326 Baby Names Meaning Dear

Almost every name carries with it a characteristic, which people could attribute to the name holder. Even astrology and numerology believe in the power of a name in determining and creating the traits and characteristic of a person. So if you want your child to be the apple of everyone’s eyes, give him or her a name meaning dear.

No one can be dearer to parents than their children, and no amount of words can describe how much they love them. They love their children unconditionally and in an unparalleled manner, with limitless protection and support. Some parents even get astounded by the amount of love they are capable of having and giving. They put their wants, needs, and desires on the back burner just for their children. They do their best to provide a strong moral foundation for their kids and impart all the necessary skills required to thrive and be independent. They hope and pray that their children live happily even after, with minimal worries.

So if you want to give a name meaning dear to the most precious being in your life, MomJunction has got it sorted. Below is our collection of a unique baby boy and girl names meaning dear for your munchkin. Take a look!

AahvaBeloved; one who is greatly loved; Dear to heartBoy
AajunnguaqDear older siblingBoy
AamiOne who is dearly lovedGirl
AashnaBeloved; Devoted to love; Someone who treasures love; Dearmost; Close to heart; One who fulfills wishesGirl
AbhikBeloved; Dearest to Heart; Most LovedBoy
AdelphaA dear or beloved sisterGirl
AgampreetOne who loves God the dearmostBoy
AgapitoOne who is dearly loved, precious, adored, cared for, treasured, cherished and one's favourite.Boy
AghlaOne who is the most precious, most valued, dearest to all, treasured and kept protected.Girl
AimeeDearly loved; BelovedGirl
AkalpreetLove of God; One who loves God the dearmost forever; Eternal Love for GodBoy
AkaynaOne who is a very beautiful and dear childGirl
AlaniCeltic - Fair; Little Rock; Harmony; Peace; A form of English name Alana; Serene; Dear ChildGirl
AlaynaFair one; a beautiful and dear individualGirl
AlveraDearly Loved; Gothic - True to all; Truly Foreign; Truly Lively; A variation of the name ElviraGirl
AlvernaFeminine of Alvin meaning the "elf friend" and the one dearly lovedGirl
AlviniaA dearly loved white individual having gregarious personality, versatile nature and Code of HonourGirl
AlviraDearly Loved; Gothic - True to all; Truly Foreign; Truly Lively; A variation of the name ElviraGirl
AmatoThe one who is beloved of all and the dearestBoy
AmiciaThe one who is dearly and passionately loved by the closed ones, as they have friendly natureGirl
AmolPriceless; Valuable; Precious; One who is dearmostBoy
AmolakPriceless; Valuable; Precious; One who is dearmostBoy
AmolikPriceless; Valuable; Precious; One who is dearmostBoy
AmoolyaPriceless; Valuable; Precious; One who is dearmostBoy
AmulPriceless; Valuable; Precious; One who is dearmostBoy
AnindaDear; BelovedBoy
ArmasFinnish - Dear; BelovedBoy
ArvalanLovable; Dear; Beloved;Boy
AshiqLover; Variant of Aashiq; Sweetheart; Beloved; DearBoy
AtiriyaA person who is very close and dearGirl
AtmiyaFriend; our near and dear ones; one who is close to heartBoy
AzeezaAfrican - Esteemed; Precious; Cherished; Arabic - Strong; Powerful; DearGirl
AzizahArabic - Dear; Beloved; Esteemed; Precious; CherishedGirl
BahumulyaPriceless; Valuable; Precious; One who is dearmostBoy
BallavIts historical meaning is 'cowherd'. It actually means beloved or dear.Boy
BhimajanuOne who considers Bhima as dear as his lifeBoy
BogomilDear to God; Beloved to godBoy
BogumilOne who is dear to GodBoy
BohumilHe who is dear to the GodBoy
BoovaneshA person who is dearly loved by GodBoy
BratomilGracious and dear brotherBoy
CaraA dear one, a dear ladyGirl
CaradocA dearly loved oneBoy
CaranaA beloved dear oneGirl
CaranacusHe who is loved and dearBoy
CarantacvsA dear manBoy
CariA very dear oneGirl
CarinShe is little and very dearGirl
CarinaShe who is dearGirl
CarindaA beloved dear girlGirl
CarinetShe is a dear womanGirl
CarinnaA lady who is very little and dearGirl
CarinuSicilian form of Carinus, meaning dear or beloved.Boy
CarissaA very, very dear womanGirl
CarissimaThe most dear womanGirl
CarissyA little dear girlGirl
CaritaA beloved, dear, deeply cared for womanGirl
CarlitoA little dear BoyBoy
CarllaShe is a very dear girlGirl
CarraA dear, beloved ladyGirl
CarrabelleA dear and beloved beautyGirl
CarriannaA dear noble wifeGirl
CarrissaA very dear womanGirl
ChahatLove; Affection; One who is well liked; Wish; DearmostBoy
CharaeA dear, pious and wonderful individualGirl
CharilynA dear and lively womanGirl
ChellaiahPampered One; Dear and Near; Beloved; PetBoy
ChellamA dear oneUnisex
ChellamaniPrecious Pampered One; Dear and Near; Beloved; PetBoy
ChellamuthuPrecious Pampered One; Dear and Near; Beloved; PetBoy
ChellapanPrecious Pampered One; Dear and Near; Beloved; PetBoy
ChellatonPampered One; Dear and Near; Beloved; PetBoy
ChelliahPampered One; Dear and Near; Beloved; PetBoy
ChereDear one; a Cherry fruitGirl
ChereenDear One; Darling; Germanic - Man; Freeman; Hebrew - Singer; Plain; Variant of Cherie, CherilynGirl
CheresseThe dearest oneGirl
CherineDearest oneGirl
CherrelleA dear and beloved oneGirl
CherrylynA dear personGirl
DaiveyThe one who is dearly lovedBoy
DareauOne who is dearly loved, openBoy
DarielaThe near and dear oneGirl
DarlaVery dear oneGirl
DarrellynOne who is dearly lovedGirl
DaryleneMeaning dearlingGirl
DaveyOne who is dearly loved and adoredBoy
DavignonDearly loved personUnisex
DavynThe dear oneBoy
DayitBeloved; Dear; Loved one; Adored; Treasured;Boy
DayithBeloved; Dear; Loved one; Adored; Treasured;Boy
DelalSweetheart, dear or beautifulGirl
DerrallA person who is dearly loved.Boy
DevakantaBeloved of the Gods; Dearmost to the God; Loved by GodBoy
DevavardhanBrother of Devaki; One who is dear to the GodBoy
DevipriyaLoved by Goddess; One who is dear to the Goddess DeviBoy
DevopriyaLoved by Goddess; One who is dear to the Goddess DeviBoy
DivijOne who appeared from heaven; dearly lovedBoy
DraganA dear and beloved person; precious personBoy
DragutinOne who is dear and precious.Boy
DrevanDear and beloved one.Boy
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