110 Malay Baby Boy Names With Meanings


The Malay baby boy names have evolved over centuries and were shaped by various influences, including Malay folklore, Islamic traditions, and regional history. Malay people have a long and complex history spanning thousands of years that have left their mark on Malay culture, including the naming conventions.

The Malays are an indigenous Austronesian ethnic group from eastern Sumatra, the Malay Peninsula, coastal Borneo, and surrounding smaller islands. These regions have witnessed extensive immigration and assimilation over centuries, resulting in significant linguistic, cultural, artistic, and social diversity within the various Malay subgroups.

Historically, the Malays have been heavily influenced by Islam since its introduction to the region in the 15th century. Islamic naming conventions are pivotal in naming Malay boys, as Muslims comprise most of the Malay population. Most Malay boys are given Islamic names, reflecting their identity's religious and spiritual aspects. Islamic names are derived from Arabic and often carry profound meanings related to virtues, attributes, and historical figures within Islam. However, Malay names should not be mistaken for Malaysian names. Malay names can be found in multiple countries beyond Malaysia, such as Brunei, Indonesia, Singapore, South Africa (Cape Malays), and Thailand, which are prevalent among the ethnic Malay communities.

Cultural and traditional practices also influence the naming of Malay boys. Family customs and traditions are deeply ingrained in Malay society, and naming follows specific patterns and rituals. For instance, it is common for Malay boys to receive two names: a given name and a patronymic name. The parents choose the given name, often reflecting their child's aspirations. The patronymic name, also known as the 'bin' or 'binti' name, signifies the father's name and serves as a form of lineage identification.

Furthermore, names in Malay culture are often laden with symbolism and meanings. Names can carry parents' hopes, aspirations, and blessings for their children. For example, names such as Ahmad, meaning "praiseworthy," reflect the desire for the child to be righteous and respected within the community. Many Malay boy names are derived from characters and concepts in folklore, symbolizing bravery, strength, and wisdom. Names such as Hang Tuah, a legendary Malay warrior (1), or Puteri Gunung Ledang, a mystical princess, evoke the Malay people's historical narratives and cultural identity.

Naming Malay boys encompasses historical, cultural, and traditional significance. Islamic naming conventions, family customs, and cultural influences all shape the names given to Malay boys. These names carry deep meanings, reflecting religious beliefs, familial aspirations, and cultural values. The process of naming Malay boys serves as a way to honor heritage, preserve identity, and instill positive qualities in the child.

heart image Adam Baby Boy Sign Boy Son of the Earth
heart image Ahmad Baby Boy Sign Boy Much praised; Name of prophet Muhammad
heart image Aidan Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Little fire
heart image Aqil Baby Boy Sign Boy Gifted; Intelligent; Wise; Reasonable
heart image Aryan Baby Boy Sign Boy Noble; Illustrious; Honorable
heart image Firash Baby Boy Sign Boy Perceptiveness, Ingenuity
heart image Izz Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Honor; Glory; Power
heart image Mohamed Baby Boy Sign Boy Reliable; Always worthy of trust and belief; Worthy of high responsibility
heart image Nor Baby Boy Sign Boy Sparkle; Illumination
heart image Umar Baby Boy Sign Boy Variant of Omar; Flourishing
heart image Yusuf Baby Boy Sign Boy God increases in piety, power, and influence
heart image Aaaqil Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is wise and intelligent
heart image Aadam Baby Boy Sign Boy Father of mankind
heart image Aafaaq Baby Boy Sign Boy Horizons
heart image Aati Baby Boy Sign Boy The one who is generous
heart image Aayiz Baby Boy Sign Boy Replacement; Something given to you in place of something you have lost
heart image Adiputera Baby Boy Sign Boy A first son or first prince
heart image Afan Baby Boy Sign Boy Growth and progress
heart image Afsah Baby Boy Sign Boy An eloquent man
heart image Ahkam Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is extremely wise, decisive, and just
heart image Ajiad Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is noble, generous and gracious
heart image Aqsad Baby Boy Sign Boy Achiever; Goal-setter
heart image Arhaa Baby Boy Sign Boy Calm; Serene
heart image Aswab Baby Boy Sign Boy The one who is the best
heart image Atheer Baby Boy Sign Boy Light reflected from a sword's blade; A person of high status and good qualities
heart image Awang Baby Boy Sign Boy The eldest son
heart image Ayyash Baby Boy Sign Boy Long-lived
heart image Barzin Baby Boy Sign Boy A character in Shahnameh
heart image Bintang Baby Boy Sign Boy Star
heart image Bisaam Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is always smiling
heart image Budiharto Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is wise with the wealth
heart image Bujang Baby Boy Sign Boy Bachelor
heart image Fehmeed Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is wise and intelligent
heart image Fuaad Baby Boy Sign Boy Heart; Conscience
heart image Ghazaar Baby Boy Sign Boy Etiquette; Manners
heart image Hadees Baby Boy Sign Boy Speech or dialogue of the almighty
heart image Haissam Baby Boy Sign Boy A sharp sword
heart image Haruun Baby Boy Sign Boy Warrior lion
heart image Hatar Baby Boy Sign Boy Falcon or eagle
heart image Hazer Baby Boy Sign Boy Ready; Prepared
heart image Idrak Baby Boy Sign Boy To comprehend; To understand
heart image Iesa Baby Boy Sign Boy Name of a Muslim prophet
heart image Iffaan Baby Boy Sign Boy Time; Season; Weather
heart image Imen Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Faith or belief
heart image Ishraaq Baby Boy Sign Boy Sunrise; Daybreak; A variant of Ishraq
heart image Ishraq Baby Boy Sign Boy Sunrise or day break
heart image Ishtiqal Baby Boy Sign Boy Independence; Sovereignty
heart image Istiqlal Baby Boy Sign Boy Sovereignty; Independence; A variant of Ishtiqal
heart image Iyaan Baby Boy Sign Boy Time; Era; Epoch
heart image Jebat Baby Boy Sign Boy Musk
heart image Johan Baby Boy Sign Boy God is gracious
heart image Junada Baby Boy Sign Boy Helper, warrior, or soldier
heart image Kechik Baby Boy Sign Boy Small or little
heart image Khajeer Baby Boy Sign Boy Beauty and elegance
heart image Khilaal Baby Boy Sign Boy Friendship; Companionship
heart image Maymuun Baby Boy Sign Boy Blessed; Thriving; Prosperous
heart image Megat Baby Boy Sign Boy Great
heart image Mishkat Baby Boy Sign Boy A shelf to put the lanterns on
heart image Mizn Baby Boy Sign Boy White cloud or rain-bearing cloud
heart image Muda Baby Boy Sign Boy A young boy
heart image Mudassir Baby Boy Sign Boy Clothed or enveloped in garments
heart image Musawwir Baby Boy Sign Boy Designer, creator of forms
heart image Muzakir Baby Boy Sign Boy One who reminds people of Allah
heart image Muzn Baby Boy Sign Boy White cloud; A variant of Mizn
heart image Nijat Baby Boy Sign Boy Salvation or success
heart image Panjang Baby Boy Sign Boy Long in Malay
heart image Perwira Baby Boy Sign Boy Hero or officer
heart image Putera Baby Boy Sign Boy Son or prince
heart image Qawi Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is strong; Powerful; Firm
heart image Qazzafi Baby Boy Sign Boy Wide; Spacious; Extensive
heart image Raahim Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is compassionate, kind and merciful
heart image Reehab Baby Boy Sign Boy Vastness; Wideness
heart image Reheeq Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is smart, handsome, or elegant
heart image Ruwayfi Baby Boy Sign Boy High status; Exalted
heart image Sabit Baby Boy Sign Boy Firmly in place; Unshakeable
heart image Sabtu Baby Boy Sign Boy Saturday
heart image Samroze Baby Boy Sign Boy A fruitful tree
heart image Samsam Baby Boy Sign Boy A sharp sword
heart image Sannan Baby Boy Sign Boy A daring person; One who is fearless and dauntless
heart image Saqabat Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is in perfect health
heart image Sayfudin Baby Boy Sign Boy The sword of Faith
heart image Selasa Baby Boy Sign Boy Tuesday
heart image Senin Baby Boy Sign Boy Monday
heart image Sibbt Baby Boy Sign Boy Grand child
heart image Sineen Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is beautiful and radiant
heart image Slamet Baby Boy Sign Boy Peace and security
heart image Sulung Baby Boy Sign Boy First or eldest
heart image Taish Baby Boy Sign Boy Moderation
heart image Taseen Baby Boy Sign Boy Acclaim; Appreciation
heart image Tenuk Baby Boy Sign Boy Tapir
heart image Teruna Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is youthful
heart image Tuah Baby Boy Sign Boy Luck; Fortune
heart image Usama Baby Boy Sign Boy Lion; One who is as brave as a lion
heart image Waase Baby Boy Sign Boy One of the attributes of Allah
heart image Wadd Baby Boy Sign Boy One of the five idols worshiped by Noah's people
heart image Wadood Baby Boy Sign Boy Lover or friend
heart image Waliyudeen Baby Boy Sign Boy Supporter of the faith
heart image Wasfi Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is worthy of praise and worthy of speaking about
heart image Wathiq Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is sure and certain
heart image Wifaq Baby Boy Sign Boy Harmony; Unity; Amiability
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Malay boy names hold deep cultural and historical significance, reflecting the rich heritage of Malay-speaking communities. Rooted in Islamic teachings, historical figures, and nature, they symbolize the parents' dreams, hopes, and blessings for their children. They also are a way to honor the heritage and celebrate familial identity in Malay culture. The list above includes Malay boy names, each carrying a lineage, religious significance, customs, and virtues. Explore the list to find a name that best suits your child's personality and your preferences.

Infographic: Indigenous Malay Names With Meanings For Baby Boys

Malay names are rooted in indigenous cultural values, artistic expressions, and social diversity. While influenced by Islamic customs and naming conventions, Malay names still relate to historical figures and folklore from the Malay culture. The following infographic lays out a few Malay boy names that represent the diversity and intricacies of this unique culture. Check out!

indigenous malay names with meanings for baby boys (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some unusual or rare Malay baby boy names?

There are several unusual or rare Malay baby boy names that are not as commonly used but still hold significance. For example, Achmed, a variant of Ahmad, means 'most commendable' or 'most praiseworthy' and has Arabic roots. Another example is Abrama, a variant of Abram, which means 'high father' in Hebrew. While not as popular as some others, these names add uniqueness and individuality to a child's identity.

2. How did the geography and landscape of Malaysia influence the names given to baby boys?

The geography and landscape of Malaysia have had an impact on the names given to baby boys. For instance, names like Bahri and Samudra, meaning 'sea,' are inspired by the natural surroundings of Malaysia.

3. How have Malay baby boy names been influenced by other cultures, such as Arabic and Indian?

Malaysia has been a predominantly Islamic country since the religion was introduced to the country in the 15th century by King Parameswara. This has led to the influence of the Arabic language in the country. Other cultures, mainly Indian, found their way into Malaysia via trade. Names like 'Ahmad' and 'Muhammad' have Arabic origins but are also common among Malay Muslims due to the influence of Islam. Additionally, Malay names may incorporate elements from Indian languages, such as 'Raja' from the Indian name meaning 'King' This cultural blending has resulted in a rich diversity of names in the Malay naming tradition.


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