21 Baby Names That Mean Consciousness

AlocAltered Level of Consciousness. ALOCBoy
ChaitalyConsciousness; ability to feelUnisex
ChaitanFull of consciousnessBoy
ChaitnyaConsciousness; Wisdom; Soul; Mind; Spirit; CognizanceBoy
ChaityakAbode of Consciousness; A Place of Worship; A Mountain near Magadha; Which is worshippedBoy
ChataniaConsciousness; state of good feelingBoy
ChetanaThe one full of consciousnessGirl
ChetandeepLamp of Consciousness; Radiance and Luminance of KnowledgeBoy
ChetuConsciousness of mindBoy
ChinmaynandBlissful; Supreme Consciousness; Pure Delight; Joy; State of serenityBoy
ChinmayuGod of consciousnessBoy
ChinmoyBlissful; Supreme Consciousness; Pure Delight; Joy; State of serenityBoy
ChitramanOne who has delight in consciousness or alertnessBoy
ChitvichaarOne who reflects on consciousness, a state of awarenessBoy
ChunmaySupreme Consciousness; one who is aware of everything surrounding himBoy
LivchitA person consumed in consciousnessBoy
SachetThe joy the consciousness bringsBoy
SamadhiTo have complete control over the functions of consciousnessGirl
SuratOne whose consciousness has awakenedBoy
SurathA person whose consciousness is awakenedBoy
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