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When you inform people about your pregnancy, the first word of warning they’ll give is how having a bub will change your's and your spouse’s life. It sure will, as you’ll be loaded with responsibilities. But what no one says, is that how having a baby completes you and your husband as a couple. The center of your universe will now shift from each other to your bundle of joy. Both of you discover strengths, you never realized you possessed.

Also, you become a lot more patient, not just in your day to day life, but even with the future. You learn the joy of saving for important things, such as your child’s school and college. You learn how to better invest and reap benefits in every act of life. And most importantly, your life will be complete.

So if you’re looking for a name that mirrors this wonderful sentiment, take a look at MomJunction's list below. We’ve handpicked some of the most beautiful baby names, meaning complete.

AabidThe word aabid means powerful, complete, worshipper of allah, it also signifies the one who is good intellectually and requires several outlet of energiesBoy
Aaryanna (आर्यन्ना)Powerful & complete who renowned by LordGirl
Abdul adlIt is a Islam name who is servant of completely justBoy
Abdul rafeeOne who achieve complete success in any situationBoy
AbdulmuhyeeServant of the one who completely give his life for some work and maintain itBoy
AbeshOne who has complete possession or controlBoy
AbhijayaConquest; Complete Victory; triumph; successfulBoy
AbhineetPerfect ; Absolute; Thorough; CompleteBoy
AbilashPowerful and Complete, Desire; Name of Goddess LakshmiBoy
AboagyeOne who is powerful and complete.Boy
AdutA complete and powerful personGirl
AiledPowerful and completeGirl
AilynnPowerful and completeGirl
AiyshaPowerful and completeGirl
AjCombination of Letters A and J; powerful and completeBoy
AjmalaCompletely BeautifulBoy
AjooniPowerful and completeGirl
AkanshWhole; Entire; one who is complete; one who cannot he harmed or injuredBoy
AkhandWhole; Entire; one who is complete; one who cannot he harmed or injuredBoy
AkhandanandOne who is fully Happy; God; Being completely HappyBoy
AkhilWorld, Whole Perfect Entire, Complete, All Encompassing; Ruler or kingBoy
AkhilaComplete, no in partBoy
AkmalWhole; Perfect; Entire; one who is complete; one who cannot he harmed or injuredBoy
AksalComplete, having every necessary parts, concludedBoy
AksataWhole, CompleteBoy
Akshat (अक्षत) Whole or complete; one who can\'t be harmed or destroyedBoy
AkshatWhole, Complete, without missing partBoy
AnadrishtiPerfect; Beyond Check; Absolute; Flawless; Faultless; Complete; ThoroughBoy
AnaghSinless; Pure; Perfect; Absolute; Flawless; Faultless; Complete; ThoroughBoy
AnaishaSpecial; Powerful and Complete; DistinctBoy
AngeniA powerful and complete spirit sent from heavenGirl
AnkalWhole; One who has No Illness; Complete; ThoroughBoy
AnoopwantThe one who is completely unique individualBoy
AntangA Complete Person; Perfect; FlawlessBoy
ApomurtiThe one who destroys completelyBoy
ArminUniversal, army, complete and protectiveBoy
ArtemioComplete and perfect; one who is a gift of ArtemisBoy
AshmalOne who is perfect and completeBoy
AshwanySon of Sun; complete and pure beingUnisex
AswaniA strong and a complete personGirl
AtamdhianCompletely absorbed in the soulBoy
AtamlokOne who is dwelling completely in the soulBoy
AzroOne who has complete faith in GodBoy
BabyA complete and successful person; shaping futureGirl
BhajanwantCompletely Devoted to God; One who has fully sacrificed his life to worshipping GodBoy
BharmalFull; Complete; SolidBoy
CiarBlack; the darkest colour that absorbs light completelyBoy
DheergayuOne who is blessed with long Life; Blessed to live a complete whole lifeBoy
EkagrFocused; Firm; One who has complete concentration; Poised; Peaceful; Stable;Boy
EkagraFocused; Firm; One who has complete concentration; Poised; Peaceful; Stable;Boy
EkansaWhole; Complete; Full; Entire; AbsoluteBoy
EkanshWhole; Complete; Full; Entire; AbsoluteBoy
Emthis name means whole or complete.Girl
Emmalinehardwoking and striving for excellence that is universal or complete.Girl
Ermacomplete or war goddess.Girl
Ermegardea feminized word meaning whole or universal or complete.Girl
FaiziOne who is completely fullBoy
FatehwantOne who is a complete victorBoy
GemariahThe person who is completed or purified by God.Boy
Goo (구)Complete, someone who completes youGirl
HajijPilgrim; one who has completed the Hajj to MeccaBoy
HajiyahPilgrim; one who has completed the Hajj to MeccaBoy
HajjiVariation of Haji, Persons completed the Hajj to MeccaUnisex
IrmaBosnian form of Emma, meaning universal or complete.Girl
KaamilKaamil name means Complete, PerfectBoy
KamaalKamaal means Perfection, CompletenessBoy
KamalwantKamalwant means Complete LotusGirl
KanshWhole; Complete; Gorgeous; BeautifulBoy
KevalkishoreAbsolute; Supreme; Ultimate; Complete;Boy
KevalkumarAbsolute; Supreme; Ultimate; Complete;Boy
KrtsnaKrtsna means Complete, WholeBoy
KumailKumail means Complete, PerfectBoy
LiborioThe feeling of complete freedomBoy
MaziahOn who is whole, complete and virtuousGirl
MerrynCompletely happy and contented.Girl
NadeneThe complete confidence in a person.Girl
NambudiriOne who has completed all the VedasBoy
NayanikaCompletely happy and contented.Girl
NienThe period of time that it takes for a planet to make a complete revolution around the sun.Boy
NikhilPerfect, complete, whole, all-inclusive, intact.Boy
NikhilaWidespread, worldwide, general, complete.Girl
NsombiFull of happiness or complete gladness.Girl
ObasolapeYoruba term meaning God has made his wealth complete.Boy
OddaOne who is complete in every aspect.Girl
ParinitaComplete; One who fulfills our life; One who brings completion and fulfillment in lifeGirl
ParitoshContentment; Complete satisfaction; Delight; GratificationBoy
PataliOne who is intense, positive and completeGirl
PooranComplete; Fulfilled; Whole; Content; Absolute; Satisfied;Boy
PooranbirPerfect and Brave; A complete warrior; An absolute defenderBoy
PooranpreetPerfect Love; Complete love; Contented Affection; Absolute happiness; Whole and completely satisfied lifeBoy
PoorineetaComplete; FullfilmentGirl
PoornaComplete; FullfilmentGirl
PoornanandOne who bring complete joy and happinessBoy
PoorvithOne who is a complete personBoy
PramodhA feeling of complete delightBoy
PramoditA feeling of joy, happines and complete delightBoy
PurahanA complete personUnisex
PuranTo be a complete individualUnisex
PurangianComplete Knowledge; Wisdom; BrillianceBoy
PuranjeetPerfect Victory; Perfect Triumph; Complete Success;Boy
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