146 Maori Baby Names With Meanings

Kiwis prefer names that have a special meaning and connection, either by tradition, culture, or an experience. So what better than giving your children a Maori name? Being the Indigenous people of New Zealand, Maoris form an integral part of the nation. And if you ask us, there are plenty of other good reasons to give your child a Maori name. It will recognize your Maori heritage, honor your admired ancestor, and stand out from the crowd of today’s trendy names.

Maori baby names have beautiful sounds and evocative and interesting meanings, which is why there are incredibly popular, not just with the Aboriginals, but also urban settlers. The first names are often given at birth, inspired by the event or circumstances. In some cases, children can be given a different name, this time again, influenced by events or circumstances. Before the arrival of Pakeha, Maori did not use surnames. But it’s now mandatory for Maoris to have a family name, which should be the father’s name. And it isn’t required for women to change their surnames after marriage.

Below is MomJunction’s wide selection of Maori names with meanings. Click on the links to get full details on the name.

AronuiDesire, or greatly desiredGirl
ArorangiTo heavenGirl
AtamaSoul of a person; expressive and versatileBoy
AtarangiMorning skyGirl
AtawhaiA person who is kind and caring.Unisex
AwhireingaEmbraced by the spirit worldGirl
AwiA Maori word for ivy.Girl
EmereThe name means rival in Maori language.Girl
EpaAn offering to the god.Girl
ErihapetiHelper or supporterGirl
ErueraEruera is the Maori form of Edward and means rich and happy guardian.Boy
EteraAid or helpBoy
HaeataDawn in the Maori language.Girl
HaeatatangaLight beamGirl
HahanaRadiance, shine or brilliance.Girl
HarataFree manUnisex
HauIn Maori, Hau means wind.Unisex
HaukuDew, as fresh as dew.Girl
HaumiatiketikeA guardian of the fern root.Girl
HeeniHeeni is the Maori form of Jane. It means Jehovah has been gracious.Girl
HehuGod rescuesBoy
HeketoroFairy spritBoy
HenareHome ruler or estate rulerBoy
HineHine is a Maori word for girl.Girl
HinewaiWater maiden in Maori mythology.Girl
HoanaGod is gracious and merciful.Girl
HohepaHe will enlargeBoy
HokakaA desirable womanGirl
HuatareHuatare is the name of a famous chief.Boy
HuihanaMaori word for lily or lotus.Girl
HunapoHidden darknessUnisex
HunuSunray or sun in the Maori language.Unisex
IarereTo descend, or the descendantBoy
IehohapataThe Lord judgesBoy
IeniGod is gracious and mercifulBoy
IetepereChaste, or unmarriedBoy
IhakaHe will laughBoy
IhaperaMy God is a vowGirl
IhuGod rescuesBoy
IkaroaThe long part of a fishUnisex
IniaA body of water.Girl
IoramaGod is exaltedBoy
IorangiThe cirrus cloudUnisex
IotamaGod is perfect.Boy
IraiaThe God wrestlerUnisex
IrirangiThe spirit voiceUnisex
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