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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Marshall

The masculine name Marshall is an occupational name originating from the Franks, a group of Germanic people associated with tribes between the Lower Rhine and the Ems River. The name derives from the Frankish word ‘mare,’ meaning ‘horse,’ and ‘skalkoz,’ meaning ‘servant.’

Although the name is most commonly found as a surname, it is also popularly used as a given name. In Scottish origins, the name means ‘lover of horses’ and is commonly used as a surname.

Marshall is also the anglicized form of the German and Ashkenazic Jewish surname Marschall, which means ‘keeper of horses.’ The name is also said to have French origins, originating from Norman French.

Initially, the term referred to a male who took care of horses. However, during the period of medieval surname creation, it had two distinct meanings. On the one hand, it indicated a highly significant servant in a noble household who held various military responsibilities and was considered a high-ranking state official in the royal household.
On the other hand, it denoted a modest farrier or shoeing smith. Additionally, it served as an occupational title for a medieval court officer accountable for supervising detainees.

The name has a wide range of meanings in different languages. Marshall is occasionally used as a status name from Middle English “mareshal” and Old French “maresc(h)al.” Jews more commonly bear the name Marshall, which is considered an Americanized form of some similar-sounding Jewish surnames.
Marshall has been in use as a first name since the nineteenth century. This trendy name is pronounced “mar-shul” and has several variations, such as Marshal, Marschall, Marsh, Marshe, and Marshell.

The name has several namesakes in popular culture, the most famous being Jason Segel’s character Marshall Eriksen on the hit TV show How I Met Your Mother. Marshall is also a competent but clumsy Dalmatian on the hit children’s show PAW Patrol. Additionally, Marshall Law is a popular fighter character in the Japanese Tekken fighting game franchise.


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A person who is a horse caretaker or a steward
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Famous People With The Name Marshall

  • Marshall Bruce Mathers III aka EminemAmerican rapper, songwriter, and record producer, critically acclaimed as one of the greatest rappers of all time
  • Herbert Marshall McLuhan CCCanadian philosopher
  • Marshall William FaulkAmerican former football player
  • Marshall Warren NirenbergAmerican biochemist and geneticist; Nobel Prize awardee
  • Marshall David SahlinsAmerican cultural anthropologist

Marshall On The Popularity Chart

Take a look at these graphs to learn more about the name Marshall’s popularity and ranking through the years.

Popularity Over Time

Marshall has had an up-and-down popularity trend, peaking in 2015 with 1,096 babies named Marshall per million.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

In its early years, the name Marshall performed well on the ranking chart, but it eventually began to fall progressively.

Source: Social Security Administration

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