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Origin, Meaning, and History of Lucille

Lucille primarily originated from the French term Lucia, which means ‘light.’ On the other hand, it is also said to have an essence of the Latin word ‘Lux’, which offers the same meaning: light. Similarly, Lucille is another variant of ‘Lucere’, a Latin term that means ‘to shine.’ It is often stated that Lucille is the French transformation of Lucilla, a Latin name. In the 19th century, the name Lucille became a charming choice for a girl child.

The name was well-acknowledged and widely used by Christians during the Roman Empire. According to Christian theology, it was believed that the name was initiated from Saint Lucia, often called Saint Lucy. She was one of the youngest Roman-Christian martyrs and used to be addressed as ‘Lucia of Syracuse,’ along with the ‘patron saint of virgins.’

The name got significant attention with the appearance of Lucille Ball, the pioneering actress of American cinema. In 1951, with the television series ‘I Love Lucy,’ Lucille Ball became famous and admired by all, and so did the name.

It might be interesting to know that the name has several variations, such as Lucy, Lucia, Luce, Lucija, and Luciana. The name is popular worldwide, with other translations and spellings, making it more well-versed.

Lucille entered the entertainment industry a long time ago. The American sitcom ‘Arrested Development’ had the character Lucille Bluth. In 1960, the character Lucille Hewitt was featured in the British opera show ‘Coronation Street’. Recently, you may notice the character Lucille Smith, the survivor of the major outbreak in Netflix’s popular series ‘The Walking Dead.’

In addition, the classic manga series ‘Baki Gaiden: Scarface’ used the name to characterize Lucille. Above all, the all-time favorite comic character, Lucille Lucy Van Pelt, was the well-cherished lead of ‘Peanuts,’ the American comic illustration.


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How To Pronounce Lucille?


Famous People With The Name Lucille

  • Lucille CliftonAmerican poet, mostly famous for The Book of Light
  • Lucille BallAmerican actress, Golden Globe Award winner
  • Lucille BerrienAmerican activist and politician, celebrated as the former mayor of Milwaukee
  • Lucille BlissAmerican actress, best known for her work in Cinderella
  • Lucille CharukCanadian volleyball player, known for representing in Women’s World Championship in Italy
  • Lucille La VerneAmerican actress, best known for voicing both the witch and queen of Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs

Lucille On The Popularity Chart

Lucille has been a fairly popular name over the years. Follow the given chart to get a clear idea of its popularity and ranking.

Popularity Over Time

Although in the 1980s, Lucille was not quite popular, it gradually rose on the chart after the year 2000. In 2017, 1202 babies per million were named Lucille. Check out the rise in popularity in the following graph.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

The name Lucille was at rank 1102 in 1980, but with the passage of time, it grew more popular among parents. By 2021, it managed to be ranked 276th. Check the name’s evolution in the graph below.

Source: Social Security Administration

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