86 Baby Girl Names That Mean Brilliant

AarushiFirst rays of the sun; Bright, Brilliant and Radiant rays of Sun; Early morning SunshineGirl
AlbieMy heart, noble and famous; bright and brilliant beingUnisex
Alohibrilliant, shiningGirl
AnshulaA brilliant glowing sunny sunbeamGirl
ArdvisuraBrilliant waters. It's the name of a river in Iran and an angel who is identified with the sacred waters.Girl
AreebaBrilliant; Sharp; Witty and Smart; A variant spelling is AreebahGirl
AreebahBrilliant; Sharp; Witty and Smart; A variant of name AreebaGirl
ArulaBrilliant, full of graceUnisex
AytanPersian - Moonlike; Beautiful; Brilliant; SereneGirl
AzherOne who is brilliant and clearUnisex
BaheeraBeautiful, Radiant; Dazzling; Brilliant; A variant of BahiraGirl
BahiaOne who has charismatic and brilliant beautyGirl
BahiraOne who is born with brilliant beautyGirl
BahiriyaBrilliant, prominent, and renownedGirl
BahiyaBeautiful, Radiant; Dazzling; Brilliant; A variant of BahiraGirl
BahiyaaBeautiful, Radiant; Dazzling; Brilliant; A variant of BahiraGirl
BahiyahBeautiful, Radiant; Dazzling; Brilliant; A variant of BahiraGirl
BalethivaIt means intelligent, valued and brilliant.girl
BarraqaBright; Brilliant; Shining; Sparkling; Glittering; Feminine of BarraqGirl
BazeghaBright, brilliant, vividGirl
BellicentFrom Be;enus a Celtic Sun God, mens Brilliant, bright womanGirl
BertyHigh-born; Brilliant; Shining BrightlyUnisex
CeolburhA loyal, brilliant and restless individualGirl
ChaandThe Moon; Bright, Brilliant and Beautiful like moonGirl
CharumathiThe one with beautiful and brilliant mindGirl
ClarabelleDazzling; bright; brilliant; clear; famousGirl
ClarestaShiny; dazzling; brilliant; appealingGirl
ClarimondeOne who is a brilliant female protector and protects othersGirl
DarleenaOne who is brilliantGirl
DavineeA bright and brilliant FinnGirl
DeeptiA glowing and brilliant lightGirl
DiamanteThey have a brilliant and of high value; DiamondGirl
DiamontinaA precious Diamond stone; brilliantGirl
DivyaA divine luster; they are brilliantGirl
DurriyyahBrilliant and glitteringGirl
EbertaIntelligent; Bright; BrilliantGirl
EgbertheA brilliant sword which is uniqueGirl
EibhlinShining BrilliantGirl
GijsBright; Intelligent; Brilliant; SmartGirl
HelaineBright, brilliant, vividGirl
HelewisaBrilliant, bright, shiningGirl
Hrothbertabrilliant; famedGirl
InjilaShining, brilliant, glittering and glisteningGirl
JoanelleThey are honest, brilliant and determind. They can easily understand and analyze the world they live in, and to learn the deeper truths.Girl
Joleiciahonest, brilliant, high of inspiration people. they posses the leader quality and believe in law and methodical behaviour in every thing.Girl
KadhirolliThe name means Brilliant like the SunlightGirl
KamariAnother name of Moon; Radiant; Brilliant and Luminant like MoonGirl
KanchiKanchi means Brilliant, SmartGirl
KashikaThe Shiny One; Bright and Brilliant; Radiant and LuminantGirl
LudwikaA brilliant warriorGirl
ManishaIntellectual; Knowledgeable; Wise; Well Learned; Brilliant; IntelligentGirl
ManishiniIntelligent; Brilliant; Knowledgeable; WiseGirl
MehpareShining Like a Moon; Brilliant and Radiant like moonGirl
MehrnazThe brilliant and radiant charm of the Sun, a state of high honour of the biggest starGirl
MeralA large body of water sparkling brilliantly in the day light.Girl
MiralA large body of water sparkling brilliantly in the day light.Girl
MonishaIntellectual; Knowledgeable; Wise; Well Learned; Brilliant; IntelligentGirl
MrigankaThe Moon; Bright; Brilliant; Radiant and Luminant MoonGirl
NatharieBrilliant wisdom, one who is brilliant or wiseGirl
NatiqaThe person who is brilliant in giving good speech.Girl
NomalangaBrilliant or sunshine light.Girl
NuriyaNimble, brilliant, ecstatic, excellent.Girl
ParbeenCapable; Skillful; Efficient; Intelligent and BrilliantGirl
PhebeShining; Pure; Brilliant; Sparkling; A variant of PhoebeGirl
PoonamFull moon; Bright, Brilliant, Radiant and Luminant MoonGirl
PoornimaFull moon; Bright, Brilliant, Radiant and Luminant MoonGirl
PragyaparamitaWise; Intelligent; Knowledgeable; Brilliant; IntellectualGirl
PragyawatiWise; Intelligent; Knowledgeable; Brilliant; IntellectualGirl
PramaKnowledge of truth; Wise; Intellectual; BrilliantGirl
PratibhaSplendour, Brightness; Radiance; Brilliant; Luminant;Girl
PunamFull moon; Bright, Brilliant, Radiant and Luminant MoonGirl
RaakaFull moon; Bright, Brilliant, Radiant and Luminant MoonGirl
RajulBrilliant; Wise; Intelligent and Bright RulerGirl
RakhshandaShe who shines brilliantlyGirl
RuqsarA brilliant young womanGirl
RuxanaName of an iranian princess. Means a lady who is light and brilliantGirl
SaniyahPearl or Radiant or BrilliantGirl
ShobikaA girl who is brilliant and beautifulGirl
SplendoraA brilliant, bright womanGirl
StellabellaShe is as beautiful as the most brilliant star on the skyGirl
TamazurShe who is a brilliant whitenessGirl
TejasviAn energetic, brilliant womanGirl
TvesaBrilliant, glitteringGirl
ZaleekhahA variant of Zulaikha, meaning brilliant beauty.Girl
ZargulShining, brilliant or a golden flower.Girl
ZuleikhaA girl who is lovely and brilliantGirl
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