219 Malay Baby Names With Meanings


Whether you’re looking for a Malay name that’s easy to pronounce or something that’s cool and edgy, we’ll help you find what you are looking for. Just keep reading. Most of the Malay baby names are drawn from the Arabic language, but names with Sanskrit, Javanese, and Malay origin are also common. Chinese Malaysians prefer sticking to their culture and pick traditional Chinese names. These names have three words, in which the first name is Chinese family name, and the other two parts form the indivisible Chinese given name. A Malay baby name consists of a personal name, which is used in the day-to-day circumstances, and a patronym. Malay people do not use the family name. The patronym for men includes the Arabic word ‘bin’, which means ‘son of’, followed by the personal name of the father. For the women, the patronym consists of the Arabic word ‘binti’, which means ‘daughter of’, followed by the father’s name. Malay women are not required to change their surnames, as done in some cultures. Addenda, the practice of using two names, is also common among Malay people. The common addenda in male names are Muhammad, Mat, Abdul and Ahmed. And the common addenda in female Malay names are Noor and Siti.

Malay baby names usually have roots embedded in the rich Malaysian culture and heritage. They exude strength, faith and a soothing sound, all while carrying forward the language's essence and cultural legacy. Choosing a Malay name for your baby is a celebration of their history, and a pathway to understand the language’s influence on this vibrant culture and identity. And to aid you in selecting the right name for your little one, we have prepared this comprehensive list of names and their meanings. Give them a thorough read, and we hope they help you find the perfect name for your little one.

heart image Aaaqil Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is wise and intelligent
heart image Aadam Baby Boy Sign Boy Father of mankind
heart image Aafaaq Baby Boy Sign Boy Horizons
heart image Aafiyat Baby Girl Sign Girl Health; Freedom from illness
heart image Aarifa Baby Girl Sign Girl One endowed with great knowledge
heart image Aati Baby Boy Sign Boy The one who is generous
heart image Aatiya Baby Girl Sign Girl Giver
heart image Aayiz Baby Boy Sign Boy Replacement; Something given to you in place of something you have lost
heart image Aayizah Baby Girl Sign Girl Replacement
heart image Abaasa Baby Girl Sign Girl Lioness
heart image Adam Baby Boy Sign Boy Son of the Earth
heart image Adiputera Baby Boy Sign Boy A first son or first prince
heart image Adiputeri Baby Girl Sign Girl First daughter or princess
heart image Aeni Baby Girl Sign Girl Original, pure, and true
heart image Afan Baby Boy Sign Boy Growth and progress
heart image Afeen Baby Girl Sign Girl Forgiveness or one of a forgiving nature
heart image Afsah Baby Boy Sign Boy An eloquent man
heart image Ahkam Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is extremely wise, decisive, and just
heart image Ahmad Baby Boy Sign Boy Much praised; Name of prophet Muhammad
heart image Aidan Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Little fire
heart image Aishah Baby Girl Sign Girl Name of one of the wives of the Islamic prophet Mohammed
heart image Ajaar Baby Girl Sign Girl Reward
heart image Ajiad Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is noble, generous and gracious
heart image Alicia Baby Girl Sign Girl Noble
heart image Amaal Baby Girl Sign Girl Hopes and expectations
heart image Anoud Baby Girl Sign Girl Brave; Strong and courageous
heart image Aqil Baby Boy Sign Boy Gifted; Intelligent; Wise; Reasonable
heart image Aqsad Baby Boy Sign Boy Achiever; Goal-setter
heart image Arhaa Baby Boy Sign Boy Calm; Serene
heart image Arianna Baby Girl Sign Girl Very holy; Silver; Melody
heart image Arwaa Baby Girl Sign Girl Softness; Lightness
heart image Aryan Baby Boy Sign Boy Noble; Illustrious; Honorable
heart image Aswab Baby Boy Sign Boy The one who is the best
heart image Atheer Baby Boy Sign Boy Light reflected from a sword's blade; A person of high status and good qualities
heart image Awang Baby Boy Sign Boy The eldest son
heart image Ayyash Baby Boy Sign Boy Long-lived
heart image Azarnoush Baby Girl Sign Girl Right in faith
heart image Barzin Baby Boy Sign Boy A character in Shahnameh
heart image Bintang Baby Boy Sign Boy Star
heart image Bisaam Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is always smiling
heart image Budiharto Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is wise with the wealth
heart image Bujang Baby Boy Sign Boy Bachelor
heart image Bunga Baby Girl Sign Girl Flower
heart image Cahaya Baby Girl Sign Girl Radiance
heart image Cempaka Baby Girl Sign Girl Frangipani flower
heart image Cik Baby Girl Sign Girl Malaya word for Miss
heart image Cucu Baby Girl Sign Girl A grandchild
heart image Delima Baby Girl Sign Girl Ruby; Pomegranate
heart image Dhia Baby Girl Sign Girl Splendor; Glow
heart image Dinihari Baby Girl Sign Girl Dawn
heart image Esah Baby Girl Sign Girl Alive
heart image Fehmeed Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is wise and intelligent
heart image Firash Baby Boy Sign Boy Perceptiveness, Ingenuity
heart image Fuaad Baby Boy Sign Boy Heart; Conscience
heart image Ghazaar Baby Boy Sign Boy Etiquette; Manners
heart image Hadees Baby Boy Sign Boy Speech or dialogue of the almighty
heart image Haissam Baby Boy Sign Boy A sharp sword
heart image Hannah Baby Girl Sign Girl Grace; Favor; Lucky life
heart image Hapsah Baby Girl Sign Girl Gathering
heart image Haruun Baby Boy Sign Boy Warrior lion
heart image Haryati Baby Girl Sign Girl Desire
heart image Hatar Baby Boy Sign Boy Falcon or eagle
heart image Hazer Baby Boy Sign Boy Ready; Prepared
heart image Ibhar Baby Girl Sign Girl Open like the ocean
heart image Ibrat Baby Girl Sign Girl Wisdom to learn from experience
heart image Ibtisama Baby Girl Sign Girl Smile
heart image Idrak Baby Boy Sign Boy To comprehend; To understand
heart image Iesa Baby Boy Sign Boy Name of a Muslim prophet
heart image Iffaan Baby Boy Sign Boy Time; Season; Weather
heart image Ihkam Baby Girl Sign Girl Excellence; Mastery
heart image Imen Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Faith or belief
heart image Indeela Baby Girl Sign Girl Like a nightingale
heart image Ishraaq Baby Boy Sign Boy Sunrise; Daybreak; A variant of Ishraq
heart image Ishraq Baby Boy Sign Boy Sunrise or day break
heart image Ishtiqal Baby Boy Sign Boy Independence; Sovereignty
heart image Istiqlal Baby Boy Sign Boy Sovereignty; Independence; A variant of Ishtiqal
heart image Iyaan Baby Boy Sign Boy Time; Era; Epoch
heart image Izz Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Honor; Glory; Power
heart image Izzati Baby Girl Sign Girl Respect; Honor, Prestige
heart image Jana Baby Girl Sign Girl God is gracious
heart image Jazaa Baby Girl Sign Girl Recompense; Reward for good deeds
heart image Jebat Baby Boy Sign Boy Musk
heart image Jenab Baby Girl Sign Girl Malay form of Zaynab: Father's precious jewel
heart image Johan Baby Boy Sign Boy God is gracious
heart image Joyah Baby Girl Sign Girl Zoya; Life
heart image Junada Baby Boy Sign Boy Helper, warrior, or soldier
heart image Kasih Baby Girl Sign Girl Love
heart image Kechik Baby Boy Sign Boy Small or little
heart image Kembang Baby Girl Sign Girl Flower or blossom
heart image Khajeer Baby Boy Sign Boy Beauty and elegance
heart image Khatijah Baby Girl Sign Girl A name generally given to premature child
heart image Khilaal Baby Boy Sign Boy Friendship; Companionship
heart image Kuntum Baby Girl Sign Girl Flower bud
heart image Latipah Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is gentle and kind
heart image Maarib Baby Girl Sign Girl End goals
heart image Mabrura Baby Girl Sign Girl A pious girl or woman who is accepted by Allah
heart image Maeen Baby Girl Sign Girl Spring of water
heart image Maeena Baby Girl Sign Girl One who takes care of others
heart image Mahia Baby Girl Sign Girl Life; Earth
heart image Mahsuri Baby Girl Sign Girl The great queen
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This post on Malay baby names with meaning provides a glimpse into the cultural prospects of this indigenous group, showcasing their traditions and beliefs. These names not only highlight the linguistic beauty of Malaysian culture but also share its values and aspirations. With the help of this list of names, we hope you can embrace this culture's linguistic beauty, respect their beliefs and honor their heritage as you pick the perfect name for your little one.

Infographic: Magnificent Malay Baby Names With Meanings

Malay baby names draw inspiration from various languages and cultures, including Sanskrit, Arabic, and Japanese. These names consist of two parts, namely, a personal name and a patronym. Explore the origins and significance of some distinct Malay names in this infographic. Give it a thorough read, and we are sure it will help you choose a name that resonates well with your beliefs and values.

mesmerizing malay baby names for your bundle of joy (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the naming conventions or restrictions in Malaysia?

Naming conventions in Malaysia adhere to a distinct structure, combining a given or personal name, a patronymic noun (bin for males and binte for females), and the father's given name. So, unlike Western countries, Malay names do not have family names (1). These conventions represent familial ties and are essential to Malaysian naming customs and traditions.

2. How have Malaysian baby names changed over time?

Malaysian baby names have transformed over time, witnessing a decline in the popularity of traditional Malay names, particularly in urban areas. Although these names continue to thrive in rural regions, there has been a noticeable shift towards embracing a broader spectrum of naming influences across Malaysia.

3. How do Malaysian parents incorporate their religious beliefs into their baby name choices?

Malaysian parents integrate their religious convictions into the selection of baby names by choosing names with profound religious and spiritual significance. Popular among Muslims are names like Muhammad, which means 'praised,' Fatimah, denoting 'one who abstains,' and Aisha, symbolizing 'alive.' On the other hand, Hindu parents often embrace titles derived from Hindu scriptures, gods, and goddesses like Laksmi and Shiva. Likewise, Christians may choose names with biblical origins, such as John, Peter, and Isabelle.

4. What are some Malaysian baby names meaning or signifying luck?

Su'ud, signifying 'luck,' Su'ad, meaning 'happiness' or 'luck,' and Sa'adah, representing 'luck' or 'happiness,' are some Malaysian baby names that symbolize luck or good fortune.

5. What are some popular baby names in Malaysia?

Abdul, which signifies 'servant of the powerful,' Ibrahim, a beautiful variation of Abraham, and Ruslan, derived from the enchanting name Yeruslan are some popular baby boy names in Malaysia. Aishah, meaning 'living,' Alya, translating to 'sky' or heaven,' and Siti, the Malay form of Sita, are some common baby girl names in Malaysia.


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