2 Baby Girl Names That Mean Cupid


Cupid brings to mind the image of an adorable winged baby with a bow and arrow in his hands. Baby girl names meaning cupid appeal to parents because they are rare and have positive connotations. These names are mostly gender-specific because Cupid is believed to be a boy, and there are very few feminine versions of this name. According to Roman mythology, Cupid was the child of the Goddess of love, Venus (2). And it is believed that when Cupid strikes people with his golden-tipped arrow, they fall in love (3). Since olden times, Cupid has been a symbol of love and desire. Baby girl names referring to this God are enchanting and romantic. They may possess the magic and magnetism of romantic connections. They have a certain playfulness that perhaps comes from the image of a baby Cupid. These names can also be associated with affection, warmth, and compassion. Parents who want their daughter to grow up to be an affectionate and lively individual can opt for such a name as they also evoke a sense of care and tenderness. A name linked to Cupid can be a reminder of the power of love. Love is a universal emotion that makes people feel most alive. These names can inspire your child to be a considerate and loving person. It can also encourage them to make a difference in people’s lives through their love and care. These names are prevalent in various cultures and languages symbolizing optimism and positive emotions. Names that connote Cupid have a timeless charm and a sweet sound, making them popular among parents across the world. Love is an important aspect in one’s life and so we have compiled a list of baby girl names that mean Cupid. Have a look and pick the one that may best suit your child.

heart image Anangee Baby Girl Sign Girl Partner of Cupid
heart image Kiupita Baby Girl Sign Girl Cupid or love angel

Parents looking for a romantic name can consider baby girl names meaning Cupid. Cupid is a celestial being known for his power to make people fall in love. The names referring to this God symbolize love and romance. These names are also reminders of the power of love in a person’s life. Names associated with Cupid are ideal choices for parents looking for an adorable name for their daughter. So browse through the list of names and take your pick.

Infographic: Adorable Baby Girl Names Meaning Cupid And Love

Love is a strong emotion that every person needs in their life. Cupid is the God of love known to fill romance in people’s lives. Baby girl names referring to this God exude warmth and positivity. Our infographic below will help you with some examples of names that mean Cupid and love.

Beautiful Baby Girl Names That Mean Cupid And Love (infographic)

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the origin of the name Cupid?

Cupid comes from the Latin word Cupido which means 'desire' or 'longing.' In Roman mythology, Cupid, also known as Amor in Latin, is the god of love and desires. According to myths, he had the power to make people fall in love by shooting arrows.

2. What are some famous people or characters with the name Cupid?

The name Cupid appeared in Shakespeare's play "Timon of Athens." John Lyly's romantic comedies, such as "Gallathea" and "Sappho and Phao," also had a character named Cupid (1). A Marvel comic character associated with the superhero group Young Avengers also has a character named Cupid.


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