122 Macedonian Baby Names With Meanings

Macedonia, an ancient kingdom situated in the north of ancient Greece is one of the most famous nations in the history. The country attained freedom during Israel’s middle kingdom years but was captured by Persia in the fifth century. But King Alexander I helped free Macedonia in the Peloponnesian war.

The lingua Franca of Macedonia is derived from Latin, Greek, which was why Macedonian names have a Greek and Latin flavors in them. Some Thracian, Turkish, Slavic, Latin, and Paionian names are also used. But in the olden times, Macedonian names were as Greek as Thessalian, Peloponnesian, Sicilian, or Ionian names, with some being used exclusively in their dialect. Hebrew names, especially those appearing in the Bible, began appearing in Macedonia with the arrival of Christianity. This also led to the fading of Thracian names, and it eventually disappeared by the fourth century, leaving only Greek, Latin, and Hebrew names surviving.

The Macedonian naming custom involves giving children a Christian name, and any other name of the parents’ choice. The second name could be taken from any source, culture, or region. But the first name must be derived from the Bible. To help you in making choices, MomJunction has compiled a list of Macedonian baby names. Take a look!

SmaragdaA form of Esmeralda, meaning emerald.Girl
SofijaA woman full of wisdomGirl
SostratosThe safe army.Boy
StratonikeVictorious army.Girl
TheoxenosA good foreigner.Boy
ThessalonikiVictory over Thessalians. Also a place name in Greece.Girl
ThetimaShe who honors the God.Girl
TimandrosA man's honor.Boy
TlepolemosOne who is brave in war.Boy
TodorA beautiful an pleasant gift from GodBoy
TraianuA form of Traianus. It was the name of Roman emperor.Boy
TrenaA bunch of sweet flowers with thorns, sweet briarGirl
TrenayA sweet briar or bunch of wild rosesBoy
TrennaA bunch of wild rosesGirl
TyrimmasOne who loves cheese.Boy
UrilMy lightBoy
VangelijaMacedonian form of Evangeline, meaning good news.Girl
VoulomagaOne who desires too much.Girl
ZeuxisTo bind or join together.Boy
ZoilosOne who is vivaciousBoy
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