78 Malayalam Baby Girl Names With Meanings


Malayalam is the official language of the Indian state of Kerala, also called ‘God’s own country.’ The state has an inherent legacy of naming baby girls with intense meanings and cultural significance. Malayalam girl names often reflect the region's deep-rooted cultural and spiritual variedness, combining elements from Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam. Additionally, they also incorporate regional and nature-inspired elements. The people of Kerala share the same naming conventions as Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. A person's name typically includes the village name, father's name, and personal name.

Muslims in these regions also adhere to this system but with their first names following the Islamic tradition. For most Malayalis, the standard format is forename - father's name - father's father's name, house name, village name - surname or caste title. Another common practice in South India is incorporating birthplace names into personal names to signify a person's association with that specific location (1). In the past, specifically until the 20th century, Malayali Christians, also known as Nasranis, followed a naming convention primarily consisting of Christian names. They typically adopted a format that combined the family name, the father's name, and the baptismal name in their given names. In recent times, modern Malayalam baby girl names have emerged, blending traditional elements with contemporary trends resulting in parents choosing names that are easy to pronounce yet retaining a touch of Kerala's cultural identity. The names given to baby girls in Malayalam-speaking families carry deep meanings and sentimental values. Parents carefully select names that bestow blessings, good fortune, and unique characteristics on their daughters, ensuring that the names not only define their identity but also strengthen their bond with their culture. Whether parents prefer traditional or modern names, Malayalam girl names offer a treasure trove of options, each carrying a distinct essence of Kerala's rich legacy and linguistic traditions.

heart image Aami Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is dearly loved
heart image Abhisarikaa Baby Girl Sign Girl The beloved one
heart image Acxa Baby Girl Sign Girl Woman with unparalleled beauty
heart image Dhanya Baby Girl Sign Girl Thankful; Lucky
heart image Dhanyata Baby Girl Sign Girl Success; Fulfillment
heart image Dhatri Baby Girl Sign Girl Earth
heart image Iha Baby Girl Sign Girl Wish
heart image Ihita Baby Girl Sign Girl Desire
heart image Ijaya Baby Girl Sign Girl Sacrifice
heart image Iksha Baby Girl Sign Girl Sight
heart image Indrakshi Baby Girl Sign Girl The one with beautiful eyes
heart image Indu Baby Girl Sign Girl Moon
heart image Indukala Baby Girl Sign Girl The moonlight
heart image Indulala Baby Girl Sign Girl Moonlight
heart image Induma Baby Girl Sign Girl Moon
heart image Indumukhi Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman with a moon-like face
heart image Jini Baby Girl Sign Girl A Malayalam variation of Jenny
heart image Kerala Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Land of coconut trees
heart image Pujya Baby Girl Sign Girl A person who is worthy of respect and worship
heart image Reman Baby Girl Sign Girl One calming and beautiful as a Song
heart image Reneeka Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman who is like a song
heart image Shreeya Baby Girl Sign Girl A name of Goddess Lakshmi; Lucky.
heart image Shrejal Baby Girl Sign Girl Best; First; Foremost
heart image Shrena Baby Girl Sign Girl Goddess Lakshmi
heart image Teja Baby Girl Sign Girl Bright and radiant
heart image Udaya Baby Girl Sign Girl The feminine version of Uday; Dawn
heart image Uditi Baby Girl Sign Girl Rising
heart image Udvita Baby Girl Sign Girl A river filled with lotus flowers
heart image Udyati Baby Girl Sign Girl Elevated
heart image Ujas Baby Girl Sign Girl Bright; Shining
heart image Ujhala Baby Girl Sign Girl Light; Bright
heart image Ujjayini Baby Girl Sign Girl Rising; Name of an ancient city
heart image Ujjwala Baby Girl Sign Girl Bright; Lustrous; A woman with a bright personality
heart image Ulka Baby Girl Sign Girl Meteorite
heart image Uma Baby Girl Sign Girl A name of Goddess Parvati; Splendor; Tranquility
heart image Upama Baby Girl Sign Girl Comparison; Commonplace
heart image Urja Baby Girl Sign Girl One with high levels of energy
heart image Urmi Baby Girl Sign Girl Wave of the sea
heart image Urvasi Baby Girl Sign Girl The most beautiful of all the angels.
heart image Ushakiran Baby Girl Sign Girl Rays of the morning sun
heart image Utpalini Baby Girl Sign Girl A lotus pond
heart image Uttara Baby Girl Sign Girl A star; North direction
heart image Vajra Baby Girl Sign Girl Diamond; A precious gemstone
heart image Valini Baby Girl Sign Girl Stars
heart image Vallabha Baby Girl Sign Girl Lover
heart image Vallari Baby Girl Sign Girl Name of Goddess Sita
heart image Valli Baby Girl Sign Girl Creeper
heart image Vallika Baby Girl Sign Girl Creeper
heart image Vani Baby Girl Sign Girl Eloquent in words'; A name of Goddess Saraswati
heart image Vanita Baby Girl Sign Girl A lady; A woman
heart image Vanmala Baby Girl Sign Girl A garland of wildflowers
heart image Varija Baby Girl Sign Girl Lotus
heart image Varuni Baby Girl Sign Girl Infinite
heart image Vasanta Baby Girl Sign Girl Spring
heart image Vasudhara Baby Girl Sign Girl Earth
heart image Vasumati Baby Girl Sign Girl An angel of unequaled beauty
heart image Vatsala Baby Girl Sign Girl A loving and caring woman
heart image Vidhut Baby Girl Sign Girl Electricity
heart image Vidula Baby Girl Sign Girl Moon
heart image Vijaya Baby Girl Sign Girl Victory or victorious
heart image Vijayalakshmi Baby Girl Sign Girl The Goddess of victory
heart image Vinanti Baby Girl Sign Girl Doing prayer; Request
heart image Vinata Baby Girl Sign Girl The name of Garuda's mother; Humble
heart image Vinita Baby Girl Sign Girl A variant of Vineeta; Humble; Requester
heart image Vinodini Baby Girl Sign Girl A happy and cheerful girl
heart image Visala Baby Girl Sign Girl Celestial or apsara
heart image Yaagnya Baby Girl Sign Girl A ritual sacrifice with a specific objective
heart image Yahvi Baby Girl Sign Girl Heaven; Earth
heart image Yamika Baby Girl Sign Girl Be grateful
heart image Yamuna Baby Girl Sign Girl One of the holy rivers of India
heart image Yamya Baby Girl Sign Girl Night
heart image Yashila Baby Girl Sign Girl Famous and popular
heart image Yashita Baby Girl Sign Girl Fame and popularity
heart image Yashmita Baby Girl Sign Girl Lord Krishna's foster mother
heart image Yema Baby Girl Sign Girl Our joy
heart image Yousha Baby Girl Sign Girl A young girl
heart image Zena Baby Girl Sign Girl A hospitable woman
heart image Ziana Baby Girl Sign Girl Brave and bold
Malayalam girl names reflect the region's culture, tradition, and diversity. These names often hold profound meanings, connecting children to their roots and heritage. From classic options to trendy choices, parents are now embracing a blend of traditional and contemporary options, allowing for a delightful array of choices. In the evolution of naming practices, each baby girl's name fosters a sense of identity and becomes a cherished gift for a lifetime.

Infographic: Magnificent Malayalam Baby Girl Names

Malayalam girl names reflect Kerala's rich cultural heritage and diversity, a beautiful southern Indian state. These names often have intense meanings rooted in mythology or virtues. The language's phonetic beauty adds charm to these names, making them cherished and treasured. Get set to explore some of the most enchanting ones in this infographic.

mesmerizing malayalam baby names for your daughter (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some Malayalam baby girl names that have a strong and empowering meaning?

Gina (well-born), Isha (supreme ruler or one who protects), Adhya (first power or Lord Ganesha), and Avnika (powerful and complete) are some strong and empowering Malayalam baby girl names that parents may consider for their child.

2. What are some Malayalam baby girl names that are associated with royalty or nobility?

Seirah (beautiful or princess), Taniya (fairy queen), and Almirah (aristocratic lady or princess) are a few beautiful Malayalam baby girl names associated with royalty and nobility.

3. What Malayalam baby girl names are perfect for a monsoon or winter baby?

Mega (raining or clouds), Swati (precious drop or first drop of rain), and Niji (rainbow) are some baby girl names that perfectly resonate with the essence of the monsoon season. Similarly, Hima, which means 'ice' or 'snow,' and Himani, which also means 'snow,' are some baby names that evoke the feeling of winter.


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