71 Maori Baby Boy Names With Meanings

AriVariation of Ariel which means the lion of GodBoy
IhaiaGod is salvationBoy
KaiThe Scottish and American meaning is Fire, The Hawaiian is The Sea, Welsh meaning is Keeper of the keysBoy
KauriName of a tree found in NewZealanadBoy
ManaakiTo cherish, conserve and sustainBoy
MikaereWho is like GodBoy
NikauName of a palm tree found in New ZealandBoy
RawiriBeloved, one who is loved by everyoneBoy
TiaAn aunt, daughter born to royaltyUnisex
WiremuMaori form of William. It means protection or helmet.Boy
AataBear or stone in Maori language.Boy
Ahikameans sustaining and enhancing our place orcommunities, wero or challengeBoy
AmahauTo gatherBoy
AnewaTo fallBoy
AperahamaFather of a mighty nationBoy
ArapetaNoble and famous. A famous man.Boy
AtamaSoul of a person; expressive and versatileBoy
AtawhaiA person who is kind and caring.Unisex
ErueraEruera is the Maori form of Edward and means rich and happy guardian.Boy
EteraAid or helpBoy
HarataFree manUnisex
HauIn Maori, Hau means wind.Unisex
HehuGod rescuesBoy
HeketoroFairy spritBoy
HenareHome ruler or estate rulerBoy
HohepaHe will enlargeBoy
HuatareHuatare is the name of a famous chief.Boy
HunapoHidden darknessUnisex
HunuSunray or sun in the Maori language.Unisex
IarereTo descend, or the descendantBoy
IehohapataThe Lord judgesBoy
IeniGod is gracious and mercifulBoy
IetepereChaste, or unmarriedBoy
IhakaHe will laughBoy
IhuGod rescuesBoy
IkaroaThe long part of a fishUnisex
IoramaGod is exaltedBoy
IorangiThe cirrus cloudUnisex
IotamaGod is perfect.Boy
IraiaThe God wrestlerUnisex
IrirangiThe spirit voiceUnisex
IwiNation, tribe or realmUnisex
KaihautuLeader, a man or woman with leadership qualitiesUnisex
KamakaKamaka means rock in the Maori languageUnisex
KiritopaKiritopa is a variant of Christopher and means bearer of Christ.Boy
KorakaKoraka means A South Island ChiefBoy
MaakaMaaka is the Maori version of Mark. It means consecrated to the god Mars.Boy
MahakaA Ngati Kahungunu ChiefBoy
MakaretaMakareta is the Maori form of Margareta. It means pearl.Unisex
MarcellinMarcellin is a form of Marc and means from Marcus or refers to the Roman god of war.Boy
MarcellinoMaori is the Maori of Mark and means from Marcus.Boy
MatiuGift of GodBoy
MereMaori version of Mary. It means bitter.Boy
PurtaA person who i mythicalBoy
PutaA mythological personBoy
RangiSky, or god of the skyBoy
RapataBright fameBoy
RongoPeace, peace loving peopleUnisex
RopataA variant of Rapata. It means bright fame.Boy
RuruA Maori word for morepork, New Zealand's native owl.Boy
TanemahutaMan, or god of the forestsBoy
TangaroaGod of the sea, or god of fireBoy
TaweraA morning starBoy
TaynThe God of lightBoy
TipeneTipene is the Maori version of Stephen. It means crown.Boy
TuiA kind of bird which eats honey always as food.Unisex
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