50 Baby Names That Mean Dragon


Dragons are strong and unique creatures and have been a subject of human fascination throughout history. Baby names meaning dragon can be an exciting choice for your baby if you admire this mythical creature. Dragons embody strength, courage, and a touch of magic. So by adorning your child with a name that signifies dragon, you can hope for your child to grow up with these qualities. Dragons may be considered mythical creatures but they have been mentioned in folklore and literature of different cultures. This indicates that perhaps these magical reptiles may have existed in the past. In many Asian cultures, dragons are believed to possess magical powers through which they can destroy their enemies. They can breathe clouds, alter seasons, and direct natural resources of water like rivers, lakes, and seas (1). Some cultures also consider dragons to be symbols of good fortune and protection. Hence, parents opting for dragon names hope to bring a sense of auspiciousness to their child's life. For instance, the Japanese name Ryu, and the Chinese name Long mean ‘dragon,’ indicating its importance in different Asian cultures. The dragon holds a special place in Western cultures too. In European mythology, dragons are snake-like creatures with wings and the ability to spit fire (2). They were considered powerful and cunning. This made way for names like Drake derived from the Old Norse surname ‘Draki,’ which means ‘snake dragon,’ and Fáfnir, the name of a dragon in Nordic mythology that means ‘the embracer.’ The eastern dragons are believed to be human-friendly creatures while western dragons are considered to thrive on human flesh. Eastern dragons are believed to make the sound of beating gongs while western dragons are known to roar. The belief that dragons were wise, brave, and resolute, can inspire a child to be bold and fearless in the face of challenges. We have compiled a list of dragon baby names from different cultures to help make your search easy.

heart image Apalala Baby Boy Sign Boy Water dragon
heart image Doryu Baby Boy Sign Boy One who understands the ways of a dragon
heart image Draco Baby Boy Sign Boy Dragon; Serpent
heart image Dracon Baby Boy Sign Boy A modern and mighty Dragon; has a desire to understand
heart image Draconis Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Dragon-like or relating to dragons
heart image Dracul Baby Boy Sign Boy The dragon; Someone evil
heart image Dracula Baby Boy Sign Boy Son of the dragon/devil
heart image Dragen Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Strong; Courageous; Dragon-like
heart image Drago Baby Boy Sign Boy A dragon who is precious and mighty
heart image Drake Baby Boy Sign Boy Snake dragon
heart image Draken Baby Boy Sign Boy A dragon; Powerful
heart image Drakkar Baby Girl Sign Girl Dragon ship or Viking longship
heart image Drakon Baby Boy Sign Boy Dragon; Powerful individuals
heart image Drayce Baby Boy Sign Boy Modern Dragon; Mighty and intelligent
heart image Drayke Baby Boy Sign Boy One who has the power of a dragon; A male duck
heart image Drazen Baby Boy Sign Boy Dragon; Precious
heart image Druk Baby Girl Sign Girl Thunder dragon
heart image Ejder Baby Boy Sign Boy Dragon; one with a serious and thoughtful nature
heart image Eragon Baby Boy Sign Boy A fictional character who rides a dragon
heart image Fafner Baby Boy Sign Boy Name of a dragon in Norse mythology
heart image Fraener Baby Boy Sign Boy A dwarf who transformed into a dragon; The symbol of greed
heart image Hiryur Baby Boy Sign Boy A dragon who flies; A versatile and spontaneous individual
heart image Jiao-long Baby Boy Sign Boy Resembling a dragon; Scaled dragon
heart image Ju-long Baby Boy Sign Boy Powerful and gigantic ; Strong and mighty like a dragon
heart image Kaida Baby Girl Sign Girl Little Dragon
heart image Kayda Baby Girl Sign Girl Looks like a little dragon
heart image Khuzaimah Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Dragon tree
heart image Khuzayma Baby Boy Sign Boy A type of tree; A dragon tree
heart image Khuzaymah Unisex Baby Sign Unisex A specific type of treee, known as a dragon tree
heart image Libelle Baby Girl Sign Girl Dragonfly
heart image Long Baby Boy Sign Boy A mythical creature; Dragon
heart image Longwei Baby Boy Sign Boy Dragon greatness
heart image Pandragon Baby Boy Sign Boy As powerful as the dragon's head
heart image Pendragon Baby Boy Sign Boy Chief Dragon
heart image Ryo Baby Boy Sign Boy Cool; Refreshing; Distant reality; Dragon
heart image Ryoko Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman who is like the dragon
heart image Ryoma Baby Boy Sign Boy Lightning, dragon, hero
heart image Ryoto Baby Boy Sign Boy A person who is like a dragon
heart image Ryu Baby Boy Sign Boy To be as mighty as a Dragon
heart image Ryuji Baby Boy Sign Boy Dragon's son
heart image Ryujin Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Dragon god or dragon spirit
heart image Ryuko Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Ddragon child; Child of the dragon
heart image Ryuu Baby Boy Sign Boy Dragon; A variant of Ryu
heart image Tanin Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Dragon-like, powerful, mystic
heart image Tatsuo Baby Girl Sign Girl A female dragon
heart image Tatsuya Baby Boy Sign Boy Sign of the dragon
heart image Uruloki Baby Boy Sign Boy Fire breathing dragon
heart image Uthman Baby Boy Sign Boy Wise; Most powerful; Dragon cub; Name of one of the companions of Prophet Muhammad
heart image Veles Baby Boy Sign Boy Derived from Volos; Ox; God of the earth, dragons, magic, cattle and trickery
heart image Yong-sun Baby Boy Sign Boy The dragon in the first position

Shrouded in mystery, the dragon is a captivating mythical creature. Baby names meaning dragon often symbolize qualities such as courage, wisdom, and astuteness. They also represent the supernatural as they are believed to possess magical powers. Choosing a dragon-inspired name for your child can help you instill special qualities in them. These names not only represent the creature but also the ancient world they belonged to. So browse through the above list, and pick a name that catches your fancy.

Infographic: Fascinating Baby Names Meaning Dragon

Dragon baby names are rooted in various cultures and evoke mystery and fascination. These names represent the mighty creature known for its strength and magic. If you find dragons alluring, consider giving your child a dragon name. Look at the infographic below on dragon names with meanings and make an informed choice.

fiery baby names that mean dragon (infographic)

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some gender-neutral names that mean ‘dragon’?

There aren't many gender-neutral names that mean ‘dragon.’ However, some examples include Khuzaimah and Khuzaymah, which means ‘dragon tree’

2. What is the origin of names that mean ‘dragon’?

Names that mean ‘dragon’ have their roots in various cultures. These include German, Indian, Gaelic, Chinese, and Greek. Adalinda is a German name, which means ‘noble dragon,’ while Aiden is a Gaelic name that means ‘little fire.’ Basilisk is a Greek and French origin name that refers to a kind of snake.

3. Which names mean ‘fire dragon,’ ‘golden dragon,’ and ‘water dragon’?

Kai is a Scottish-inspired name that means ‘fire dragon’ and Xiuhcoatl means ‘fire serpent.’ Kinryu means ‘golden dragon’ in Japanese. Apala, in Buddhist mythology, means ‘water dragon.’ Hydra is another Greek name that means ‘100-headed water dragon.’

4. Are there any famous people or characters with names that mean ‘dragon’?

Yes, you can find some famous people with names meaning ‘dragon.’ For example, Drake, which means ‘dragon’ is the middle name of the famous Canadian rapper Aubrey Drake Graham. The name Aiden means ‘little fire.’ Aiden Markram is a South African cricketer.


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