218 Malaysian Baby Names With Meanings

Whether you’re looking for a Malay name that’s easy to pronounce or something that’s cool and edgy, we’ll help you find what you are looking for. Just keep reading.

Most of the Malay baby names are drawn from the Arabic language, but names with Sanskrit, Javanese, and Malay origin are also common. Chinese Malaysians prefer sticking to their culture and pick traditional Chinese names. These names have three words, in which the first name is Chinese family name, and the other two parts form the indivisible Chinese given name.

A Malay baby name consists of a personal name, which is used in the day-to-day circumstances, and a patronym. Malay people do not use the family name. The patronym for men includes the Arabic word ‘bin’, which means ‘son of’, followed by the personal name of the father. For the women, the patronym consists of the Arabic word ‘binti’, which means ‘daughter of’, followed by the father’s name. Malay women are not required to change their surnames, as done in some cultures.

Addenda, the practice of using two names, is also common among Malay people. The common addenda in male names are Muhammad, Mat, Abdul and Ahmed. And the common addenda in female Malay names are Noor and Siti.

If you want to bestow a unique Malaysian name on your child, take a look at our list below. We’ve gathered some amazing Malay baby names for you.

MannalAttainment, or achievementGirl
MarjiaDesired, desirable, wished forGirl
MaryamOur ladyGirl
MasayuGold or golden.Girl
MawizaGuidance, admonition, word of encouragement.Girl
MayangPalm blossomGirl
MaymuunOne who is blessed, thriving, prosperous.Boy
MegatMalay word meaning great.Boy
MelurJasmine flowerGirl
MishkatA shelf to put the lanterns on.Boy
MiznWhite cloud, or rain-bearing cloudBoy
MohamedReliable, always worthy of trust and belief, worthy of high responsibilityBoy
MubarakaBlessed, sacred, and blissful.Girl
MubdiaOne who is smart, creative and innovative.Girl
MudaA young boy.Boy
MudassirClothed, or enveloped in garments.Boy
MuminahFeminine believerGirl
MunahOne who is favored by destiny.Girl
MusawwirDesigner, creator of forms.Boy
MuzakirOne who reminds people of Allah.Boy
MuznA variant of Mizn, meaning white cloud.Boy
NaylaA winner, one who go ahead to get everythingGirl
NazraGlow and happiness of a person's face.Girl
NijatSalvation, or successBoy
NorSparkle or illumination.Boy
PanjangMalay word, meaning long.Boy
PerwiraHero or officer.Boy
PuspawatiFemale flowerGirl
PuteraSon or princeBoy
PuteriDaughter or princessGirl
QawiOne who is strong, powerful, and firm.Boy
QazzafiWide, spacious, extensive.Boy
QiraatRecitation of the Quran.Girl
RaahimOne who is compassionate, kind and merciful.Boy
RabihaatWinners, acquirersGirl
RabihahWinner, achiever.Girl
RabwahHighland or hilly area.Girl
RaqeemaOne who is intelligent and perceptiveGirl
ReehabVastness or wideness.Boy
ReheeqOne who is smart, handsome or elegant.Boy
RosemahOne who is as beautiful as a rose.Girl
RufqaSomething that gives benefit.Girl
RuwayfiHigh status, or exaltedBoy
SabitFirmly in place, or unshakeable.Boy
SabtuMalay word for Saturday.Boy
SajafVeil or cover.Girl
SajjalNice, fine, beautiful, well-arrangedGirl
SamrozeA fruitful treeBoy
SamsamA sharp swordBoy
SamyanSingular, unique, incomparable,Girl
SanabelPlant ears, plant spikes, ears of wheat.Girl
SannanA daring person, one who is fearless and dauntless.Boy
SaqabatOne who is in perfect health.Boy
SayfudinThe sword of FaithBoy
SelasaMalay word for Tuesday.Boy
SeninMalay word for Monday.Boy
SeniyaOne who is praiseworthyGirl
SibbtGrand childBoy
SibghaColor or dye.Girl
SidratulCedar of the farthest point.Girl
SineenOne who is beautiful and radiant.Boy
SitiA woman of noble qualitiesGirl
SlametPeace and securityBoy
SonbolEar of wheat, ear of corn.Girl
SophiaShe who posesses great knoledge and wisdomGirl
SuleikaA variant of Zuleika. It was the name of wife of the king of Egypt.Girl
SulungFirst or eldest.Boy
SuriawatiFemale sunGirl
SurintanQueen or diamondGirl
TaqdeesPure, sanctity and holiness.Girl
TaseenAcclaim or appreciation.Boy
TasmiaTo mention the name of Allah.Girl
TembamOne who is chubby and plump.Girl
TempawanMalay word for forge or weld.Girl
TerataiLotus, water lilyGirl
TerunaOne who is youthfulBoy
TijahMalay form of Khadija, meaning premature child.Girl
TipahOne who is gentle and kind. A form of Latipha.Girl
TuahLuck or fortuneBoy
UmarUmar is a variant of 'Omar' and means flourishing.Boy
UsamaLion, one who is as brave as lion.Boy
UswahBrightness, or rayGirl
WaaseOne of the attributes of Allah.Boy
WaddOne of the five idols worshiped by Noah's people.Boy
WadidaOne who is loving, and affectionate.Girl
WadoodLover or friend.Boy
WaleeyaSupporter, caretaker, companion.Girl
WaliyudeenSupporter of the Faith.Boy
WarddaRose flower.Girl
WasfiOne who is worthy of praise, and worthy of speaking about.Boy
WasfiaWorthy of praiseGirl
WasiyaOne who is gracious, patient, and powerful.Girl
WathiqOne who is sure and certain.Boy
WathiqaCertain, sure, confidentGirl
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