326 Baby Names Meaning Courage

When you’re selecting a name for your munchkin, you should always opt for the one that has a significant meaning attached to it. But with so many names to pick from, selecting the ideal one for your baby can be a bit overwhelming. How about making a list of personality traits that you want your child to grow up with such as courage and valor?

Of all the qualities we want our children to have, courage is up at the top of the list. In the scary, big, and old world that we live, there could be nothing better than giving your child a name that reminds him or her of how crucial it is to have the courage to survive. It’s an excellent way to arm your child for whatever lies ahead of him or her. Besides, courage is also the backbone of character. It provides the determination and fortitude to live out the other traits that are required for building a child inside out.

If you’re looking for a courageous baby name, we’ve made the task a bit easy for you. Below MomJunction has compiled a list of beautiful baby names meaning courage to empower your little one. Take a look!

MohsinBold power, courageous authority, daring rights.Boy
NahiyanOne who discourage from doing any wrong thingsBoy
NahyanWho discourages from doing wrongBoy
NajidaThe courageous girlGirl
Nashalbravery or courageBoy
NirbhaoThe one who is bold, unafraid and courageous.Boy
NirodhaBrave and courageous as Eagle.Boy
NoudBrave and courageous as Eagle.Boy
NuhadThe bold and courageous young human.Boy
OethelwaldA brave or courageous person from the forestBoy
OhannaA man distinguished by exceptional courage and nobility and strengthGirl
OjayitCourageous; Powerful; Strong; Radiant; Mighty; Vital Force; Mental VigorBoy
OnikaA courageous soldierGirl
OriantheThe one who is courageous with peaceful sleep.Girl
OrpedOne who is courageous and adventurous.Boy
OrvynThe very close friend who is bold and courageous.Boy
OsamaThe one who is bold and courageous like a lion.Boy
OslafaAn ambitious, courageous and strong personUnisex
OwaisyA wolf; a courageous and brave warriorBoy
PacienciaLatin - One who endures with courage; PatientGirl
PalvishA noble and courageous human beingBoy
PaurushOne who has courage and braveryBoy
PazienzaLatin - One who endures with courage; Patient; A variant of the name PatienceGirl
PrabhavPower; Might; Strength; CourageBoy
PraivBrave; Mighty; Strong; CourageousBoy
PrakashbirFamous and Brave; Brilliant and Mighty; One who shines through his courage and braveryBoy
PrathapaOne who is dignified, courageousBoy
PraveerAn excellent warrior; Brave warrior; Chief Courageous Warrior; Mighty fighterBoy
PravirAn excellent warrior; Brave warrior; Chief Courageous Warrior; Mighty fighterBoy
PreetambirBrave Beloved; A warrior who is dearly loved; Adored for courage and braveryBoy
PrembirBrave in Love; Courageous and Mighty in Love; A defender of LoveBoy
PremveerA defender of Love; Brave in Love; Courageous and Mighty in Love;Boy
PrerakAn encouragerBoy
PreritaTo Inspire; To encourage; One who is a great motivationGirl
PrernaInspiration; One who is a great encourager; Source of good motivationGirl
PrewittThe brave and courageous little oneBoy
PriamusA very courageous person, latinized version of the name Priam, the King of TroyBoy
ProthsahOne who encourages others to actBoy
PurdilA courageous, fearless personBoy
QudamahOne who is courageousBoy
QudumahOne who has courageBoy
RajaviBrave King; Mighty, Powerful and courageous KingBoy
RajbirBrave King; Mighty, Powerful and courageous KingBoy
RajvirBrave King; Mighty, Powerful and courageous KingBoy
RanaiA courageous manBoy
RandhirBrave; Mighty; Courageous; One who is steady in a battleBoy
RanvirBrave or courageous; Mighty Warrior; One who fights bravely in battleBoy
ReilleyA valiant, courageous maleBoy
ReilynnA courageous, valliant womanGirl
RigmorGermanic - Rich; Powerful; Ruler; Spirit; Courage; Maid; A variant is RigmoraGirl
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