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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Matilda

Matilda is a given name of Germanic origin and is derived from the old Germanic word ‘Mathhilt,’ which means strength in battle. It is a common name in many European countries like England, Germany, Finland, and Sweden. Today, the classic name is on its revival path and is becoming one of the most popular English names for baby girls. Mathilde or Mathilda is the popular spelling variant of Matilda.

The name Matilda was synonymous with royalty in the past. In Europe, there were a vast number of female aristocrats that shared this adorable moniker. Among the prominent ones, Empress Matilda, or Maude, was the daughter of King Henry I of England. Matilda I, Countess of Boulogne, was the Queen of England and the wife of King Stephen. Matilda of Flanders was the Queen of England by marriage to William the Conqueror. Matilda of Savoy was the Queen of Portugal who married King Afonso Henriques.

The name also has made a mark in pop culture. Matilda De Angelis is an Italian singer and actress known for movies like Rose Island and the TV series Citadel. Matilda is also the nickname of Australia’s national women’s soccer team.

Matilda Wormwood is the titular character of the novel Matilda by Roald Dahl. Matilda McDuck is one of Disney’s characters in Scrooge McDuck, while Matilda Ashby is a prominent character in the hit American TV series The Young And The Restless. Matilda is one of the characters in the Angry Birds series. She is known for laying explosive eggs.

The name also found a place in the global music industry. Matilda Mother is a hit track by the English rock band Pink Floyd. It was part of their debut album, The Piper At The End Of Dawn, released in 1967. Matilda is another song by the English singer-songwriter Harry Styles from the 2022 album Harry’s House.


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Germanic - Mighty in battle; Mighty Battle Maiden; A variant form of Matilda
 M..  Ma..  Mat..  Mau..  Mad..  Mah..  Mai..  Man.. 

How To Pronounce Matilda?


Famous People With The Name Matilda

  • Matilda FreemanEnglish actress, known for The Last Boy (2019)
  • Matilda ICountess of Boulogne
  • Matilda Joslyn GageAmerican writer and activist
  • Mathilda KarlssonSwedish equestrian athlete
  • Matilda De AngelisItalian singer/actress
  • Matilda Anna Ingrid LutzItalian actress and model

Matilda On The Popularity Chart

Despite having a Euro-centric origin, the name has become the favorite among parents across the world. The moniker has risen considerably since the mid-2000s on the popularity chart. Check out the graph below to examine its popularity.

Popularity Over Time

Matilda has managed to remain popular since the 1980s. However, since the mid-2000s, a massive surge in popularity resulted in an average of 668 babies per million sharing the name.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

Matilda has seen significant changes in its ranking since the mid-1990s. From its lowest-ever rank of 4064, it has climbed to 466 in the chart as of 2021. This upward trend seems unlikely to wane soon.

Source: Social Security Administration

Names With Similar Sound As Matilda

Matilda has many variations in different languages. However, you can consider some similar-sounding names given below.

Names With Similar Meaning As Matilda

If you like a different name with the same meaning as Matilda, consider reading the suggestions below. Scroll down and take your pick.

Name Numerology For Matilda

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