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Origin, Meaning, And History of Lola

The name Lola comes from the Spanish word ‘Dolores,’ which means ‘lady of Sorrows.’ It also means a strong woman who is a warrior. The name Lola is also referred to as ‘Virgin Mary,’ mother of Jesus Christ, under the title of the ‘Lady of Sorrows.’ The name is most commonly used for baby girls. Lola is also used as a diminutive of Karolina, Carol, and Charlotte. It is prevalent as a short and sweet baby girl name in Spanish, Roman, and many other prominent language groups.

Nowadays, it has become a popular standalone name. Lola’s personality depicts a confident and independent woman. In the year 2021, as many as 1182 children were named Lola. It is the 643rd most popular name in the US, with as many as 80028 children with the first name Lola.

The name Lola is also familiar in Africa, where it is used as a short form of feminine names such as Damilola, Temilola, or Omolola. Lola has been considered a fashionable name for baby girls.

Many celebrities, such as Madonna, Charlie Sheen, Kelly Ripa, Lisa Bonet, Chris Rock, and Annie Lennox have named their baby girls Lola. In the world of entertainment and pop culture, Lola is quite a popular name. It has been featured in the television series Zoey 101, Charlie and Lola, Hannah Montana, and Looney Tunes. The leading character Lola in the German Film ‘Run Lola Run’ is an inquisitive and clever child. Some fictional characters from the literature include Lola Lola from Heinrich Mann’s book ‘Professor Unrat,’ Lola Osborne from the 1900 novel ‘Sister Carrie,’ Lola Sonner the main character from children’s novel ‘Charlie and Lola’ among others.

People named Lola are believed to be calm, homely, stable, detail-oriented, trustworthy, obedient, helpful, and practical individuals.


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How To Pronounce Lola?


Famous People With The Name Lola

  • Lola TungAmerican actress, plays Isabel “Belly” Conklin in The Summer I Turned Pretty
  • Lola MontesSpanish dancer who performed in the US for around 70 years
  • Lola AstanovaRussian-American pianist known for her piano transcriptions and visual performance
  • Lola J. MayA mathematics educator and author, proposed the ‘new math’ educational process
  • Lola MoraArgentine sculptor, known to be the pioneer of women in the field of art

Lola On The Popularity Chart

The use of Lola has significantly increased in recent years. This shows more parents are liking this name for their baby girls. Check the graphs to know the trend.

Popularity Over Time

The graph below shows that while 151 babies per million were named Lola in 1980, 1493 babies had this name in 2010. This is a significant increase in popularity. Take a look.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

Lola’s rank was 986 in 1980 but reached 3544 in 1993. However, in the 2000s, there was a significant improvement in its usage and Lola reached rank 260 in 2021. The graph below shows the improvement.

Source: Social Security Administration

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