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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Marvin

Marvin is a masculine name with origins in the Welsh language and culture, meaning ‘sea friend’ or ‘sea hill’. It comes from the Welsh term Mervyn, which is a male given name and a surname with Old Welsh roots. The name Marvin is derived from the old English words ‘maer’ and ‘wine’, which signifies a famous or eminent friend. The name is considered an anglicized variant of Merfyn, which has different meanings depending on the nationality. In the Welsh language, it is a variant of Myrddin or Merlin, implying a person from the sea fortress. In America, the name Mervyn signifies a famous friend. Some also believe that Marvin means ‘lover of the sea’.

As the name Marvin is an anglicized form of Merfyn, there are no historical references to it. Similarly, there are not many variations of the name. In the English language, Mervin and Marvyn are two key variations. In German, it is Marwin. The feminine form of the name in English is Marva.

In America, one of the most prominent personalities to have boosted the name’s popularity is Marvin Pentz Gay Jr., or Marvin Gaye, an American R&B and soul singer credited with shaping the sound of Motown or rhythm and blues music in the 1960s as an in-house session player and a solo artist. He produced a series of successful songs, which ultimately brought him the nickname ‘Prince of Motown’ and ‘Prince of Soul.’

The name Marvin also occurs in popular culture several times. For instance, Marvin Wait is the son of Lily and Marshall in How I Met Your Mother. Marvin is also a comic strip revolving around the life of a young baby boy named Marvin. Marvin Grossberg is the veteran defense attorney who appears as a character in the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney game series.


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One who lives by the sea, a mariner
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How To Pronounce Marvin?


Famous People With The Name Marvin

  • Marvin StammAmerican jazz trumpeter, recorded songs with Paul McCartney, Average White Band, Bill Evans, and Quincy Jones
  • Marvin AustinCAmerican football nose tackle, regarded as a five-star recruit by
  • Marvin Richard James HumesEnglish singer, disc jockey, television presenter, hosted The Official Big Top 40 chart show across UK commercial radio stations
  • Marvelous” Marvin Nathaniel HaglerAmerican professional boxer and actor, known for being the champion of the middleweight division from 1980 to 1987
  • Marvin Lee MinskyAmerican cognitive and computer scientist and the co-founder of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s AI laboratory
  • Marvin Stephens Arrington Sr.American judge, served as the President of the Atlanta City Council for 17 years

Marvin On The Popularity Chart

Marvin’s popularity peaked in 1990. In the mid-2000s, the name seems to have been moderately popular.

Marvin Popularity Over Time

Over time, the name’s popularity has declined. In 1980, 1225 babies per million were named Marvin; however, in 2021, only 446 babies per million were given the moniker. Check the graph for more information.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

Since 1983, the name’s rank has deteriorated. It signifies that not many parents are using it for their babies. In 2021, Marvin held the 18,164th position on the chart. The graph below shows the trend.

Source: Social Security Administration

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Name Numerology For Marvin

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