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Creativity makes a person stand out from the crowd. It showers a quirky personality and identity. In a world that is getting overtly competitive, having a skill is quite an advantage. Imagine your baby getting all the wonderful awws and reactions from his friends and family! Which is why it wouldn't be such a bad idea to give your baby a creative name.

Creative baby names bring in the unique factor and a blend of singularity which can make heads turn! But beware, creative baby names does not mean that you get creative with the names. The naming ceremony could actually fall apart if you ended up giving a weird name. To help you out and ease the entire process, MomJunction brings some really fun and cute creative boy and girl names! So sit back, relax, and check out our creative list below!

AashiryaCreative & strong personality from land of GodGirl
AbdualA person with strong independent and creative nature personality who helps the most neededBoy
Abdul wasiThis creative & imaginative name means slave to all embracing.Boy
AbdulalimA creative and excellent expressing ability person who serves all knowing peopleBoy
AdwinAn artist, creative personUnisex
AfsanRefers to romance or creative writing.Boy
AfternoonA very rare name suitable for one who is creative, risk taker, practical, art lover and likes challenges.Girl
AganeeOne who can manifest himself to do things creatively and in a unique way.They are spontaneous and lively.Boy
AicusaVisionary, imaginative, creativeGirl
AjanthaHe who is creative. Also the name of a famous Buddhist cave.Boy
AloodraVirgin; named after a city of Medina charged with high creative force.Girl
AlpanaA beautiful decortive design indicating sophisticated creative beingGirl
AlshafaA generous and gracious being who are creative and light- headedGirl
AltheaHealing power accompanied with wholesomeness, they are truthful, creative, alluring and a loyal mateGirl
Alvia"Noble war"; their sensitive, friendly, creative and intuitive nature attracts peopleUnisex
AlyenoraCreative, opinionated, reliable and establish their individual identityGirl
AlysecaNoble people who are creative and outgoing often filled with compassion and like appreciationGirl
AlyshialynnA noble and truthful creative being filled with warmth, but also tactlessnessGirl
AlzenaImaginative, creative, analytical woman longing for freedomGirl
AmantA lover who is sensitive, creative and practical naturedBoy
AmantaIt means to express, they are versatile and creativeUnisex
AmanthisThe one having congenial nature and a desire to be creative and analytically smartGirl
AmareaCreative and outgoing who holds the integrity of God'sBoy
AmbalamLord of the sea who has a creative and idealistic natureBoy
AmbedkarA creative, masculine and has strong mental abilityBoy
AmbhasaAnother name of Goddess Parvati; the running water which is free and creativeUnisex
AmmecatiThey are strong mentally and physically who are creative and modestBoy
AmminusThey are creative, versatile and imaginativeBoy
AmyahA very unique name who have a creative insightGirl
AnatemoriThe one with artistic and creative personalityBoy
AndreasForm of Andrew; creative, outgoing and manlyBoy
AndrenaFeminine form of Andrew; creative, outgoing and manlyGirl
AriyanaOne who has a desire to be creative and full of passionGirl
ArlenPledge; one with a creative and analytical mindBoy
ArunakaraA progressive, free thinking and creative personBoy
AsbelA creative and lighted individual; energyBoy
AseelahArabic - Deep-rooted; Noble; High-Born; CreativeBoy
AshmizaCreative; one who glows with intelligenceGirl
AtanariA creative and loving individualBoy
AurelianaGolden, unique and creative individualsGirl
AvahulThe mighty one who cannot be defeated; A creative, imaginative and charming personBoy
AvenableOne who has a creative bend of mindGirl
AvenleeOne with a creative bend of mind; honestGirl
BadeeaShe who is smart, creative and innovative.Girl
BadihAble to improvise, or one who is witty and creative.Boy
BadinjOne with a creative bend of mind; Myrobalan treeBoy
BadouimOne who is creative and individualisticBoy
BaesselAn expressive and creative human beingBoy
BailasanAn individual; versatile and creativeBoy
BaldeepMeans lamp of strength. It means to be creative and idealisticUnisex
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