561 Baby Girl Names That Mean Bright

Aabha (आभा)Glow; Splendour; Light; Brilliance; Bright and Radiant; GloriousGirl
Aaidaaaida has many meaning in different languages, like in french it means the one who is helpful, in hebrew it means Ornament or brightnessGirl
Aaokathe one shining brightly and having a great lustreGirl
AarushiFirst rays of the sun; Bright, Brilliant and Radiant rays of Sun; Early morning SunshineGirl
AdelheideGermanic - Noble; Honorable; Of a noble kind; Hebrew - Brightness; Ornament; Its form of name Adela; A variant spelling is AdelaideGirl
AdelieGermanic - Noble; Honorable; Of a noble kind; Hebrew - Brightness; Ornament; Its form of name Adela;Girl
AdelisaGermanic - Noble; Honorable; Of a noble kind; Hebrew - Brightness; Ornament; Its form of name Adela;Girl
AdellahThe brightness of kindnessGirl
AdetteGermanic - Noble; Honorable; Of a noble kind; Hebrew - Brightness; Ornament; A variant of AdaGirl
AdileneGermanic - Noble; Honorable; Of a noble kind; Hebrew - Brightness; Ornament; Its form of name Adela; A variant of AdelineGirl
AelgerA bright or merry personGirl
AelgifuA gift of brightness, a bright giftGirl
AelgythaA bright shining giftGirl
AelinaBright shining light, a torchGirl
AeliveA bright and shiny personGirl
AellinA harmony, a bright or shiningGirl
AgaliaA beautiful name for baby girl which means happy or brings bright joy to everyone.Girl
AhuBright and beautifulGirl
AiliIrish - Light; Germanic - Of a noble kind; Bright oneGirl
AiliaIrish - Light; Germanic - Of a noble kind; Bright one; A variant of AiliGirl
AilidhCeltic - Kind; Noble; Bright One; LightGirl
AilineBright one, shining oneGirl
Akari (あかり)Light; BrightnessGirl
Aki (あき)Japanese - Sparkle; Autumn; Bright; Clear; Morning Sun; Smart; A Short Form of name AkiraGirl
Akiara (アキアラ)A bright personUnisex
Akiko (アキコ)Clear, crystal or bright; sparkling and beautiful autumn seasonGirl
Akira (アキラ)Bright, Clear and intelligent beingGirl
Akito (アキト)Bright person; who is like autumn seasonUnisex
AlberthaNoble and famous being who is brightGirl
AlbieMy heart, noble and famous; bright and brilliant beingUnisex
Aleanorbright, shining oneGirl
AleenaVariation of Alina which means Bright and BeautifulGirl
AleksiaOld Greek - Defender; Germanic - Noble; Honorable; Hebrew - Ornament; Brightness; A derivative of AlexiaGirl
AlenkaOld Greek - Bright One; Shining One; Hebrew - of Magdala; A variation of AlenaGirl
AlevTurkish - Flame; Brightness; LightGirl
AlianaSlavic - Bright; Beautiful; Hebrew - Brightness; Ornament; A variant of the name AlinaGirl
AlianoreA bright lightGirl
AlienoraOne who shines brightlyGirl
AlienoreA bright lightGirl
AlinaBeautiful, BrightGirl
Alinyabright and beautifulGirl
AlmasSanskrit - A Diamond; Adamant; Brightness; A variant transcription is AlmaasGirl
AltairaDerived from the brightest star. They are eloquent, positive and confident like a high flying birdGirl
AlvertaA person shining brightly through nobility, is famous and can balance spiritual and intellectual sidesGirl
AlyneA bright, fair haired and beautiful individual who is harmonious and powerful like a ray of sunGirl
AlzubraA bright star in the constellation Leo having intense power accomplishing something worthwhileGirl
AmandaThe one who is made for love and respect who are active and brightGirl
AmandineThe one who must be loved, is active and brightGirl
AmicabilisBright and beautiful creatures who have very soft heart filled with love and insightfulnessGirl
AmitjyotiThe one who is always bright and sharing happinessGirl
AmolkiranAn everlasting bright lightUnisex
AmorBright and beautiful creatures who have very soft heartGirl
AmoraInsightful, bright and beautiful creaturesGirl
AmshulaThe modern and poised girl whose name means sunny and brightGirl
AnamitraBright and beautiful like the SunUnisex
AnnagretThe glorious one who is bright and nightlessGirl
AnneisThe glorious one who is bright and nightlessGirl
AnnekatrinThe glorious one who is bright and nightlessGirl
AnnistenThe bright and noble oneGirl
AnnistonFemale version of Albert; bright and nobleGirl
AnnotThe light and bright oneGirl
AnouarFeminine of Anwar; they are filled with brightnessGirl
AnsudharaA bright, glowing and sunny sunbeamGirl
AnubhaBright lightning and a seeker of gloryGirl
AnukasaA ray of light; they are bright and gracefulGirl
AnuprabhaThey are follower of glory and an everlasting and shining bright lightGirl
AnwarahThe bright one; an eternal flame and lightGirl
AnyThe radiant one who is bright and nightlessGirl
AnyaNightless; the one who is bright and shiningGirl
ArelisA bright, truthful girlGirl
ArushaShining brightGirl
AtisaSomething which increases or is brighterGirl
AuberteA noble and a bright girlGirl
AuberthaA generous and a bright girlGirl
AuristelaThe one who is the bright golden starGirl
AvarieA pretty,young and bright individualGirl
AvikaBright as a Sun; charismatic personality; DiamondUnisex
AzminA very bright and shining starGirl
AzzahraOne who is bright and shiningGirl
BahriyaOne who is bright and boldGirl
BarjabeenA bright star.Girl
BarraqaBright; Brilliant; Shining; Sparkling; Glittering; Feminine of BarraqGirl
BazeghaBright, brilliant, vividGirl
BelindaBright SerpentGirl
BellicentFrom Be;enus a Celtic Sun God, mens Brilliant, bright womanGirl
BellindaBright serpentGirl
BeohhaA form of beort, meaning bright and famousGirl
BeortbtraedBright CounselorGirl
BerctaAn illustrious woman who shines brightlyGirl
BerdineBright MaidenGirl
BeretA glorious and bright individualGirl
BerryCeltic - Fair headed; Spear; Mound; Dune; Noble and Bright; Pale Green Gemstone; A variant of name BarrieGirl
BertaFamous; Noble; Splendid; Shining Pledge; Bright Ruler; Glorious; Bright or GloriousGirl
BerteNoble; Shining; BrightGirl
BertiNoble; Shining; BrightGirl
BertildeShining Battle-maid; Woman Warrior; Bright Warrior MaidenGirl
BertradeBright CounselorGirl
BertyHigh-born; Brilliant; Shining BrightlyUnisex
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