32 Baby Girl Names That Mean Auspicious

AnkitaFeminine form of Ankit; they are a mark of auspiciousnessGirl
BaisakhiName of a very auspicious day in PunjabGirl
BilwaAuspicious Fruit - Bael, A sacred leaf used in Shiva PoojaUnisex
Eppieauspicious speech or good repute.Girl
Euphemiaauspicious speech or good repute.Girl
KalyaniThe name means AuspiciousGirl
MaymunahOne who is auspicious and blessedGirl
MeymonaA blessed person, successful, an auspicious girlGirl
MizukiThe beautiful and pleasant moon, an auspicious hopeGirl
ParnitaName given to an auspicious and beautiful apsaraGirl
Sada shivaThe auspicious, pure personUnisex
SahriyaAuspicious personGirl
SaidiThe auspicious oneUnisex
Seo Ah (서아)Seo means Auspicious, Ah means Beautiful, Bud, Sprout, Elegant, GracefulGirl
Seo Yeon (서연)Seo means Auspicious, Yeon means Beautiful or GracefulGirl
Seo Yoon (서윤)Seo means Auspicious, Yoon means Allow or ConsentGirl
ShagoonAn auspicious moment in lifeGirl
ShokoA little child who is auspiciousGirl
ShreyajA woman who is very auspicious and luckyGirl
ShriyaAn auspicious womanGirl
ShubhaAuspicious, beautyGirl
ShubhuConducive to success, auspicious, good, goddess LakshmiGirl
SubhujaAuspicious apsaraGirl
SumangliA very and truely auspicious womanGirl
SurotamaAuspicious apsaraGirl
TilikaAn auspicious mark or symbolGirl
TisyaAn auspicious star from the skyGirl
TungabhadraA highly auspicious or blessed, Name of an Indian riverGirl
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