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Origin, Meaning And History of Lucius

Lucius is a name that has Latin origins. It is derived from the Latin word Lux, which means “light.” In Greek, Lucious is spelled Loukios, and Luvcie in other parts of Europe. The name can also mean “brightness” and “to shine.” The name has several variations across cultures and languages, including Luciano in Spain, Italy, and Portugal and Lucien in French. The name is typically a masculine British name and has also been used as a surname in Austria and Germany.

The name also has roots in Ancient Rome, where Lucius was the name of a clan. It has played a prominent role throughout history and has been used widely throughout Europe. In ancient Rome, the name was usually given to boys born at dawn because of the literal meaning of the name, “light” and “brightness.”

The name Lucius is pronounced “loo-see-uhs.” Lucius has several variations, including Lucio, Lucci, Luchi, and Luzio. There has been a sudden rise in popularity of the name due to references to popular culture. Nicknames such as Lou, Lulu, Lu, Luc or Luke can go well with this moniker.

Several notable figures have carried the name throughout history. Lucius of Alexandria was one of the most famous rulers of the Great Egyptian port city of Alexandria. Lucius of Chur was the king of Great Britain during the 2nd century. He is credited for introducing Christianity into Britain. He later gained the title of the first Bishop of Chur.

Lucius was a common name among the religious leaders, even the name of three of the Holy Popes, who sat at the head of the Catholic church. Several Shakespearean plays have fictional characters with the name Lucius. Lucius Malfoy from the Harry Potter series is the most recent and well-known fictional character to have this name. In the series, he is portrayed as the protagonist’s nemesis.


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How To Pronounce Lucius?


Famous People With The Name Lucius

  • Lucius Oliver AllenAmerican basketball player who won the collegiate national and NBA championships
  • Lucius Morris BeebeAmerican Journalist who contributed to the New York Herald Tribune
  • Lucius FairchildAn American politician and the tenth Governor of Wisconsin
  • Lucius FoxBahamian professional baseball shortstop in the Washington Nationals organization.

Lucius On The Popularity Chart

Lucius had few takers in the 1980s and 1990s. After that, it saw a staggering increase over the years, gaining peak popularity in 2016.

Popularity Over Time

In 2006, 136 babies per million were named Lucius, which rose to 160 babies per million in 2016. Check out the graphical representation for more insights.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

The ranking of the name Lucius saw its all-time low of 21831 in the year 2007. However, its rank has gradually risen in the following years. Have a look at the graph below to know more about its ranking trends.

Source: Social Security Administration

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Names With Similar Meaning As Lucius

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Name Numerology For Lucius

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