72 Baby Girl Names That Mean Blue

AeluinA blue lake or pool, a mountain lakeGirl
AeluuinA mountain lake of blue colorGirl
AfinaIn Hebrew it means a young female deer; In Romanian it means blueberryGirl
AmrinA royal quite girl; a blue skyGirl
AokiAn evergreen blue treeUnisex
AokoAn evergreen blue tree; one who is outsideGirl
AquanettaThe one who has blue-green colorGirl
AtasiA traditional blue flowerGirl
AzoraA blue and clear skyGirl
AzulAnother name for blue colorUnisex
AzuraOne who is of sky blue colorGirl
CharayaThe one who is blue and pink colorGirl
ChimalusA BluebirdUnisex
ClaramayA combination of blue and pink coloursGirl
CyanGreenish blue in colorGirl
CyaneBright blue coloredGirl
GaganasriRefers to the blue color sky.Girl
HintoNative American - Having deep blue eyesGirl
IndigoThe color dark blueUnisex
JaibrianJaibrian means blue bird, Strength and NobleGirl
JaylinPretty blue color jay bird.Unisex
JeyBlue crested birdGirl
LapisA semi-precious stone of the intense blue colourGirl
LarkspurA spurshaped blossom flower of blue colourGirl
LarminaBlue skyGirl
LinnaA name of the small blue flowerGirl
LiviaAn envious person; color blueGirl
LiviannaA woman who evies others or a color blueGirl
LivieColor BlueGirl
LynaeA small blue flowerGirl
MarileeShe is like the star of the blue seaGirl
MazarineA French color name, a deep blue colorGirl
MinjonetFrench - Resembling the small blue flower; Petite Blue FlowerGirl
NakeshaThe monarch or ruler of blue havens.Unisex
NeelabjaThe lotus flower that grows in the water shore , blue in color.Girl
NeeladreeThe top of the mountain reflects blue color.Unisex
NeelamThe one has dark blue color eyes.Girl
NeelambariLotus floret which reflects blue color.Girl
NeelambikaBlue color of the sky.Girl
NeelanjanaPretty blue color image.Girl
NeelavathiReflects the blue color.Girl
NeelimaThe sky which reflects blue color.Girl
NeeljaBright blue color.Girl
NeelkamalaThe one who looks like the blue Lotus.Girl
NeelmaThe blue-colored skyGirl
NeelprabbhaGlimmering blue color.Girl
NeeluReflects dark navy blue color or gloomy blue color.Girl
NilakshiThe one who has blue kind of eyes.Girl
NilamResembling the color of light shade of blue.Girl
NilambariThe pleasant blue skyGirl
NilaprabhaBlue shine, blue gloss, blue gleam, blue sparkle.Girl
NilashaThe sapphire or full of blue colors.Girl
NilashriLoveliness or attractiveness of blue color.Girl
NilimaThe goddess blue, lover of blue.Girl
NilkamalSapphire lotus or blue color lotus flowers.Girl
NilkantaA bluish shaded color, shining blue color.Girl
NilothpalaThe lotus floras that resembling as blue colors.Girl
NilshikhaThe top or peak or uppermost part of the blue hills.Girl
OdetaBlue seaGirl
OkelaniA Hindi word to a pleasant blue sky.Girl
OkeleyA spelling variation of the Neelam or Nilam that means the Blue Sapphire.Unisex
OldwinaThe neckline color is blue.Girl
OleanderThe person who resembles the color of Blue.Girl
OwaissaA Bluebird; a beautiful song of HiawathaGirl
PuskaraA woman who is like the blue lotusGirl
QingA name for greenish blue colorGirl
RuqaOne who is a bright blue flowerGirl
SafaiaThe sapphire stone or the color blueGirl
ShawnitaBlue diamondGirl
SiniA poetic name for the color blueGirl
SinikkaOne who is like the color blueGirl
SunilaDark blueGirl
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