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Parents strive hard to raise beautiful children inside out. They want their kids to get the best in all spheres of life, be it health, happiness, or career. Some want their sons to be architects or engineers while others want their daughter to grow up to be doctors or concert pianists. But every child is best in his or her own way, so why not pick a name with the same meaning?

While selecting a baby name, the meaning is as important as its aesthetics. A name may fall softly on the ears but will hit hard if the meaning is unpleasant. A name with beautiful meaning sets the right tone for your child’s life. Even plenty of studies have suggested that a name has a profound impact on the child that reverberated into adulthood. When you bestow a name meaning best on your child, he’ll try hard to live up to your expectation. He’ll give his 100 percent in whatever he does, without thinking about the result.

To help you in your baby name hunt, MomJunction has compiled a list of baby names meaning best, because your child deserves nothing, but the best. Peep on!

AaishGod Blessings; bestowment by GodBoy
Aashishblessing; bestowment of God; Mercy of GodBoy
AashkaMercy of God; Blessings; bestowment of GodBoy
AbhayapradaBestower of Safety; instiller of courageBoy
AbhijnaIntelligent or best or talented.Girl
AdalvallanBest Dancer, Tamil Name of Lord Shiva in Nataraja formBoy
AdhitScholarly; Intelligent; Wise; Bestowed with Knowledge; NobleBoy
AdhitaA Scholar; Bestowed with Knowledge; A derivative name from AdhitBoy
AfzalThe Best in Arabic; Most Excellent;Boy
AgraniAlways First; Best; of the highest in quality, status and importanceBoy
AgriyaFirst Best; one who is the best in everythingBoy
AhishKing of Serpants; Lord of Snake; Blessing; A gift bestowed by God;Boy
AjwadBetter, BestBoy
AkhadanandThe God; one who bestows us with happinessBoy
AkhdanBest friendBoy
AldinaOld friend who deserves best in lifeGirl
AloriaA rare name desiring the best filled with inspiring and sophisticated qualities.Girl
AlotResourceful by nature it represents a strong personality bestowing supremacy.Girl
AlueuaAn eye for fine details and scientific nature makes it a unique name, they work best in settled conditionsGirl
AmanullahIn the care of Allah and bestows full trust in himBoy
AmaogechukwuLord's time is the bestGirl
AmarottamThe Best Among Gods; one of many names of Lord IndraBoy
AmsahThe one who is the best company and have a friendly personalityGirl
AnamBlessing; a favor or gift bestowed by GodBoy
AngarajaAnother name of Karna, he is the bestest of allBoy
AnoopIncomparable; The Best; Unparalleled; Unmatched; Unique;Boy
AnuttamaThe best and the finest oneBoy
ArdwahishtBest holiness. Also one of the seven Amahraspands meaning archangels.Boy
AresGreek - Best, Excellent; Latin - Ram; A variant of name AriesBoy
ArissaSomeone who is the prime or the bestGirl
AristaBest, HarvestGirl
AristeaThe Best personGirl
AristeoSupreme kind, the bestBoy
AristideThe perfect kind; one who is the best typeBoy
AristidesGreek - The best Kind;Boy
AristoPremier,excellent; one who is best in everythingBoy
AristomacheShe who is best in the battle.Girl
AristonThe best human beingBoy
AristotelesThe best purpose; one with the best oratory skillsBoy
AristotleExcellent, best thinker; name of a great philosopherBoy
AryHebrew - Lion; Greek - Best; Excellent; A variant of name AriBoy
AshneelThe Best; Unbeatable; To win or succeed in everythingBoy
AsvavanThe best breed of horse; strongBoy
AswabThe one who is best.Boy
AtidattaA person who has been bestowed with a lotBoy
AvereThey are the best counsell and a wise judgeBoy
AyasyaA perfect woman who is the bestGirl
AzelynOne with the best visionGirl
BachaspatiOne with the best eyesight and visionBoy
BalagraBest Among the Powerful; Most Courageous; The MightiestBoy
BaldaBestower of Strength and Courage; A variant spelling of BaladaBoy
BarendraIndra; The Best; GoodBoy
BehnazBest CoquetryGirl
BehrokhBest FaceGirl
BerinaBest, highestGirl
BhagyasriOne of the many names of Goddess Lakshmi; One who is bestowed with good luckGirl
BihinBetter or best than others.Girl
BincySomeone who Will Make the Best of EverBoy
BothildOne who is best in the battle.Girl
BusratTo be victorious is the best feelingBoy
ChemmalPremier; BestBoy
ChudamaniThe best crest jewelBoy
CingetorixOne who is considered as the king of warriors; leader of warriors; best warriorBoy
CorwynA best friend; the best companion; the friend closest to the heartBoy
CoyeWoods; one who is of best qualityGirl
CudamaniThe best crest jewelBoy
CudaratnaJewel of the Crest; Excellent; Best; One who has a precious jewelBoy
CuthertBest qualityBoy
DalwynBestest friendBoy
DamaliOne with best visionGirl
DandasriThe one best judgeBoy
DanyalBest rulerBoy
DevesthChief of the Gods; Best among the Deva's; Mahadev; Supreme LordBoy
DevishChief of the Gods; Best among the Deva's; Mahadev; Supreme LordBoy
DevotthamBest Among Deva's; Mahadev; Supreme LordBoy
DharmadaBestower of Dharma; Provider of RighteousnessBoy
Dilaram QuietThe best that can be given to a childGirl
DoroteaThey are very best friends; good companionGirl
DraysonOne who has the best conduct mannersBoy
DwijendranathOne who is considered the best among Brahmins; The Moon; One who shines like the moonBoy
EligiusOne who born to be chosen as the bestBoy
Eristythe best or harvest.Girl
FerrisOne who makes the best choicesBoy
FolashadeHonor bestows a crown.Girl
GashaOne who is very kind to others and possessing best qualities.Girl
GefionOne who bestows treasures.Girl
GeovanaGod has bestowed his favours upon me.Girl
GhanambuCloud Water; Rain; Showers from Cloud; To offer; BestowBoy
GoswameeMaster of Cows; Lord of Cows; Lord of the senses; Title bestowed on people who choose path of SannyasaBoy
GoswamiMaster of Cows; Lord of Cows; Lord of the senses; Title bestowed on people who choose path of SannyasaBoy
GowynGod's friend. A person who believe in god, pray to god and thinks that god is his best friend. For that person god becomes his friend.Boy
GunaBestowed with flowers, talent, skills or qualityBoy
GunothamPerson with Best Virtues; One who is righteous, Honourable; One with Good characteristics and great qualitiesBoy
GunvanshGood Qualities; Person with Best Virtues; One who is righteous, Honourable; One with Good characteristicsBoy
HarkaramBestowed with God's Grace; Blessed with God's GraceBoy
HarkirpalBestowed with God's Grace; Blessed with God's GraceBoy
HeetrajBest wishingBoy
HrishitaJoyful; Who Brings Happiness; Deep Knowledge; The BestBoy
HrishitaaJoyful; Who Brings Happiness; Deep Knowledge; The BestBoy
JagvirThe best warrior on the worldBoy
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