36 Baby Names That Mean Crystal

So you’re all set to welcome your little one and are looking for a distinctive and beautiful name? How about choosing an enchanting name inspired by the crystal? In the Victorian era, parents believed that naming children after a gem would bring them happiness and prosperity. Not just the Victorians, but even Greek believed naming children after gemstones would protect them from evil eyes and drowning. So why not shoot for the same goal, even today?

The word crystal is derived from ‘krystallos’ a term used for a colorless glass, which is cut to give the shape of a gemstone. But crystal is no ordinary gem. It’s believed to possess mystical powers, which can be used for healing and soothing. It’s even believed that crystals bring a positive transformation in life by stimulating spiritual growth. For these reasons, and more, choosing a name inspired by this gemstone for your child would be a more than a better option.

So parents, if you’re looking for some unique and beautiful baby names meaning crystal, look no further than MomJunction's list below. We have some awesome options for you.

Akiko (アキコ)Clear, crystal or bright; sparkling and beautiful autumn seasonGirl
AlliraAllira means "Quarts crystal" in Aboriginal languages from around Melbourne Victoria, the Aboriginals would fashion this quarts crystal into arrow heads. Allira means "Neice" in Aboriginal languages from around Alice Springs.Girl
AmararajaA precious gem of the gods which shines like a crystalBoy
AvyayasOne who is faithful and crystal clearGirl
AvyukthaOne who has crystal clear heartGirl
BaiWhite and crystal clear; pureGirl
BalluriThe name means 'Crystalline.'girl
BhasuraThe Shining God; Crystal; Enlightened; Sacred; Divine; Holy and PiousBoy
BolorerdeneCrystal treasureGirl
BolormaaCrystal motherGirl
BolourA woman who is like a crystalGirl
ChrystalCrystal; a transparent clear solidBoy
CrisiantCrystal; Clear; BrightUnisex
CristalInvariant of the word "Crystal"; Clear; PureGirl
CristelInvariant form of the Greek name "Crystal"; Follower of Christ; IceGirl
CristelaDerivation from the Greek name "Crystal"; Ice; Clear; Follower of ChristGirl
CristleClear and transparent, A variant of the name "Crystal"Girl
CrystelIced crystalGirl
FatikHe who is like a crystalBoy
JeshanPlain and simple; Clear as crystalBoy
JingChinesee - Essence, Perfect; Clear, Crystal; Capital CityBoy
KristolA woman who is made of ice, or crystalsGirl
KristyA crystal-like womanGirl
LariqueCrystals or Cut Glass of art nouveu styleGirl
Li JingLi means Reason, Logic, Establish, Black, Dawn, Beautiful, Jing means Quiet, Still, Gentle, Essence, Spirit, Clear, CrystalGirl
MeissaBright, glittering and crystal shining one, giving shining brightnessGirl
MinaIn Persian it means azure or clear like a crystal. In German it means the pure love or true loveGirl
MohaddisaBright, glittering and crystal shining one, giving shining brightnessGirl
NevadaWhite crystals of frozen water.Boy
NeveThe ice crystals which are falling from the clouds.Girl
RatanaCrystal; Precious Gem; Like a valuable gemstoneGirl
RatanapornCrystal blessingGirl
RatnaCrystal; Precious Gem; Like a valuable gemstoneGirl
RatnaliJewelled; Crystal; Precious Gem; Like a valuable gemstoneGirl
TourmalineColored crystalsGirl
Wang JingWang means King, Monarch, Jing means Quiet, Still, Gentle, Essence, Spirit, Clear, CrystalGirl
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