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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Marisa

Marisa is a girl’s name derived from the Latin maris meaning ‘of the sea.’ It is often used as a combination of Maria and Luisa in Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese. Maria is derived from the Hebrew Miryam, which was the origin of the name Mary. It means ‘love’ or ‘beloved.’ Luisa is derived from the Germanic Ludwig, which means glorious in battle.’ Marisa and its common variant Marissa are the Western equivalents of these names. Marisa (pronounced maa-risa) is also a Hindu name derived from the Sanskrit word meaning ‘worthy’ or ‘respectable.’

In Japanese, Marisa (pronounced mah-ree-sah) is derived from the kanji 真 meaning ‘true’ or ‘reality,’ 麗 meaning ‘beautiful’ or ‘graceful,’ and 沙 meaning ‘sand.’ In Romanian, Marisa is used as a diminutive of Maria, while in Provençal and Gascon, it is a cognate of Maryse. It is also believed that the name Marisa originated from the Norman surname of the Old French Marais, meaning ‘marsh.’ It may also have been a habitational name for people from Le Marais in Normandy.

Marisela is one of the most commonly elaborated forms of Marisa and is used widely in Spain and Latin America. Other variations of the name are Marísa and Mariša. Marie, Mary, Maris, Ris, Risa, and Isa are some of the most common nicknames for Marisa.

Marisa and Marissa are popular in popular culture. Barbie-doll lovers will be familiar with Queen Marissa in the computer-animated musical film Barbie as the Island Princess. Video game enthusiasts will know Marisa Kirisame from Touhou Project and Marisa from Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. The American teen drama TV series The O.C. has Marissa Cooper as one of the main characters.

Marisa Coulter is one of the central characters in Philip Pullman’s fantasy novels trilogy His Dark Materials. The Neapolitan Novels by the Italian author Elena Ferrante feature Marisa Sarratore. Also, Marisa Turner is Countess New Kiev in David Weber’s military sci-fi book series Honorverse.


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How To Pronounce Marisa?


Famous People With The Name Marisa

  • Marisa BerensonAward-winning American actress and model, known for her roles in “Death in Venice,” “Cabaret,” and “Barry Lyndon”
  • Marisa Catalina CaseyColombian photographer, graphic designer, and author, founder of the nonprofit organization “Starting Artist”
  • Marisa MonteAward-winning Brazilian singer and instrumentalist, sold 10 million albums worldwide and won four Latin Grammys
  • Marisa RamirezAmerican actress, known for her role in the police procedural television drama series “Blue Bloods”
  • Marisa CoughlanAmerican actress and writer, known for her role in the film “Teaching Mrs. Tingle”

Marisa On The Popularity Chart

Marisa has some interesting popularity and rank graphs. Take a look at the SSA data to assess the name’s performance.

Popularity Over Time

Marisa’s popularity peaked in 1995 when 2,198 babies per million were given this name. Its usage diminished substantially in the new millennium, reaching its lowest in 2021.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

The name Marisa was part of the Top 1000 names list until 2012. However, its ranking dropped after that, and in 2021 it was in the 3818th position.

Source: Social Security Administration

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Name Numerology For Marisa

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