109 Malay Baby Boy Names With Meanings

AdamMan, earthBoy
AhmadMuch praised. One of many names of the prophet Muhammad.Boy
AidanLittle and FieryUnisex
AqilA gifted intelligent being who is wise and reasonableBoy
AryanBeyond anyone's strengthBoy
FirashPerceptiveness, IngenuityBoy
IzzThis name symbolizes honor, glory and power.Unisex
MohamedReliable, always worthy of trust and belief, worthy of high responsibilityBoy
NorSparkle or illumination.Boy
UmarUmar is a variant of 'Omar' and means flourishing.Boy
YusufGod increases in piety, power and influenceBoy
AaaqilOne who is wise and intelligent.Boy
AadamMalay version of Adam, meaning 'father of mankind'.Boy
AatiThe one who is generous.Boy
AayizReplacement, something given to you in place of something you have lost.Boy
AdiputeraFirst son or first prince.Boy
AfanGrowth and progressBoy
AfsahAn eloquent man.Boy
AhkamOne who is extremely wise, decisive, and just.Boy
AjiadOne who is noble, generous and gracious.Boy
AqsadAchiever, goal-setterBoy
ArhaaCalm or serene.Boy
AswabThe one who is best.Boy
AtheerThe light reflected from a sword's blade, or a person of high status and good qualities.Boy
AwangThe eldest sonBoy
AyyashLong livedBoy
BarzinName of a character in Shahnameh.Boy
BisaamOne who is always smiling.Boy
BudihartoOne who is wise with the wealth.Boy
FehmeedOne who is wise and intelligent.Boy
FuaadHeart or conscience.Boy
GhazaarEtiquette, or mannersBoy
HadeesSpeech or dialogue of the almighty.Boy
HaissamA sharp sword.Boy
HaruunWarrior lionBoy
HatarFalcon or eagle.Boy
HazerReady or prepared.Boy
IdrakTo comprehend, or to understand.Boy
IesaName of a Muslim prophet.Boy
IffaanTime, season or weather.Boy
ImenFaith or beliefUnisex
IshraaqSunrise, or daybreak, A variant of Ishraq.Boy
IshraqSunrise or day break.Boy
IshtiqalIndependence, or sovereigntyBoy
IstiqlalSovereignty, or independence. A variant of Ishtiqal.Boy
IyaanTime, era, epoch.Boy
JebatMalay word for musk.Boy
JohanGerman variation oh john meaning God is kind and gracious,skilled or champion.Boy
JunadaHelper, warrior or soldier.Boy
KechikSmall or littleBoy
KhajeerBeauty and elegance.Boy
KhilaalFriendship, companionship.Boy
MaymuunOne who is blessed, thriving, prosperous.Boy
MegatMalay word meaning great.Boy
MishkatA shelf to put the lanterns on.Boy
MiznWhite cloud, or rain-bearing cloudBoy
MudaA young boy.Boy
MudassirClothed, or enveloped in garments.Boy
MusawwirDesigner, creator of forms.Boy
MuzakirOne who reminds people of Allah.Boy
MuznA variant of Mizn, meaning white cloud.Boy
NijatSalvation, or successBoy
PanjangMalay word, meaning long.Boy
PerwiraHero or officer.Boy
PuteraSon or princeBoy
QawiOne who is strong, powerful, and firm.Boy
QazzafiWide, spacious, extensive.Boy
RaahimOne who is compassionate, kind and merciful.Boy
ReehabVastness or wideness.Boy
ReheeqOne who is smart, handsome or elegant.Boy
RuwayfiHigh status, or exaltedBoy
SabitFirmly in place, or unshakeable.Boy
SabtuMalay word for Saturday.Boy
SamrozeA fruitful treeBoy
SamsamA sharp swordBoy
SannanA daring person, one who is fearless and dauntless.Boy
SaqabatOne who is in perfect health.Boy
SayfudinThe sword of FaithBoy
SelasaMalay word for Tuesday.Boy
SeninMalay word for Monday.Boy
SibbtGrand childBoy
SineenOne who is beautiful and radiant.Boy
SlametPeace and securityBoy
SulungFirst or eldest.Boy
TaseenAcclaim or appreciation.Boy
TerunaOne who is youthfulBoy
TuahLuck or fortuneBoy
UsamaLion, one who is as brave as lion.Boy
WaaseOne of the attributes of Allah.Boy
WaddOne of the five idols worshiped by Noah's people.Boy
WadoodLover or friend.Boy
WaliyudeenSupporter of the Faith.Boy
WasfiOne who is worthy of praise, and worthy of speaking about.Boy
WathiqOne who is sure and certain.Boy
WifaqHarmony, unity, amiability.Boy
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