90 Maori Baby Girl Names With Meanings

AnaGracious and satisfyingGirl
AnaheraThe majestic and powerful angelGirl
ArohaLove,mercy; one who is compassionate individualGirl
AtaahuaA beautiful girlGirl
HanaArabic for "happiness," and Japanese for "flower," Korean for "One, First, Consistency," and Hawaiian for "workGirl
KaiaKaia name means The SeaGirl
KoraKora means CompanionGirl
MaiaMother; One who has unconditional love like a motherGirl
ManaiaFrom the mythological figure, a man with the head of a birdGirl
TiaAn aunt, daughter born to royaltyUnisex
AhereBird snareGirl
AhorangiThe name means enlightened in the Maori language.Girl
AhurewaA sacred place.Girl
AiheDolphin in Maori language.Girl
AiriniPeace, a woman of a peaceful nature.Girl
AkaAlso known as, AffectionateGirl
AkenehiChaste and pureGirl
AkonaTo enthuseGirl
AmetihitaNot intoxicatedGirl
AmiriaAmiria is the Maori version of Amelia. It means 'hard worker'.Girl
AnahiraArchangel or angelGirl
AperiraAperira is the Maori form of April.Girl
AputaOpen spacesGirl
AramoanaPathway to the ocean.Girl
ArangaMaori word for Easter.Girl
AratakiThe leader, a man with leadership qualities.Girl
ArihiA woman of noble kindGirl
ArihiaOne who is noble and kind.Girl
ArikiwiCloak made of kiwi feathers.Girl
AronuiDesire, or greatly desiredGirl
ArorangiTo heavenGirl
AtarangiMorning skyGirl
AtawhaiA person who is kind and caring.Unisex
AwhireingaEmbraced by the spirit worldGirl
AwiA Maori word for ivy.Girl
EmereThe name means rival in Maori language.Girl
EpaAn offering to the god.Girl
ErihapetiHelper or supporterGirl
HaeataDawn in the Maori language.Girl
HaeatatangaLight beamGirl
HahanaRadiance, shine or brilliance.Girl
HarataFree manUnisex
HauIn Maori, Hau means wind.Unisex
HaukuDew, as fresh as dew.Girl
HaumiatiketikeA guardian of the fern root.Girl
HeeniHeeni is the Maori form of Jane. It means Jehovah has been gracious.Girl
HineHine is a Maori word for girl.Girl
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