133 Baby Girl Names That Mean Charming

AadritaLots of Love Gathering; adorable; Charming; very likable for attractivenessGirl
AbhikhyaPretty, glitter and charming.Girl
AbhiroopaOne who is beautiful and charmingGirl
AbhirupaA beautiful and charming girlGirl
AftanSuitable for both a girl and a Boy which means powerful, intellectual, poise, charming and attractive.Unisex
AishiahA friendly, sociable, charming natureGirl
AmaldeeptiCamphor; they have romantic and charming personality and are happy while getting attentionGirl
AmmieAlternate form of Amy; they are beloved and charmingGirl
AmolpreetThey are charming and share everlasting loveUnisex
AmpheliceMother; born with a likable and charming personalityGirl
AnamarijaOwner of a charming personalityGirl
AnilineThe one who has fair complexion and charmingGirl
AnithaShe is the one who is master of a charming personality and is gracefulGirl
AnjaniiShe is the one who is master of a charming personality and is illusionGirl
AnjeelaShe is the one who is master of a charming personality and it means homageGirl
AnnissaA true compannion who is pure and charmingGirl
ArettaA charming and enchanting woman.Girl
ArizaCidar panels; one who has charming and friendly natureGirl
AshiahAlive, desire, hope; charming oneGirl
AyodhanaAn expressive and charming individualGirl
AysheA Wonderful,charming individualGirl
AysianA social, friendly, charming personGirl
BahigaOne who has social and charming natureGirl
BhanuniCharming womanGirl
BinnazA Thousand Blandishments, I.E. CharmingGirl
BlandinaLatin name meaning "charming"Girl
BlandineLatin name meaning "charming"Girl
BonnieAn attractive and charming womanGirl
BonnySHe who is beautiful and very charmingGirl
ChailaA handsome and charming young individualUnisex
ChannerA wise and charming beingUnisex
CharA charming free manUnisex
CharlaineA charming girlGirl
CharmainA charming nameGirl
CharmineCharming girl who is a born PrincessGirl
CharmionA charming, free personGirl
CharulA charming beingUnisex
ChitrangiOne who has a charming, delightful, pleasant bodyGirl
ColissaA young woman who is charming, lovely and delightfulGirl
DarleenOne who has charming personalityGirl
DawnnA patient and charming personality; dawnGirl
DebelahA friendly and charming personGirl
DelbarCharming, enticing, one who captivates heartsGirl
DeonisiaAn innocent and charming beingGirl
DildarA charming and beloved personUnisex
DilrubaA beautiful and charming personGirl
DipalA charming beautiful personGirl
DuyenA charming and graceful personGirl
EffiA good speaker; they are majestic and charmingGirl
EllessaOne with a noble, charming and friendly natureGirl
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