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Congratulations on your pregnancy. You must be feeling dizzy with all the responsibilities such purchasing baby gear, baby outfits, decorating the nursery, and more. And then you need to prepare yourself mentally for the latest member of your family too. This applies in particular to first-time parents. Along with these, there’s another important thing that you need to do, selecting a name for your baby.

Deciding on a baby name can be really frustrating, especially when you and your partner do not have similar favorites. But the task can become a lot easier and fun if you shortlist the baby name theme or meaning. If you want something trendy and cool, you can pick names inspired by pop culture. And if you want something classic, pick Biblical names. But if you want to give your child a robust and smart name, pick a name meaning chief.

Chiefs are confident and strong people who have the ability to make decisions on their own, but also know when to consult others for valuable advice. So a child with a name meaning chief surely has a bright future ahead of him.

If you’ve decided to give your child a name, meaning chief, you’ve come to the right place. MomJunction's list featuring boy and girl names meaning chief will definitely inspire you to pick a perfect name for your bundle of joy.

CochiseA type of wood; a well known warrior chiefBoy
CoifiThe chief of Priests, one who performs rituals of GodBoy
CunuaretHead ChiefBoy
CynanA noble ChiefBoy
CynfaelChief princeBoy
CynfarchA Chief HorseBoy
CynfranThe Chief CrowBoy
CyngenSon of a ChiefBoy
DasanA ChiefBoy
DeanChief of a valley; leaderBoy
DeenalA divine, great person; chiefGirl
DevasenapatiOne who is like the army chief of all the heavenly Gods; Warrior for the Gods in HeavenBoy
DevesthChief of the Gods; Best among the Deva's; Mahadev; Supreme LordBoy
DevishChief of the Gods; Best among the Deva's; Mahadev; Supreme LordBoy
DonDark Brown; a mighty and great chiefBoy
DonalStranger ,Great ChiefBoy
DonaldA great chief who rules the worldBoy
DonavanDark Brown haired ChieftenBoy
DonnaganA brown haired man who is also a chiefBoy
DonnelGreat Chief; one who is mighty and strongBoy
DonnellA detailed person; a great chiefBoy
DonnellyThey have great valour and are born chiefBoy
DraydenOne who is the ruler of the world; mighty chiefBoy
EarlIt means king,warrior or chief in different languages.Boy
EarleIt means chief or nobleman.Boy
EkarajEmperor; Ruler; King; Leader; ChiefBoy
EkaveerOne King; One Emperor; One Ruler; One Leader; One Chief; Bravest of the BraveBoy
EkavirBravest of the Brave; One Leader; One Chief;Boy
EkaviraBravest of the Brave; One Leader; One Chief; Name of Lord Shiva's ChildBoy
EleriA chief; very important personGirl
EleshKing; Ruler; Emperor; Leader; ChiefBoy
EllingOne who is a descendant of a chiefBoy
Eorla nobleman or chief of a tribe.Boy
Erlingheir of clanchief.Boy
EzesinachiThe chief is from God.Boy
FaishahChief; Leader; Head; Principal; Place of origin of a river or torrentBoy
FastyarCommander of 1000 Men; Chief; LeaderBoy
FlosiNorwegian term meaning chieftain.Boy
FolkeA name which means 'people' or 'humans; a chiefBoy
FulkThe people or chieftainBoy
GryphonFighting Chief, Fierceful, The furious Griffin of Greek mythology and medieval legend was an animal with foreparts of a falcon and rump of a lion.Boy
GutoA strong chief or a person who have ability to lead a group with management.Boy
HalinorA combination name of Hal and Eleanor; Hal is Celtic for chief, and Eleanor is Latin for shining light;Girl
HamHome, Heads, Chief, Warm or HotBoy
HammamChief, A great man, a heroBoy
Hamondchief protector, guardian of the homeBoy
HaraldWar chiefBoy
HeaddA chief whose counsel was sought in the matters of lawBoy
HeahweardChief guardianBoy
HowlandFrom the Land with Hills; From the Chiefs Land; A variant of HollandBoy
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