326 Baby Names Meaning Courage

When you’re selecting a name for your munchkin, you should always opt for the one that has a significant meaning attached to it. But with so many names to pick from, selecting the ideal one for your baby can be a bit overwhelming. How about making a list of personality traits that you want your child to grow up with such as courage and valor?

Of all the qualities we want our children to have, courage is up at the top of the list. In the scary, big, and old world that we live, there could be nothing better than giving your child a name that reminds him or her of how crucial it is to have the courage to survive. It’s an excellent way to arm your child for whatever lies ahead of him or her. Besides, courage is also the backbone of character. It provides the determination and fortitude to live out the other traits that are required for building a child inside out.

If you’re looking for a courageous baby name, we’ve made the task a bit easy for you. Below MomJunction has compiled a list of beautiful baby names meaning courage to empower your little one. Take a look!

BatoorOne who is brave, courageous, valiant and fearlessBoy
BatzorigCourageous, and strongBoy
BearCourageous, brave, daringBoy
BeorhtnothOne who has the courage of the lightBoy
BerendinaIt's Dutch and means: strong or courageous as a bear The male version is Barend or BernhardGirl
BernaBear; Courageous; Brave Like a Bear; Strong BearGirl
BernadinaBear; Courageous; Feminine of BernardGirl
BernardinaCourage of a bearGirl
BernarrBear; CourageousBoy
BernetteOne with the courage of a bear.Girl
BernhardBear; Courageous; Brave Like a BearBoy
BernhardoBear; Courageous; Brave as a BearBoy
BhagubalanA Lion; Very Strong; Powerful; Mighty; Courageous; BraveBoy
BhalendraLord of strength, Power, Might and CourageBoy
BhiimahThe Strong; Powerful; Mighty; CourageousBoy
BhimrajaThe King of the Powerful, Mighty and CourageousBoy
BhimsainBrave; A Man of Great Size;Powerful, Mighty and Courageous ManBoy
BirapaarWarrior and Limitless CourageBoy
BryanA courageous and virtuous manBoy
BryleighA courageous woman from the hillGirl
CayseeA courageous yooung manBoy
ChandavirVery Brave; Courageous; A Buddhist DeityBoy
ConlanHero; one who is courageous and is admired by everyoneBoy
ConnieHero; a courageous person, who is respected and admired by allUnisex
ConnleyHero; the idol of men, who is courageous and boldBoy
ConnyA hero; one who is brave, courageous and is admired by menBoy
ConradBrave; able to fight against tough situations with courageBoy
CortA man who works at the court; a courtier. Also means "short" or "stunted" in Norse. Means "courageous" in GermanBoy
DabeetWarrior; Brave and CourageousBoy
DahakDestroyer; One who is brave and courageous to destroy evilBoy
DahatrStrong; Powerful; Mighty; CourageousBoy
DanushithPowerful; Strong; Brave and Courageous; MightyBoy
DavonteVow; courageous and bold individualBoy
DeondraA courageous person; divine beingGirl
DevabalWith the Strength of Gods; Power and Courage of GodBoy
DhairavnathBrave Person; Courageous; Powerful and MightyBoy
DhamavatOwner of a House; Powerful; Strong; Mighty; Courageous and BraveBoy
DhircetasOne who is Strong Minded; Courageous; Strong willed; Stands FirmBoy
DhrishitCourageous; Fearless; Heroic; Brave; Powerful; MightyBoy
DhritiOne who has courage and patience.Girl
DiethardHe who is brave and courageousBoy
Dil AwarOne who has a heart; courageousBoy
Dil DarA beloved and courageous human beingBoy
DiljeevOne who has a courageous heartBoy
DixonRichard's son; a fighter who has courageBoy
DjinA courageous and head-strong person who will never escape hard work and struggle.Girl
DreaA courageous human beingGirl
DuqaqA bold individual filled with courageBoy
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