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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Linda

The origin of the name Linda can be credited to two sources, German and Spanish. According to German origin, the name came about from a medieval short form of the names Dietlinde and Sieglinde, containing the element ‘linde,’ which means ‘soft,’ flexible,’ or ‘tender.’ The German origin of the name might also have been derived from the linden tree.

Alternatively, the name is also believed to originate from the Spanish word ‘linda,’ which means ‘beautiful,’ ‘pretty,’ or ‘cute.’ The name has a different connotation in Italian and South African dialects. The word stands for ‘clean’ in Italian, and ‘wait’ in South African.

Linda is also commonly used as a place name. There are several places in Northern Germany that share this name. Some Swedish compound names have also emerged from the root word ‘Lind,’ and they are Lindberg, Lindström, and Lindbloom.

The name has diverse pronunciations across different languages. A few examples are ‘lin-da’ in German, Dutch, and Czech, ‘leen-da’ in Italian and French, ‘leeh-dah’ in Finnish, and ‘leen-daw’ in Hungarian.

Lynda in English and Linde in Dutch and German are some variations of the name. It has multiple diminutives in the English language, including Lindy, Linette, Linnie, Lyn, Lynette, Lynn, Lynne, Lynnette, Linnet, Linnette, Lyndi, and Lynna. It also comprises diminutives in Swedish and Norwegian, spelled as Linn.

Linda is a name commonly used in TV shows and comics. Linda Garner is Alan Garner’s mother in the movie The Hangover. Jenifer Aniston plays the role of Linda Gingerblatt in the film Wanderlust. Linda Davers is a character in DC comics, more popularly known as Supergirl.

Some animated characters that share this name are Linda Gunderson in the Brazilian-American film Rio, Linda Belcher, another animated character in the comedy series Bob’s Burgers, Linda from Sesame Street, and Linda Flynn-Fletcher from the Disney series Phineas and Ferb.


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Beautiful woman; Serpent
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How To Pronounce Linda?


Famous People With The Name Linda

  • Linda Sue Carter BrinsonAmerican writer, journalist, and editor, the first woman assistant national editor at The Baltimore Sun and first woman editorial page editor at the Winston-Salem Journal
  • Linda Emery Lee CadwellRetired American teacher and writer, author of Bruce Lee’s biography “Bruce Lee: The Man Only I Knew”
  • Linda Edna CardelliniAmerican actress, nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series
  • Linda DanoAmerican actress, known for roles in daytime drama “One Life to Live” and “Another World”
  • Linda DarnellAmerican actress, won critical acclaim for her work in Unfaithfully Yours and A Letter to Three Wives
  • Linda Grant DePauwAmerican modern historian, non-fiction author, and journal editor, received the Beveridge Award in 1964 and was shortlisted for the American Book Awards in 1983

Name On The Popularity Chart

The US Social Security Administration reveals that the name has declined popularity and rank. Hover over the graphs below to get the exact numbers.

Popularity Over Time

The graphs show that the name has declined in its popularity. From its peak at 2791 babies per million in 1982, it trickled down to 321 babies per million in 2021. Check the graph for more information.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

The name has gone down in ranking as well. It held its highest rank at 107 in 1982 and came down to 850 in 2021. Refer to the graph for more information.

Source: Social Security Administration

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