152 Baby Girl Names That Mean Dear

AamiOne who is dearly lovedGirl
AashnaBeloved; Devoted to love; Someone who treasures love; Dearmost; Close to heart; One who fulfills wishesGirl
AdelphaA dear or beloved sisterGirl
AghlaOne who is the most precious, most valued, dearest to all, treasured and kept protected.Girl
AimeeDearly loved; BelovedGirl
AkaynaOne who is a very beautiful and dear childGirl
AlaniCeltic - Fair; Little Rock; Harmony; Peace; A form of English name Alana; Serene; Dear ChildGirl
AlaynaFair one; a beautiful and dear individualGirl
AlveraDearly Loved; Gothic - True to all; Truly Foreign; Truly Lively; A variation of the name ElviraGirl
AlvernaFeminine of Alvin meaning the "elf friend" and the one dearly lovedGirl
AlviniaA dearly loved white individual having gregarious personality, versatile nature and Code of HonourGirl
AlviraDearly Loved; Gothic - True to all; Truly Foreign; Truly Lively; A variation of the name ElviraGirl
AmiciaThe one who is dearly and passionately loved by the closed ones, as they have friendly natureGirl
AtiriyaA person who is very close and dearGirl
AzeezaAfrican - Esteemed; Precious; Cherished; Arabic - Strong; Powerful; DearGirl
AzizahArabic - Dear; Beloved; Esteemed; Precious; CherishedGirl
CaraA dear one, a dear ladyGirl
CaranaA beloved dear oneGirl
CariA very dear oneGirl
CarinShe is little and very dearGirl
CarinaShe who is dearGirl
CarindaA beloved dear girlGirl
CarinetShe is a dear womanGirl
CarinnaA lady who is very little and dearGirl
CarissaA very, very dear womanGirl
CarissimaThe most dear womanGirl
CarissyA little dear girlGirl
CaritaA beloved, dear, deeply cared for womanGirl
CarllaShe is a very dear girlGirl
CarraA dear, beloved ladyGirl
CarrabelleA dear and beloved beautyGirl
CarriannaA dear noble wifeGirl
CarrissaA very dear womanGirl
CharaeA dear, pious and wonderful individualGirl
CharilynA dear and lively womanGirl
ChellamA dear oneUnisex
ChereDear one; a Cherry fruitGirl
ChereenDear One; Darling; Germanic - Man; Freeman; Hebrew - Singer; Plain; Variant of Cherie, CherilynGirl
CheresseThe dearest oneGirl
CherineDearest oneGirl
CherrelleA dear and beloved oneGirl
CherrylynA dear personGirl
DarielaThe near and dear oneGirl
DarlaVery dear oneGirl
DarrellynOne who is dearly lovedGirl
DaryleneMeaning dearlingGirl
DavignonDearly loved personUnisex
DelalSweetheart, dear or beautifulGirl
FenmoreA very dear loveUnisex
FriedaDarling and dearest.Girl
GodelifLiteral meaning of godelif is Dear God. It means a person who organizes and manage everything.Girl
GodlefeDear Love, It is the old version of "Goodliffe". The one who is the dearer and love in someones life.Girl
GodleofDear Love, It is the old version of "Goodefu". The one who is the dearer and love in someones life.Girl
GodleueDear Love, It is the old version of "Goodefu". The one who is the dearer and love in someones life.Girl
HabibahFavorite, dearest, belovedGirl
HuldeBeloved, dear to everyone.Girl
InugpalukDear littleGirl
JaimolBeloved Girl; Dearmost Girl;Girl
KalilahKalilah means The One Who is Dearlu Loved, DarlingGirl
KarahKarah means Dear, BelovedGirl
KaraleahThe name means Love, DearGirl
KareenaKareena means Dear, little oneGirl
KarenPure; Derived from the elements 'carus' which means dear ; 'katharos' pureGirl
KarissaKarissa means Very DearGirl
KaritaKarita means Dear, BelovedGirl
KerishiaKerisa means DearGirl
KymbatExpensive, precious, dearGirl
LefchildComposed of the words dear and childGirl
LeffedaWoman of dear beautyGirl
LeffquenWoman of beauty and dear personalityGirl
LefquennPleasing and dear womanGirl
LefwenDear and Joyous personGirl
LennonThe one who is very dearunisex
LeofaNordic name meaning dear friendGirl
LeuuineThe dearest or beloved friendGirl
LevinaWoman who is a dear friendGirl
LuildaA dear battleGirl
LyudmilaA dear person who loves and feels deeplyGirl
MahbobA dearly loved friendGirl
MahboobahA dear, beloved sweetheartGirl
MahbubiOne who is dearly adoredGirl
MaikeA child that was dearly whished forGirl
MaitaineEnglish name for someone who is dearly lovedGirl
MajkenA child that was dearly wished forGirl
MelangellThe pretty messenger, sweet and dearest Angel.Girl
MelynaA sweet heart, dear, the onw who is pleasant and appealing.Girl
MeryamA dearly loved person. Loved by all.Girl
MhairiThe most dearly one.Girl
MiaThe person who is dearly to everyone.Girl
MiahThe much dearest person.Girl
MichalinaThe dearest angel of the GodGirl
MichelaThe dearest messenger of GodGirl
MikalThe dear messenger of GodGirl
MilaA Gracious or a beautiful dearGirl
MilenaA pleasant person, a dear oneGirl
MilkoA dearest one, a graceful personGirl
MitaThe most dearest friendGirl
MitakshThe eye of the dear friend, or the friend of the eyeUnisex
MithalThe close companion or a dear friendGirl
MittuThe close dear friendGirl
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