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Picking a baby name is a huge decision and also one of the most exciting things you’ll be doing as a mother. Every year, we see a trend pertaining to baby names. One year, the chart is dominated by names inspired by celebrities. The next year, you’ll see classical names ruling the list. But if you treasure the beauty of darkness or want an offbeat name for your little boy or girl, how about picking a name meaning dark?

All our lives we’re told that darkness is synonymous with evil, but what if it is not. It conceals things that we don’t want to see. It makes us strong, independent, and most importantly, fearless. Without darkness, even the light would be nothing.

A dark baby name doesn’t just mean dark skin or hair. It embraces everything that is dark and beautiful. If this inspires you to opt for a dark baby name, then go on and check out the list of the most beautiful and melodious baby names meaning dark that MomJunction brings you.

MerickA dark skinned person, a swarthy, a moorBoy
MerikA person who has a dark skin toneBoy
MerlA dark birdie, a black colored birdGirl
MerricLatin - Swarthy, Dark Skinned, Moor; A form of MerrickBoy
MeurigLatin - Swarthy, Dark Skinned, Moor; A form of MorrisBoy
MinasA bright light in the darkness or the dark timesBoy
MoA dark skinned person, a saviour or defenderBoy
MohanbirDarkness, the one who never can see anything, gloomy & shadyBoy
MohandasDusky and dim, can not be seen, dark and shadowyBoy
MohandyalObscure, dwells in the dark places, invisiblenessBoy
MohtadiThe person belonging to a racial group having dark skin.Boy
MoiseA person who is naturally having skin of a dusky or dark color.Boy
MoonOne who enlightens the dark nightsGirl
MorieLatin - Swarthy; Dark Skinned; Moor; A variant of name MorrisBoy
MorisLatin - Swarthy; Dark Skinned; Moor; A variant of name MorrisBoy
MorisonA dark-skinned person, one who work in open landsBoy
MorissaA female with the dark complexionGirl
MoritzA person with dark complexionBoy
MorizLatin - Swarthy; Dark Skinned; Moor; A variant of name MorrisBoy
MorkereOne who is darker in complexionBoy
MorlyA person with the dark skinBoy
MorrisA dusky person, having dark skinBoy
MorrisaA dark colored girlGirl
MorriseyA dark colored person from the un-fertile landBoy
MorseLatin - Swarthy; Dark Skinned; Moor; A variant of name MorrisBoy
MouricA tanned person, dark complexionBoy
Mouricidark-skinned personGirl
NakhrajResembling the moon that is shining in the dark sky.Boy
NarineA dark person, blackGirl
NasrA dark birdie, a black colored birdBoy
NeelamThe one has dark blue color eyes.Girl
NeeluReflects dark navy blue color or gloomy blue color.Girl
NeeshaDark night or dusky period.Girl
NeeshikaDark period, period after sunset and before sunrise.Unisex
NigelVictor, winner, dark, gloomy, dusk.Boy
NiratapaThe dark time or period or place or nightfall.Girl
NisangDark period or gloomy and dusky night.Unisex
NishantThe end of night or darkBoy
NishanthOne who ends the dark nightBoy
NishayThe night, dark timeGirl
Nisheshthe Lord of dark or nightBoy
NisyaanthanThe end of darknessBoy
NoxDark period or gloomy and dusky night.Unisex
OnyxDark stone or dusky gem stone.Unisex
OrpheusHaving a dark color or gloomy color.Boy
OvishkarOne who removes darkness; EnlightenBoy
PeranLittle dark one.Boy
PinyeHe who is dark complexioned.Boy
RajaniNight; Dark and Beautiful NightGirl
RajiniNight; Dark and Beautiful NightGirl
RatriOne dark as the nightGirl
RevonA person who is dark as a ravenUnisex
RinoaOne who is a tourch of light in the darknessGirl
RisnaA wise and blackhaired, dark womanGirl
SamraOne who is dark or dark skinned.Girl
SaudaDark and beautifulGirl
ShamaylaShe is a dark beautyGirl
ShayalA dark skinned womanGirl
ShehlaDark brown, almost black, goat's eyeGirl
ShirinaA woman dark as a nightGirl
ShyamDark blue, blackBoy
ShyamalDark blue, blackBoy
ShyamalaDark complexionedGirl
ShyamangiDark complexionedGirl
SiavashOne who is a keeper of dark horsesBoy
SullivanHaving dark eyesUnisex
SunakoThe sand child or the dark sideGirl
SuneelDark blue or sapphireBoy
SunilDark blueBoy
SunilaDark blueGirl
SuwaydOne who is dark, who is blackBoy
TamalA tree with a very dark barkBoy
TamaliA tree with a very dark barkGirl
TamasaA river, darknessGirl
TamasviOne who has darkness insideGirl
TamelaOne who is dark in a sweet wayGirl
TamesisOne who is darkUnisex
TamishGod of darkness, moonBoy
TamisraShe who is full of darknessGirl
ThamesThe dark one, a riven in EnglandGirl
TimeerIn Sanskrit it means darkness. In Arabic it means wealthy personBoy
TirichA shadow or darkness, A valley from MulkowBoy
TroryA red skinned person, dark skinnedBoy
TurquoiseDark shady stone which reflects in blue color.Boy
WamuiruA dark skinned beauty.Girl
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