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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Mateo

Mateo is the Spanish version of the name Matthew which is a derivative of the Hebrew name “Matityahu” meaning “gift of Yahweh” or “gift of God”. The Hebrew name Matityahu was converted into “Matthaois” in Greek, then “Matthaeus” in Latin, and further into “Matthew” in English. In Italian, it is Matteo or Mattia and is also used as a surname in some cases, for instance, DeMatteo. Mateo is also a popular name in Croatia.

Matthew was one of the twelve apostles of Jesus and hence, the name’s appeal in the Christian world. In the New Testament, another apostle is mentioned with the name Matthias. The name also exists in Irish as Mathúin.

The English version of Mateo is a prevalent name and there are many characters in books and movies by that name. However, Mateo does not have a lot of representation in popular culture. The American soap opera “All My Children” features a character by the name Mateo Santos who was portrayed by Tito Ortiz in 1994 and Mark Consuelos from 1995-2002. An adaptation of Venezuelan telenovela Juana la Virgen, the American TV series “Jane the Virgin” had Mateo as Jane and Rafael’s baby. More recently, the NBC series “Superstore” had a Filipino character named Mateo Liwanag.

Mateo does not have many variants in Spanish except Matías, but there are some in other languages, such as Mateu in Catalan, Mateus in Portuguese, and Matei in Romanian. On the other hand, Matthew has many versions, both short and long, such as Mat, Matty, Matthieson, and Matthias.


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How To Pronounce Mateo?


Famous People With The Name Mateo

  • Mateo PavlovićCroatian footballer
  • Mateo MessinaAmerican music composer known for his soundtrack in the film Juno
  • Mateo FrazierAmerican writer, director, and producer known for writing and directing the film Blaze You Out
  • Mateo RestrepoCanadian soccer player
  • Mateo ChiarinoUruguayan actor and writer, debuted with the drama Masángeles

Mateo On The Popularity Chart

There has been a sharp increase in the popularity of the name Mateo since the late 1990s. The graphic representation below will give you more information.

Popularity Over Time

Only 22 babies per million were named Mateo in 1980. Since then, the name’s popularity grew gradually till the mid-90s, from when it started a steady climb. The numbers started rising incrementally from 2010 onwards, and in 2021, there were 9112 babies per million named Mateo. Check the graph to understand the trend.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

Ranked 14497 in 1980, the name Mateo improved its ranking somewhat in 1983, reaching 13486. However, it slipped to 20843 in 2007, rising slightly to 17467 in 2020. Refer to the graph for more details.

Source: Social Security Administration

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