59 Baby Names Meaning Cool

Nothing about your bundle of joy would be conventional. So how can you opt for a typical name for him? You should aim to find something cool and happening, just like your little one.

Cool is the word that comes to people's minds to describe anything that is fancy and tests the depth of self-expression. When you think about a cool person, several characteristics and traits come to mind. Cool people are confident, have a unique way of living their lives, and are mostly friendly and cordial with everyone. So being cool is basically a state of mind and a way of life. No wonder being cool never really goes out of style.

But what gives the cool factor to a name? People say that you will know it when you hear it. But MomJunction will make the task easier for you. Below is a list of cool baby boy and girl names that would fit the bill. You’ll find all kinds of cool names in this list, right from badass to geezer to hipster. What's more? Most of these names haven’t even featured in the top 1000 name list of Social Security Administration. So go through the list and pick your favorite right away.

AafiaThe name signifies the person who cool and composed and free from all worriesGirl
AbradA coolest person, or the coldestBoy
AchandaA cool-minded person, not angryBoy
AecciA cool headed, informal and energetic personBoy
AragaThe one who is unique, cool and without passionBoy
AyazCool night breeze; a royal breezeBoy
BranuiAn easy going, humble and cool headed personBoy
CatguaretA respectful, cool headed and unsophisticated, capable beingBoy
ChajjuShade; Cool; Soothing; Relax;Boy
CriddiA respectful and cool headed individualBoy
DaksanilaCool breezeBoy
DasondaA cool breezeBoy
DougA black person who is also as cool as the waterBoy
DuccelA cool headed, comforting and emotional beingBoy
DudemanCow Boy; one who is cool temperedBoy
FrescaFresh, coolGirl
Gusthe most coolest kid ur ever metBoy
Gussthe most coolest kid ur ever metBoy
HaeferA dude who looks cool but turns into an arrogant person before your eyesBoy
HimadyutiOf Cool Radiance; The MoonBoy
HimakarThe Moon; One radiating cool lightBoy
HimansuThe Moon; One radiating cool lightBoy
HimarasmiThe Moon; One radiating cool lightBoy
HimeshCool as IceBoy
IrieCool, or the one who believes in spreading peace or harmony.Girl
IriyeCool, or the one who believes in spreading peace or harmony.Girl
JarresA stable, sensitive and imaginative being; super coolBoy
Jinellepeople with this name are introverted and sensitive. They are hardworkers and have cool nture. The are moody and love their friends and family.Girl
KeaKea means Cool, Cold BreezeBoy
KeanuKeanu name means Coolness, the Cool BreezeUnisex
KultaranKultaran means Cool Mind with Friendly NatureBoy
ManprasadMentally Calm and Cool Person; Blessed with a peaceful mindBoy
MerchuiuOne who has the power to speak out heart; cool temperedBoy
MintieOne who have the quality of mint, cool like mintGirl
MinttuFinnish variant of "Mint", a cool personaGirl
MovindA cool tempered person with strong mindBoy
NahleejahA cool-tempered person, down to earthGirl
NakkinaA unique, tidy and cool individualBoy
Naseelahfragrant coming with cool breezeGirl
NaseemThe cool breeze of a pleasant weatherBoy
NaseemaA piece of cool breezeGirl
NathimThe cool and gentle breezeBoy
NeeravaA cool and calm personBoy
NishamFresh or cool air of nightBoy
NivantOne who is calm and coolBoy
OvinA clever minded, cool tempered and judgemental individualBoy
PaarthavOne who is born with stable, expressive and cool nature; EarthBoy
PervaizOne who is cool as the breezeGirl
PrashalA tranquil, calm and cool personBoy
Qurrtul ainCooling or delight of the eyeGirl
SabeenA cool morning breezeGirl
ShaffanA woman cool as a morning breezeGirl
SheelahOne of cool conduct and characterGirl
ShitalOne who is cool and calm, coldGirl
TabridBe in a cool stateBoy
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