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Origin, Meaning, And History of Max

Max is derived from the Latin name Maximilian or Maximus, meaning ‘the greatest.’ Although the name is gender-neutral, it is most commonly used for boys. Maximus was a seventh-century theologian and monk of the Roman empire. The name is quite synonymous with power and strength. The name Max has also been used by Ashkenazic Jews as a German surname. In ancient Rome, men belonging to the ruling families, who demonstrated great power, were also given the nickname Max.

The name became popular in the US after the government started maintaining the records from the year 1880. It further came into being after the novel ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ was published. The name was further familiarized when a number of famous personalities or celebrities from around the world named their children Max. Some of them are Steven Spielberg, Christina Aguilera, Nick Hornby, Cynthia Nixon, Charlie Sheen, and Henry Winkler.

There have been quite a number of well-known fictional characters as well from popular culture named Max. They have been featured in the ‘Marvel Comics’, BBC Television series ‘EastEnders.’ the film ‘Once Upon A Time In America,’ the 2004 animated film ‘The Lion King,’ the 1979 film ‘The Muppet Movie,’ the TV show ‘Happy Endings,’ Netflix series ‘Stranger Things,’ and ‘Star Wars.’ This trend signifies that Max as a name was not only accepted in the ancient period but has also got its due recognition in today’s world. Therefore, 21st January is widely celebrated as the name day for Max.

Max personalities are usually dignified, strong, and well-dressed people. They are one of the most sought-after individuals who are looked upon as boss figures.


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The greates, the best. A superlative
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How To Pronounce Max ?


Famous People With The Name Max

  • Max AbmasAmerican basketball player for the Oral Roberts Golden Eagles
  • Max BaerAmerican world boxing champion, two of whose fights were rated Fight of the Year
  • Max BarskyAmerican wrestler who began amateur wrestling at seven
  • Max BurkholderAmerican child actor known for his role in the comic drama Parenthood
  • Max BorghiAmerican football player for Houston Roughnecks
  • Max GreenAmerican musician, one of the founders of the band Escape the Fate
  • Max SchneiderAmerican pop singer and songwriter renowned for his song Lights Down Low

Max On The Popularity Chart

The graph by the Social Security Administration shows how the popularity and ranking of the name Max have evolved.

Popularity Over Time

Max was not much popular in 1980, as only 484 babies per million had this name. However, as the years passed, its popularity increased and peaked in 2009, after which it declined to some extent. Take a look at the graph to understand more.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

In 1980, the name Max had a rank of 12527. However, by 2007, the rank increased to 20713. After this, the rank again improved, at 17703 in 2021. See the graph for more information.

Source: Social Security Administration

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Name Numerology For Max

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