22 Baby Girl Names That Mean Charming And Starts With Letter A

AadritaLots of Love Gathering; adorable; Charming; very likable for attractivenessGirl
AbhikhyaPretty, glitter and charming.Girl
AbhiroopaOne who is beautiful and charmingGirl
AbhirupaA beautiful and charming girlGirl
AftanSuitable for both a girl and a Boy which means powerful, intellectual, poise, charming and attractive.Unisex
AishiahA friendly, sociable, charming natureGirl
AmaldeeptiCamphor; they have romantic and charming personality and are happy while getting attentionGirl
AmmieAlternate form of Amy; they are beloved and charmingGirl
AmolpreetThey are charming and share everlasting loveUnisex
AmpheliceMother; born with a likable and charming personalityGirl
AnamarijaOwner of a charming personalityGirl
AnilineThe one who has fair complexion and charmingGirl
AnithaShe is the one who is master of a charming personality and is gracefulGirl
AnjaniiShe is the one who is master of a charming personality and is illusionGirl
AnjeelaShe is the one who is master of a charming personality and it means homageGirl
AnnissaA true compannion who is pure and charmingGirl
ArettaA charming and enchanting woman.Girl
ArizaCidar panels; one who has charming and friendly natureGirl
AshiahAlive, desire, hope; charming oneGirl
AyodhanaAn expressive and charming individualGirl
AysheA Wonderful,charming individualGirl
AysianA social, friendly, charming personGirl
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