69 Baby Names That Mean Constant

Selecting a name for the baby is a huge deal for most parents. In order to come up with the most suitable name, they look up the meaning of every moniker they shortlist because meaning impacts the character and nature of the child to a considerable extent. Baby names can have different meanings, ranging from spiritual to literal to emotional and even moral. But if you want your child to be steady and constant in every sphere of life, give a name meaning the same.

When we mention the word constant, financial stability or fidelity in relationships comes to mind. Some even say that change is the only thing constant in life. But being constant or having consistency applies to most things in life, be it dieting, parenting, working, or exercising.

Being steady, consistent, or constant is the surefire way to continue leading a successful life. It helps you push towards goals, and an overall better life. So, let’s check out the list of baby names meaning constant in MomJunction’s list below. You can check the origin and religion of the names to make a suitable choice for your child.

AasilName itself gives aggression. means to assault cruelly and constantlyBoy
AbdulsammadServes the endless, constant or everlasting oneBoy
Abeedha (अबीधा)Stands for constant, wonder girl and permanentGirl
AchalConstant; Steady; means firm and constant like a mountainBoy
AchitSeparation; ConstantGirl
Ahmedhighly praised", which in turn implies "one who constantly thanks God.Boy
Ajapaajapa-japa (or ajapajapam) means constant awareness of the mantraBoy
AkshitaWonder Girl, permanent or constantGirl
AnweshaThe one who is in constant questGirl
AviralContinuous; Ongoing; Unbroken; Permanent; ConstantBoy
AviratContinuous; Unbroken; Permanent; ConstantBoy
CancalaOne who is always moving, an inconstant oneGirl
ChandabalFiercely Strong; One who is constant and strong like the moonBoy
ConniConstant; never changing; persistent; abidingGirl
ConstansConstant; never changing; steadfast; persistent and sustainedBoy
ConstantiaSomething that never changes; constant and persistentGirl
ConstantijnConstant; persistent; a thing that remains the same and does not changeBoy
ConstantinaContinuous, abiding, and constant; does not changeGirl
ConstantinoStable and constant; never undergoes any changeBoy
ConstantinosStable and steady; constant; something that can never changeBoy
ConstanzeSustained, steady and constant; does not change with timeGirl
CostacheRomanian form of Constantin, meaning constant, steadfast.Boy
CostantinoConstant; Steady; Diminutive of Constantin; StableBoy
CostasConstant or steady. It's the short form of Constantine.Boy
CostelConstant; Steadfast; Diminutive of ConstantinBoy
CostentynThe Cornish form of Constantin. It means constant or steady.Boy
CosticaStable; Steadfast; Diminutive of ConstantinBoy
CostinConstant; Steady; Diminutive of ConstantinBoy
CustantiConstant or steadfast.Boy
CustantinuSicilian form of Constantinus, meaning constant.Boy
CustanzuCustanzu is the Sicilian form of Constantius and means constant or steadfast.Boy
DarahasConstant smileBoy
DharmanityaConstant in Dharma; RighteousnessBoy
DhroovPole Star; Constant; Polar Star; Fatih; A variant name of DhruvBoy
DhrutMotion; Moving; Not constantBoy
DhrutavThe Immovable; Constant; Pole Star; A derivative of name DhruvBoy
DhruvavThe Immovable; Constant; Pole Star; A derivative of name DhruvBoy
DhruvenConstant; Pole Star; A derivative of name Dhruv; FaithBoy
DhruveshA constant one; they are firm and patientBoy
DhruvishA derivative from name Dhruv which means Pole Star, One which is constant; FaithBoy
DhruvitA derivative from name Dhruv which means Pole Star, One which is constant; FaithBoy
DruvanConstant or FaithfulBoy
Hengconstant, steady, persistentGirl
IkeoluwaOne who is under the constant care of God.Girl
JiangJiang means the flowing river with a constant speed. Means a determind and contant person.Boy
Jimmylindependent, quick in decisions, frank, straightforward and simply do not tolerate hypocrisy. They keep themselves constantly busy and feel powerful in helping others.Boy
JineshJain mane of God. full of energy, constantly moving. They can easily develop relationship and never backout from responsibilities.Boy
KonnieKonnie means Constant, SteadfastGirl
KonstantinKonstantin means ConstantBoy
KonstantinaKonstantina mean Constant, StadyGirl
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