29 Baby Girl Names That Mean Crystal


Celebrating the arrival of a new baby is a significant and joyous occasion for parents. Amidst the myriad of name options, baby names meaning crystal holds a distinct and intriguing appeal. These names carry a unique charm, representing qualities like clarity, beauty, preciousness, and a timeless essence that echoes both in language and the world surrounding us.

Throughout history, people have been captivated by the attractive hues of crystals. These gems, formed deep within the Earth over countless years, reflect the patient and nurturing journey of parenthood. Similar to how crystals split light into a rainbow of colors, these names refract meanings into a spectrum of qualities parents wish for in their daughters – strength, brilliance, purity, and resilience.

The captivating allure of crystals has always enchanted people. Their fascinating shapes and vibrant colors have been admired across various times and cultures. People recognized their significance as symbols of clarity, strength, and even spirituality. In Western Christianity, crystals held a special place. They were mentioned in writings and used to adorn religious objects, believed to connect earthly matters to heavenly realms. This connection was seen as a divine light; people saw crystals as symbols of purity, faith, and perfection. They even compared the purity of the Virgin Mary, a central figure in Christianity, to the pristine nature of crystals (1).

Selecting the perfect name for a newborn is a deeply personal and heartwarming journey. This collection serves as a guiding light for parents searching for a name that beautifully encapsulates the enchanting beauty of crystals and the boundless potential their newborn daughters hold. Just as crystals shimmer with a unique radiance, these names offer a touch of magic and elegance to the child's life. The quest for an ideal name is a reflection of the love and hopes parents have for their little one, an endeavor that mirrors the extraordinary qualities associated with crystals themselves.

heart image Akiko Baby Girl Sign Girl Clear; Crystal; Autumn season
heart image Avyayas Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is faithful; Crystal clear
heart image Avyuktha Baby Girl Sign Girl One who has a crystal clear heart
heart image Bai Baby Girl Sign Girl White and crystal clear; Pure
heart image Balluri Baby Girl Sign Girl Crystalline
heart image Bolorerdene Baby Girl Sign Girl Crystal treasure
heart image Bolormaa Baby Girl Sign Girl Crystal mother
heart image Bolour Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman who is like a crystal
heart image Christal Baby Girl Sign Girl Ice; Crystal; Christian
heart image Crisiant Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Crystal; Clear; Bright
heart image Cristal Baby Girl Sign Girl Variant of the word Crystal; Clear; Pure
heart image Cristel Baby Girl Sign Girl Variant form of the Greek name Crystal; Follower of Christ; Ice
heart image Cristela Baby Girl Sign Girl Derivation from the Greek name Crystal; Ice; Clear; Follower of Christ
heart image Cristle Baby Girl Sign Girl Clear and transparent; A variant of the name Crystal
heart image Crystel Baby Girl Sign Girl Iced crystal
heart image Kiyara Baby Girl Sign Girl Pure; Clear like a crystal
heart image Kristol Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman who is made of ice, or crystals
heart image Kristy Baby Girl Sign Girl A crystal-like woman
heart image Krystel Baby Girl Sign Girl Crystal or clear, bright and beautiful
heart image Krystelle Baby Girl Sign Girl Crystal-like
heart image Larique Baby Girl Sign Girl Crystals; Cut glass of art nouveau style
heart image Mohaddisa Baby Girl Sign Girl Bright, glittering, and shining like a crystal; Giving shining brightness
heart image Prism Unisex Baby Sign Unisex A solid object of crystal or glass
heart image Ratana Baby Girl Sign Girl Crystal; Precious Gem; Like a valuable gemstone
heart image Ratanaporn Baby Girl Sign Girl Crystal blessing
heart image Ratna Baby Girl Sign Girl Crystal; Precious gem; Like a valuable gemstone
heart image Ratnali Baby Girl Sign Girl Jeweled; Crystal; Precious Gem; Like a valuable gemstone
heart image Tourmaline Baby Girl Sign Girl Colored crystals
heart image Wang Jing Baby Girl Sign Girl King, monarch; Quiet, still, gentle, essence, spirit, clear, and crystal

In this exploration of baby girl names that mean crystal, we've unveiled a treasury of enchanting monikers. Each name resonates with the brilliance and resilience akin to the crystal world, painting a vibrant canvas of aspirations for your daughter. Just as crystals captivate with their timeless allure, these names bestow a touch of elegance and mystique, shaping a future filled with clarity and beauty. Choose with care, for in each name lies a gem that will forever sparkle in your family's legacy.

Infographic: Colorful Baby Girl Names Meaning Crystal

Baby names meaning crystal radiate purity, strength, and elegance, much like the crystals they embody. Each name captures a unique facet of beauty, promising a future filled with brilliance and wonder. Plunge into the infographic below for some beautiful crystal-inspired baby girl names. You may gift an enchanting title of your choice to your charming princess.

Noble Beautiful Baby Girl Names Meaning Crystal (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Download Infographic in PDF version

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which cultures have girl names that mean 'crystal'?

Girl names synonymous with or associated with the meaning 'crystal' are popularly used across several cultures. Allira is a beautiful name derived from an Australian Aboriginal name meaning 'quartz crystal. Similarly, the name Aki in Japanese and Jing in Chinese also means 'crystal.'

2. Which middle names go well with a girl's name meaning 'crystal'?

Choosing a middle name is a personal choice. However, some fun and meaningful middle names that compliment a girl’s name meaning crystal, include Kyla (regal woman), Adalyn (noble one), (friendly), and Victoria (victory).

3. What are some famous people or characters with the name 'crystal'?

Crystal Chappell is an American actress best known for her work on productions such as Days of Our Lives and One Life to Live. Crystal Kelly is another famous personality bearing the name. She is a professional basketball player in the Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA).

4. What Japanese girl names mean 'crystal'?

The name Aki and Akiko comes from the Japanese term 'aki,' which means 'crystal.' Akira and Chiaki are other names that contain elements associated with 'crystal.'

5. What Korean girl name means 'crystal'?

So-jeong, pronounced SO-JUNG, is a Sino-Korean name meaning 'crystal.' Seok-yeong and Su-jeong are other names of the same origin that share the same meaning.

6. What Greek girl names mean 'crystal'?

Krystallo comes from the Greek name 'krystallos,' which means 'crystal.' Another name Hyale derived from the Greek term 'hyalos' also means 'crystal.' Diamante or Diamanta, meaning 'diamond,' Electa meaning 'amber,' and Topaz, representing a 'gem,' are some more names associated with the meaning 'crystal.'


  1. Stanford scholar tackles the history of people’s obsession with crystals
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