15 Baby Girl Names That Mean Constant

Abeedha (अबीधा)Stands for constant, wonder girl and permanentGirl
AchitSeparation; ConstantGirl
AkshitaWonder Girl, permanent or constantGirl
AnweshaThe one who is in constant questGirl
ConniConstant; never changing; persistent; abidingGirl
ConstantiaSomething that never changes; constant and persistentGirl
ConstantinaContinuous, abiding, and constant; does not changeGirl
ConstanzeSustained, steady and constant; does not change with timeGirl
Hengconstant, steady, persistentGirl
IkeoluwaOne who is under the constant care of God.Girl
KonnieKonnie means Constant, SteadfastGirl
KonstantinaKonstantina mean Constant, StadyGirl
MakenaThe one who is constantly in a happy moodUnisex
RabiyaOne that is constant and stableGirl
SaahirahEarth, moon, or spring which flows constantlyGirl
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