70 Baby Names Meaning Conqueror

Human beings need the internal power to conquer. Conqueror doesn’t just mean a person who conquers places or people. It means someone who has the ability to conquer the problems, arise and find inner peace. So what better than a name meaning conqueror for your little one?

As Assegid Habtewold has said in his book “The 9 Cardinal Building Blocks: For Continued Success in Leadership”, “A winning mindset can transform an underdog into a champion, conqueror, and achiever. You’re a mindset away from winning your battles!” You just need to give your best to conquer all that you want, with honesty.

To help you narrow down the search, MomJunction has got you a list of baby boy and girl names meaning conqueror below. Some of these names are unique and distinctive and would look great in the middle spot as well.

Aalamgeerthis means the supreme conqueror of the world, DefeatlessBoy
Aarzamthe name means War, battle or being conquerorBoy
AbdulfattahMeans slave to the conqueror or defeaterBoy
AbijeetA victorious person, conquerorBoy
AbughalibThe father of a dominant person or a conquerorBoy
AhijitConqueror of the Serpent; One of many names of Lord Shiva; A derivative of name AhiBoy
AlamgirConqueror of the worldBoy
AnkujAn exotic name who is a conqueror and a warrior at heartBoy
AryaditaFriend; The Noble Conqueror; A Noble who is bright like the sunBoy
AryadityaFriend; The Noble Conqueror; A Noble who is bright like the sunBoy
BakajitaConqueror of Baka; Another Name for Bhima; One who has won over BakaBoy
BalduraiYoung conqueror; Young RulerBoy
BishwajiOne who won the whole World; The World Winner Or The ConquerorBoy
BiswajitOne who won the whole World; The World Winner Or The ConquerorBoy
DigjayaSky as Horizon; The Conqueror of All Directions; Wearing the sky as garment; One of many names of Lord ShivaBoy
DigvijayOne who wins over everyone; conquerorBoy
DuraiConqueror; Ruler; Emperor; One who is undefeatableBoy
FaatehA man who is born to conqueror thingsBoy
FathiArabic - Conqueror; Sanskrit - ProsperityBoy
FatihahA conqueror, one who startsGirl
FethiHe is a conquerorBoy
GalibArabic - Conqueror; Name of a Great Poet; A derivative of name GhalibBoy
HalburtConqueror, Brave Man, SuparmanBoy
IndazitaName of the bow and arrow wielding son of the conqueror of the king of Gods.Boy
JagjeetThe conqueror of the whole worldBoy
JagjitThe conqueror of everythingBoy
JahangirThe World's conquerorBoy
JayatsenaOne who Increase Victory; Conqueror of the Army; One who will lead us to successBoy
JaypalResembles the champion or overcomer or conqueror.Boy
JeetandraConqueror of Lord Indra; Lord of Conquerors;Boy
JitatmaThe meaning of the name Jitatma is Conqueror of the Soul. It is an Indian male name, used in Hindu religion.Boy
JitenThe name Jiten is an Indian male name and is mostly represented in Jain religion and means Conqueror.Boy
JitenderIt is an Indian male name and means The Conqueror of Indra. It is most commonly used in Hindu religion.Boy
JithendraConqueror of Indra; Lord of ConquerorsBoy
JitinderConqueror of Indra; Lord of ConquerorsBoy
JitrendraConqueror of Indra; Lord of ConquerorsBoy
JiytendraConqueror of Indra, It is another name of Meghanada, the son of Ravana, the king of Sri Lanka.Boy
KalpajitLord of Paradise; Conqueror of Heaven; One who wins over imaginationBoy
KasinPure; Shining; Appearing Like a Conqueror; Dweller of Kasi; Lord ShivaBoy
KhairyThe name means Conqueror of the HeavenBoy
LohajitA Diamond; Conqueror of all worldly matters; One who has won over materialistic worldBoy
LokajitConqueror of World; One who has won over the world; Victorious Emperor of the worldBoy
MadhujitConqueror of Madhu which means Sweet in Sanskrit; One who is sweet and attractiveBoy
MahijithConqueror of the Earth; Owner of the Earth; One who has won the earthBoy
ManjeetConqueror of the Mind; One who has control over Mind; One who has won the mindBoy
ManjeetaOne who is the conqueror of mindBoy
ManjitaOne who is the conqueror of the heartBoy
ManomayConqueror of Ones Heart; One who has control over heart; One who will win heartsBoy
MounishThe lord of minds, the conqueror of mindsBoy
NealonDevotee, cup holder, conqueror, warrior.Boy
NicholasThe conqueror of the nation.Boy
NickiConqueror of the people or crowd.Girl
NigellusWinning person, overcomer, conqueror.Boy
NijelWinner, conqueror, hero, overcomer.Boy
NikkyThe conqueror of the nation.Girl
NilsonThe born son of the winner or conqueror or victor.Boy
OlcayChampion, conqueror, leader, victor.Unisex
ParantapaConqueror; Winner; One who triumphsBoy
RahulConqueror of all miseriesBoy
SaptajitConqueror of 7 elementsBoy
ShatjitConqueror of hundredsBoy
SigourneyVictorious conquerorGirl
SurjeetConqueror of the surasBoy
TareekThe conquerorBoy
ToraIn Japanese it means a tigress. In Latin it refers to the victor or conqueror. In Norse it refers to Goddess of Thunder.Girl
ToriannaThe conqueror or the victor, a winnerGirl
YamajitOne of many names of Lord Shiva signifying him as conqueror of deathBoy
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