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Origin, Meaning, History, And Popularity Of Malachi

The name Malachi comes from the Hebrew word “Mal’akhi,” meaning ‘messenger.’ Malachi is a prophet and messenger of God who directed the instructions of God to the Jews. He is also the author of the Book of Malachi, the last book of the Nevi’im section of the Tanakh, which happens to be the final section of the Old Testament right before the New Testament.

Two main messages echo through the book of Malachi: First, Israel must uphold the sacraments of the Old Testament, and second, they must have faith and hope for the arrival of the Messiah. Malachi holds a special place among the Jews and Christians as God sent him to relay his message. He instructed that they must follow the rules of God to avoid the purging of the sinners. And to those faithful, they were to be granted an eternal place in heaven. Malakai is the English variant, while it is also known as Malakai in Fijian and Mal’akhi in Biblical Hebrew.

The name also found its place in popular culture. Malachi Constant is the male protagonist of the novel The Sirens of Titan by Kurt Vonnegut. He is the son of Noel Constant and becomes the wealthiest man in the US. Count and Rocco, also known as the Malachi Brothers, are the con artists from the hoods that serve as the main antagonists in the musical Happy Days.

Malachi is the main antagonist played by Jason Flemyng in the 2009 action movie Solomon Kane. Malachi Mulligan is a fictional character in the modernist novel Ulysses by James Joyce. Lord Malachi is a character from the video game Nosferatu: The Wrath of Malachi. It is a survival horror game by Idol FX. The numerous fictional characters also contributed to the popularity of the name in the past several decades.


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My messenger of God, a personal angel
English, Hebrew
 M..  Ma..  Mal..  Man..  Mau.. 

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Famous People With The Name Malachi

  • Malachi KirbyBritish actor, writer, and winner of the BAFTA Award for his performance in Mangrove
  • Malachi DavisAmerican-born British Sprinter and a competitor in two 2004 Olympic events
  • Malachi ThroneAmerican actor known for his role as Noah Bain on It Takes a Thief

Malachi On The Popularity Chart

After hibernating in the 1980s, the name has risen in popularity considerably. Check out the graphs below to learn about its popularity over the years.

Popularity Over Time

The name has been on a bull run since the 2000s. As of 2021, 2283 babies per million share the name, Malachi.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

The ranking of Malachi had its ups and downs over the years. It is currently ranked 17711 as of 2021. Learn more about the ranking trends from the graph below.

Source: Social Security Administration

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The name Malachi sounds unique. If you are considering a different name with a similar sound to Malachi, look at the options below.

Names With Similar Meaning As Malachi

Malachi is an excellent name. However, if you are exploring other options, check out the names with similar significance.

Name Numerology For Malachi

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