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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Marin

Marin is a beautiful name unisex surname for babies common in Europe and Latin America, while it is popular in countries like Bulgaria, Albania, and Croatia as a given name. Marin is derived from the Latin name Marinus which denotes something related to the sea or marine in general.

Marinko is a Serbian and a Croatian variant, Marin is a Croatian variant, Marinos is a Greek variant, Marino is an Italian variant and a Spanish variant of the name Marinus. Rini, Rien, Riny, and Rinus are the diminutives of this name. Marina, Marijn, and Marina are the feminine forms of the name.

There are many notable bearers of this title. One of them is Marinus of Tyre, a famous Greek mathematician, geographer, and accomplished cartographer. Due to his contributions, an impact crater on the Moon was named after him.

Another famous personality carrying the name is Saint Marinus, originally a stonemason who built a chapel and monastery on the top of Monte Titano in the country known as San Marino today.

Hanna Marin is a fictional character from the popular book which later became a TV series, Pretty Little Liars. The character then reappeared in the spin-off series Ravenswood. Ashley Benson portrays the character.

Eagle Marin is a character from the popular Japanese manga series Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac, written and illustrated by Masami Kurumada. She is described as a strong female character and an enigma who was the mentor of young Seiya. Moreover, Lex Marin and Daley Marin are the main cast of the adventure comedy American TV drama Flight 29 Down, produced by Discovery Kids. Allen Alvarado and Hallee Hirsh play the roles in this story.


heart image
Of the sea
English, Hebrew
1 word, 5 letters, 2 vowels, 3 consonants
Short and easy to pronounce

How To Pronounce Marin?

Pronounced as mah-reen

The way you pronounce a name can make all the difference.

Listen to the sound of the name Marin in English.

Famous People With The Name Marin

  • Marin ČilićCroatian professional tennis player, winner of the US Open in 2014
  • Marin IrelandAmerican actress and a Tony award nominee, known for her role in Reasons to be pretty
  • Marin AlsopAmerican conductor, the first woman to win the Koussevitzky Prize for conducting, and the first conductor to be awarded a MacArthur Fellowship
  • Cheech MarinAmerican comedian, actor, musician, and activist popular for the comedy act Cheech & Chong
  • Carolina MarínSpanish professional badminton player who is the 2016 Summer Olympic Champion and a three-time World Champion

Marin On The Popularity Chart

Marin has remained a popular name for decades. Let us explore this chart the Social Security Administration provided to see how it has fared over the years.

Popularity Over Time

After a low reception during the 1980s, the name peaked at its highest ever in 2007 when 324 babies per million shared the title.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

Marin is a popular name that has stayed under the top 3200 rank for decades. It was in the 1660 position on the chart as of 2021.

Source: Social Security Administration

Names With Similar Sound As Marin

If you prefer a different name, here are a few examples that sound similar to Marin.

Popular Sibling Names For Marin

If you are looking for some matching sibling names that resonate with Marin, check our suggestions here.

Boy Sibling Names For Marin

Find matching brother names for Marin and create a wonderful team of siblings.

Maaran heart imageMaerewine heart imageMaerin heart imageMaeron heart imageMaeryn heart imageMarant heart imageMarianel heart imageMariano heart imageMariner heart imageMarino heart image

Girl Sibling Names For Marin

Looking for some suitable sister names for Marin? Check out our collection of beautiful and unique names.

Mairon heart imageMaranz heart imageMaranzie heart imageMarenda heart imageMarianne heart imageMarien heart imageMariun heart imageMarnette heart imageMarni heart imageMarnica heart image

Other Popular Names Beginning With M

Looking for more baby names starting with the letter M to resonate with your family’s naming tradition or to rhyme with the sibling names? Find a range of alternative names starting with this letter.

Names With Similar Meaning As Marin

Marin is a cool-sounding name for babies. Check out some other names that have the same meaning.

Anagram Names Of Marin

William Shakespeare is known for his ‘onomastic wit,’ with anagrams being one of them (remember the play Twelfth Night?). Anagram is the rearrangement of the same letters to form different words. Anagramming names has been in vogue for centuries now, and why not when it can create some cute names? Anagram baby names stand out with their unique sound and spellings. You may try an anagram of your name or your partner’s; even better if you combine both names and then try an anagram for the baby. It all stays in the family this way. You may also try anagram names for siblings, especially twins. Here are some anagrams of Marin.

Ramin heart image Amrin heart image Armin heart image Marni heart image Miran heart image Mirna heart image Namir heart image Ranim heart image Rimna heart image Imran heart image Nimra heart image

Acrostic Poem On Marin

Dive into the lyrical charm of the name Marin with this acrostic poem. Witness how each letter paints together a story, capturing the name’s individuality, strength, vitality, and sophistication. Inspiring, is it? Why not try a similar poem that describes what you think of your baby’s personality?


Mirthful and cheery, laughter like a melody.


Adorable like a sweet-smelling rose.


Rigid and resilient, like a tree, firmly rooted.


Impeccable in every detail, illustrious at every task.


Nurturing soul, nourished by the nectar of nature.

Marin’s Zodiac Sign And Birth Star As Per Vedic Astrology

Vedic astrology, also called Jyotisha, provides deep insights into a person’s life based on celestial positions at birth. Rashi and nakshatra, which are an integral part of Jyotisha, are believed to influence an individual’s personality and life events. The following sections give you rashi-related information, such as the associated letters, elements, ruling body, quality, and nakshatra for the name marin. These details help analyze a person’s characteristics, personality, and behavior.

Zodiac Sign (Rashi)

As shown in the following table, each rashi is associated with specific sounds, which are often used as the starting letters of names for newborns in Hindu families. Each rashi is represented by a figure and one of the five elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether (Space). One ruling celestial body, known as its 'rashi lord' or 'ruler' is assigned to these rashis. These bodies include Venus, Mars, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn. Furthermore, the rashis are assigned various qualities or gunas.

Rashi (zodiac sign)Simha (Leo)
Starting letters for Simha (Leo) rashiM, TT
Ruling bodySun

Birth Star (Nakshatra)

Another important aspect of Vedic Astrology is the nakshatras, the lunar constellations or star clusters that the Moon occupies during a person's birth. There are 27 nakshatras, each with its own unique qualities, attributes, and symbolism. Each rashi contains two-and-one-fourth nakshatras in it. For example, Aries contains Ashwini, Bharani, and Krithika nakshatras.

The below table provides information on the nakshatras’ degrees on the zodiac circle, their lords and related syllables, for babies born in the Simha (Leo) rashi. These syllables/phonetics are popularly used to choose the baby name. For precise nakshatra calculation based on your baby's birthplace and date, use our Nakshatra Calculator.

NakshatraDegrees Of The NakshatraNakshatra
Lord (Ruler)
Name Syllables
Magha (Makha, Makam)Leo (0 to 13.20 degrees)KetuMa, Maa, Mi, Mee, Mu, Me
Purva Phalguni (Pooram, Pubba)Leo (13.20 to 26.40 degrees)VenusMo, Ta, Taa, Ti, Tee, Tu
Uttara Phalguni (Uthiram, Utram)Leo (26.40 to 30 degrees)SunTe, Ta, Taa, To, Pa, Paa, Pi, Pee

Infographic: Know The Name Marin‘s Personality As Per Numerology


Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get high-quality PDF version by clicking below.

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Download Infographic in PDF version

Marin In Different Languages

It’s exciting to see our baby’s name spelled and written in various languages. See how people spell Marin in Spanish, French, German, Italian, and more! Each language has its own way of saying Marin, but it’s still the same special name. Learn how the name looks and sounds in different languages around the world!


How To Communicate The Name Marin In Sign Languages

In Nautical Flags


In Sign Language


In Braille Alphabet


In Morse Code


In Binary

01101101 01100001 01110010 01101001 01101110

Name Numerology For Marin

Numerology is an occult system that gives significance to numbers and their influence on human life and destiny. Numerologists attribute specific qualities, energies, and characteristics to a number. Parents who believe in numerology prefer to choose baby names that resonate positively with the child’s unique numerical vibrations, often derived from their date of birth. Here we give a general birth number and personality traits of the name Marin, based on the Pythagorean (Western) system. This analysis will differ from child to child based on their date of birth. You may use our numerology calculator for more personalized information.

Baby Name Lists Containing Marin

Movie Titles Inspired By The Name Marin

Discover the presence of Marin in an array of films. Know about the various movies that have this name.

Movie titleOther titlesRelease year
Woman at SeaGrand marin, Лили и море2022
Maguy Marin: L'urgence d'agirMaguy Marin: Time to Act2019
Marin Blue2009
Uncle Marin, the BillionaireBai Marin miliarder, Egymillió zöldhagymával, Kdo je miliardár, Kto je miliardár?, Kto zhe milliarder?, Nea Marin Miliardar, Uncle Marin, the Billionaire, Uncle Martin, the Multimillionaire, Want for you - Want for me, Wer ist der Milliardär?, Wer ist Milliardär?, Wujaszek Marin miliarderem, Бай Марин милиардер, Кто же миллиардер?1979
Are You Engaged to a Greek Sailor or an Airline Pilot?Bal Arısı, Ekeinos kai ekeines, Êtes-vous fiancée à un marin grec ou à un pilote de ligne?, Jestem niewiernym mężem, Olen uskoton aviomies, Sono un marito infedele, Sou Marido Fiel... Quase Sempre, Um Marido Infiel, Un marido infiel, Was würden Sie an meiner Stelle tun?1970
The Sailor's JourneyL'itinéraire marin1963
Wicked CityAmartoli polis, Amor de Marinheiro, Die Dirne und ihr Narr, Die Hafenbar von Marseille, Hamnflickan, Hans il marinaio, Hans le marin, Hans the Sailor, Zijn laatste haven, Моряк Ганс, マルセイユの一夜1949
Marin Faliero doge di VeneziaMarin Faliero, Marin Faliero, doge di Venezia (Dalle cronache venete del 1355)1909

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the meaning of the name Marin?

The name Marin means ‘something related to sea’ or ‘marine.’

2. What is the origin of the name Marin?

Marin has a Latin origin.

3. How to pronounce the name Marin?

Marin is pronounced as mah-reen.

4. What are some cute and unique middle names for Marin?

Marin is a two-syllable form of Marinus with a deep association with the sea. Hence, it may form unique middle names with the names of famous sea explorers of the past, such as Christopher (From Christopher Columbus), Francis (From Francis Drake), Walter (from Walter Raleigh), John (From John Hawkins), and Thomas (from Thomas Cavendish).

5. Are there any interesting trivia or fun facts about the name Marin?

The name may be famously associated with Marin Barleti, a historian and Catholic priest considered the first Albanian historian known for his biography of Scanderbeg, the Prince of Epirus (1).


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  1. The History of the Life and Deeds of Scanderbeg, the Prince of Epirus;
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