18 Baby Girl Names That Mean Calm And Starts With Letter S

SajaA calm and traquil personGirl
SajwaA calm and polite womanGirl
SalmeeA woman with calm disposition.Girl
SalomiOne who is calm and peacefulGirl
SamitaCalm and collected personGirl
SanjanaCalm, mild in temperament and tender. In harmonyGirl
SeheveA stable natured, responsible and calm beingGirl
SereanaShe who is calmGirl
SereneA calm, serene personGirl
SerenusShe who is calm and composedGirl
SerethaOne who is calm and peacefulGirl
SerinaCalm and tranquil, a girl with a calm and tranquil natureGirl
ShabuWoman calm like the dewdropGirl
ShitalOne who is cool and calm, coldGirl
ShulamitA calm and tranquil womanGirl
SomayaA soft person, who has a calm natureGirl
SudhiraA courageous and calm womanGirl
SukaynahA woman of calm natureGirl
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