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What does the meaning of a name really mean? Well, a lot, only if you care. Most parents these days don’t know often pick names that sound beautiful or uplifting or have a mass appeal. What they fail to realize is that a name meaning noble, wise, or smart might inspire children to embrace those qualities. So if you are one of those parents who give importance to the meaning of the name or if you want your child to grow into a happy and delightful person, we’d suggest you pick baby names meaning delight.

Being happy and delightful is the final aim of every human being. But most people spend their lives waiting for delight and happiness to come to their way. And this is where we go wrong. As Karen S. Magee has rightly said, “The happiest of people don’t necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the most of everything that comes along their way.”

Giving a delightful name to your child will suggest not just suggest an upbeat personality, but also a positive future. To help you pick the perfect name, MomJunction has pulled together a list of baby boy and girl names meaning delight. Take a look!

KhushnudaThe name means The Girl is Happy and Full of DelightGirl
KhushpreetLoving and Delightful; One who loves happiness, delight, cheerfulness and gladnessBoy
KhushpremKushpreem means He is blessed with Love and DelightBoy
KhuswantHappy; Delighted; Glad; Cheerful; Joyful; MerryBoy
KrithvikAlways Happy; Joyful; Glad; Delighted; Blessed by Lord Muruga who is considered as bestower of happinessBoy
KrushHappy; Delighted; Glad; A representation of name of Lord KrishnaBoy
KrushanGold; One who is happy, delighted, joyful and gladBoy
KulaybA fresh and delightful individualBoy
KushaalWell Being; Happiness; Delighted; Proficient; Clever;Boy
KushanName of Son of Lord Rama; One who is happy and delightedBoy
KushankOne piece of grass; One who is happy and delightedBoy
KushikOne who is happy and delighted; Grandfather of Rishi VishwamitraBoy
KushpreetThe name means Loving and Delightful OneBoy
LaresaA lovely and delightful person with sweet personalityGirl
LatheshProvider of Happiness; Delight and JoyBoy
LathishHappiness; Delight; Joyful;Boy
LatishTruth; Happiness; Joy and DelightBoy
LettiA cheerful, charming and delightful GirlGirl
LetticeA wonderful, delightful and joyful personaGirl
LettieA person full of joy and delightGirl
LiciaDelightfull person with a happy personlaityGirl
LictinaCobination of names, means Delightful and a ChristianGirl
LuannDelight and amusemenGirl
MablyDelightful, loved oneGirl
MadhumathiA delightful sight of the moonGirl
MadinDelightful; Happy; Glad; JoyfulBoy
MadinahOne who is happy and delighted; Glad; Joyful and CheerfulBoy
MaerwynnOne who illuminates; Joy; Brings delightGirl
MahanandGreatest Joy; Greatest Happiness; Greatest Delight and PleasureBoy
MaheyaJoy; Happiness; Delight; Gladness; CheerfulnessBoy
MahiyaJoy; Happiness; Delight; CheerfulGirl
MandinOne who is delightedBoy
Manju PrasannaHappy and Delight; Manju refers to Snow; Happiness and delight of Lord Shiva signifying him as Lord ManjunathBoy
ManogyaDelightful; Pleasing; Handsome; Good Looking; Appealing; AttractiveBoy
MansukhPleasure of Mind; Happiness and joy of the mind; One who has delighted mindBoy
MasarratWord for happiness and delightBoy
MasrurahA delighted and pleased womanGirl
MasudiA merry and delighted personBoy
MerewinaA variant of Merewen which is derived from name Merewynn which means renowned joy, great pleasure, splendid delightGirl
MiaoDelightful, ingenious, brilliant, delicate.Boy
MornaA beloved person who is delightful to allGirl
NaavaIn a delightful manner or pretty.Girl
NaheedaA delightful personGirl
NahidahA delightful and beautiful girlGirl
NaimiThe sweetness or the delightGirl
NandinA delightful personBoy
NayanranjanaThe delight of the eyesGirl
Nazanin ZahraNazanin means sweetheart, lovely, and, delightful, Zahra means flower, blossom, or beauty.Girl
NelwinThe joyful or delightful mate.Girl
NikumbhaDelightful, ingenious, brilliant, delicate.Boy
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