If you want to call your little beauty by a cute nickname, Lee, Lee-lee, Lil, Lou, Leils, Lay-lay, and La La are popular options among parents.

In the fictional spectrum, Leila has been quite famous in various literary works. The novel Night Prince by Jeaniene Frost has a protagonist named Leila Dalton. The Alexandria Quartet, a book by British writer Lawrence Durrell has a character named Leila Hosnani in the role of the mother of the main character.

For gaming enthusiasts, Final Fantasy II has a playable character named Leila, and the Saber Interactive Inversion has the main character’s daughter called Leila. In addition, the American teen drama Grand Army has a primary character named Leila Kwan Zimmer.


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Nighttime, time of a day after the sundown
Arabic, Persian
 L..  La..  Laa..  Lal..  Lau..  Lay..  Lei.. 

How To Pronounce Leila?


Famous People With The Name Leila

  • Leila LopesAngolan model who was crowned Miss Angola 2010 and Miss Universe 2011
  • Leila Alice DenmarkAmerican pediatrician who co-developed the whooping cough vaccine
  • Leila Marie Goldkuhl MastersonAmerican fashion model ranked among the top 50 working models in the industry
  • Leila HyamsAmerican actress known for her role in Ruggles of Red Gap (1935)
  • Leila VaziriAmerican swimmer and a former world record-holder in the 50-meter backstroke
  • Leila Al SolhLebanese politician who was named the world’s most influential and powerful women in the Middle East in 2012

Leila On The Popularity Chart

The graph by the Social Security Administration provides detailed insight into the popularity of Leila from 1980-2021.

Popularity Over Time

Since 1996, the popularity of Leila has sparked from 179 babies per million to 1381 babies per million in 2021. Check the graph for more insight.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

As with the popularity, Leila’s ranking has increased with the passing of the years. Since 2008, Leila has consistently ranked in the Top 250 names of babies. Let us check the graph below for more understanding.

Source: Social Security Administration

Names With Similar Sound As Leila

Did you like how Leila has an Arabic vibe to the name but want a modern name for your princess? Here are some names for you.

Names With Similar Meaning As Leila

Did you like how Leila resonates with unrequited love and night beauty but are still looking for a name that may sound trendy? Here are some names for you.

Name Numerology For Leila

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