40 Baby Girl Names That Mean Divine And Starts With Letter D

DaivyaA divine beingGirl
DavinaAdopted from Hebrew; a divine personGirl
DayveeA godlike, divine and determined individualGirl
DeanndraA divine being who is beautiful of allGirl
DeeanaOne who has fulfilled the desires and is divineGirl
DeeannDivine person; one who is loved by allGirl
DeeannaA divine being who is and master of many artsGirl
DeenaA divine valley; decorationGirl
DeenalA divine, great person; chiefGirl
DeevithaOne who has divine powers; blessingGirl
DeneenAvenged; a divine and godly beingGirl
DeondraA courageous person; divine beingGirl
DevaCelestial Spirit; Divine and Spiritual BeingUnisex
DevanshiDivine, divine powerGirl
DevnaGodly or divine.Girl
DiahannDiana; a divine womanGirl
DianDivine lady; filled with beauty and brainsGirl
DianaA divine lady; one who has magical powers; childbirthGirl
DianeOne who is depicted as a huntress; divineGirl
DianoraA divine person; they are advancedGirl
DianthaA beautiful flower of the skies; divine huntressGirl
DillianaAn idol of God; divine sageGirl
DinaleeA divine person; advent of a heavenly figureGirl
DivaA divine person; beloved and beautifulGirl
DivinaA divine; Godlike creature; respectGirl
DiviyaniShukra's daughter; part of divineGirl
DivjotA beautiful and bright light; divine lightGirl
DivyaA divine luster; they are brilliantGirl
DivyanaA loving and divine being; flamingGirl
DivyankaA divine person who is a gift of GodGirl
DivyanshiThe one who is part of divine powerGirl
DivyaprabhaDivine lusterGirl
DivyataA heavenly and divine being who are great rulerGirl
DyanA gentle being; a divine creatureGirl
DyanaThey are the one who are divine and majesticGirl
DyannRoman divinity; divine beingGirl
DyannaDivine beauty known for swiftnessGirl
DyanneA divine individual; culturedGirl
DyeWho is divine like a GodessGirl
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