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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Marisol

The sweet name Marisol originates from Spanish and has a beautiful meaning. It was initially used as a shortened form for a title given to the Virgin Mary, María de la Soledad, which translates to Mary of Solitude or Our Lady of Solitude. Marisol is also believed to be a combination of the Spanish words “mar,” meaning ‘sea,’ and “sol,” meaning ‘sun,’ because the name sounds like the Spanish phrase “Mar y sol.” Therefore, another meaning of Marisol is considered to be ‘sea and sun.’

Marisol is not a very ancient name and was most commonly used in relatively modern times. The name may have first been used in Spanish-speaking countries in the 20th century and started gaining popularity in the United States in the 1960s.

Marisol remains a popular choice of name in Spanish and English-speaking countries. However, several name variations can be found across different cultures and languages. Some of the common variants include Marijke, Marijse, Mariska, Marita, Marja, Sol, Marike, and Sole. Besides, there are several versions of the name that may be used as nicknames, such as Mari, Sol, Solei, and Sunshine.

Various factors influence the popularity of a name, and the influence of fictional characters on the popularity of this name is prominent. Some fictional characters that have featured the name Marisol in movies, television shows, and books are Marisol Flaca Gonzales, a character from the TV series Orange Is the New Black; Marisol Martinez, a character from the Netflix series On My Block; Marisol the babysitter from the movie The Boss Baby: Back in Business, and Marisol Luna, a character in the American Girl series of dolls and books.


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One who is like the sea of solitude
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Famous People With The Name Marisol

  • Marisol DelunaAmerican fashion designer known for screen-printed designs and for casting the first transgender model, Mimi Tao, from Project runway for the New York Fashion Week
  • Marisol EscobarAn American-Venezuelan sculptor and winner of the 2016 Paez Medal of Art from VAEA
  • Marisol EspinozaPeruvian politician and the first vice president of Peru under Ollanta Humala’s Presidency
  • Marisol MalaretPuerto Rican television host, model, beauty queen, and the first Miss Universe from Puerto Rico

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